Monday, September 12, 2011

Tax Hikes, Ponzi Schemes and Cowards

Tax and Spend
Following President Obama's campaign speech last week to a Joint Session of Congress, thinly veiled as an important speech on jobs, the plan is now coming out. It's a typical Democrat plan. Tax and spend. He wants to raise taxes on those earning $200,000 per year as well as oil companies and Airlines to pay for his $447 Billion jobs bill that he's sending to Congress.

If you don't pay attention to politics and what's happening in Washington, I would think that you'd be confused by this.

According to the President, he agrees that we shouldn't raise taxes during a recession. But he's proposing a tax hike.

According to the President, the bill will be fully paid for. However, the taxes are geared to pay back this money for this new stimulus (or jobs bill, if you prefer) over a ten year period. But I didn't hear him say the spending would take place over a ten year period.

According to the President, Congress should extend the payroll tax cut, otherwise Republicans will be responsible for raising taxes on the people. But he's proposing a tax increase in his new jobs bill.

Is it any wonder he's failing at running this country? He says not to raise taxes while he proposes raising taxes. His previous stimulus schemes ended up costing the country more and now he's wanting to add class warfare to his list of failures.

Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulant operation that pays returns to separate investors, not from any actual profit earned by the organization, but from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors.

The above describes social security. Ponzie scheme is how Governor Rick Perry of Texas describes social security. It's now being reported that at the Republican Debate tonight in Tampa, Florida, that Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney are planning to attack Perry for calling it a ponzi scheme. Do they really believe that social security is not a ponzi scheme? Or is this them coddling to the media because the media has been talking about Perry calling it a ponzie scheme?

If Romney and/or Bachmann or any of the other candidates go after Perry regarding this, they will have lost a lot of ground in my opinon. I am not advocating for Perry. Maybe on this issue, but I'm not sure that Perry is the right guy for the job. I like him, but I'm not convinced. So my thoughts above are about the issue, not the candidate.

Social Security takes from the workers of today and gives it to the retirees who were the workers of yesterday. The largest group is now retiring. When the last of the baby boomers are retired and drawing social security, there will be alot less workers to pay for the retirees benefits from social security. This is why social security is acutarially assessed as being broke by 2039.

If Bachmann or Romney or any of the others go after Perry for calling social security what it is, they will only hurt themselves. I just hope that Perry doesn't back down and sticks to his guns.

September 11, Rememberance

The anniversary of September 11, 2001 where we were attacked by fanatics is really spoiled. I watched some of it on Sunday morning and saw politics. Leading up to it, I saw politics.

Need an example? In New York, the Mayor, Michael Bloomberg said that first responders will not be invited to the ceremonies. He also said that there would be no religious leaders speaking. One man, supposedly a leader, determining how and who may honor the nearly 3,000 people murdered that day by an enemy that does not wear a uniform.

It reminded me of the news organizations following that fateful day. They decided that it would not be good for the American people to see those attacks so they quit running the visuals of the attacks, "for the good of the people". I believe that we should always see it as long as this war continues. Let the American people worry about their own mental health. With most of the press being halfway crazy, I'm not sure they are the proper ones to decide what is good for others physche.

Paul Krugman even giving a hint at the suggestion that we are in the wrong in any way, shape or form, for what happened on September 11, 2001 only proves that some of the press doesn't have an elevator reaching the top floor.

We were attacked by al queda. We didn't provoke them. We didn't invite them. They attacked us. They chose to take flying lessons and skip the classes on landing them. They chose to board the planes carrying box cutters as weapons. They chose to fly the planes into four buildings and only American heroes prevented them from achieving their entire goal.

Am I worried about collateral damage in Afghanistan, Iraq or even Iran? Not in the least. It's the enemy that is hiding behind the skirts of their women, or behind the toys of their children AFTER they attacked our women and children and other non military personnel, I'm not the least bit worried about blowing up a mosque if that's where the terrorists are hiding. Those that murdered our citizens are cowards and were cowards. They prove it by hiding behind their women and children and sending those same women and children off to the store with bombs strapped around their waists.

Paul Krugman has the problem. Not America.

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