Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Only Thing Stopping it is Politics

President Barack Obama gave his speech to the Joint Session of Congress last week. It was nothing more than a campaign stop at taxpayers expense. During his speech he told Congress not to play politics but to pass the bill immediately.

Yesterday, the plan was unveiled. The jobs bill will cost $447 Billion. It will be paid for by tax increases and closing tax loopholes (just another way of saying tax increase).

Obama is correct. The only thing stopping this bill from ever getting off the ground it politics. His political games. Not Congress. Oh, don't misunderstand, Congress will join in with the game and Obama will claim politics is stopping it. His lead spokesperson in this is likely to be Representative Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

The proposal is to close loopholes in the tax code for Oil Companies. If this was to happen, who would pay? According to Obama, Oil Companies. But what he doesn't seem to get,,,,ever,,,,, is that companies, including oil companies, don't pay taxes. They pass the expense of the taxes on to you and I. So he can claim it's a tax or a closing of loopholes for oil companies, but that's just political speak. The fact is that it will be a tax increase on you and I.

The proposal calls for a tax increase on private jets. This happened once before, but not with jets. It happened with Yachts. That luxury tax nearly wiped out that business. It certainly set it back for years. An interesting little side note is that John Kerry bought a boat, and stored it in another state because they didn't have the tax that Massachussets had. Kerry will vote for a tax increase, but he won't pay it, and he's one that can afford that increase. Once again, it's politics that Obama is playing by going after those that can afford a private jet. The result will be a business that starts going under, and jobs lost.

The proposal calls for a tax increase on those earning $200,000 per year. Obama has been whining about this since he began running for President in 2007. He's now inserting it into his "jobs bill". Do you really think he's not playing politics? If he really wants to avoid politics, he could talk about the 47% that don't pay taxes but rather get a refund from those that do pay taxes. But now, I'm being political.

Obama stands up and says don't play politics just pass this bill. In doing so, he's playing the politics by making the first accusation while he's the first in line to play politics.

This jobs bill never had a chance to pass. Obama knew this before even arranging for the campaign speech before a Joint Session of Congress. The entire charade that the President is putting is pure politics. Those serious about a jobs bill ought to be asking instead, why is Obama playing politics when we really need a jobs bill?

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gypsy said...

This is true. Those in his own party nod their heads in agreement while giving the finger to the public. Each state taxes gas. In NC there is an automatic tax increase on gas every 6 months. We have some of the most expensive gas in the union. Yet Purdue refuses to allow drilling off the coast to create jobs and bring revenue to the state. It's easier to tax the snot out of her citizens. I believe it's called the Obama plan. Do nothing and raise taxes while patting herself on the back that the state is piling up debt. Yes she can....