Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jackson County Commissioner Standing up for America

Jackson County Commissioner, Phil Duckham, carried a sign with a crossed out swastika on it at a rally outside of Congressman Mark Schauer's office last week. He was protesting the government takeover of health care along with hundreds of other protestors.

Mr. Duckham is now under fire for having carried that sign. The areas Jewish league wants an apology saying that the swastika should not be tolerated in American civil discourse. The head of the Michigan Democrats is saying that it's inappropriate.

To Mr. Duckham's credit, he's not backing down. He says it may not have conveyed his message as well as another way could have and says he's sorry if anyone's been offended, but he's not apologizing for the message he was trying to convey.

I believe that Mr. Duckham has nothing to apologize for. I think that the Jewish league would be happy to see that Americans are against naziism. It would make sense for Mark Brewer of the Michigan Democrats to admit that America is against Naziism. But instead, they chose to defend Naziism by saying that an American carrying an anti nazi sign is somehow evil.

On a radio program this morning, the people were chastized for protesting loudly and carrying anti nazi signs under the guise that the liberals will turn it around and claim that the protestors are nazi lovers, and out of control because they can't curb their anger over the government takeover of health care.

These politicians don't listen. Mark Schauer is not holding town hall meetings. Instead, he's held a phone conference where the questions were pre-screened so that he didn't have to face tough questions. He's a coward that cannot look into his constituents eyes.

The only way to get these elitists to listen is to get in front of them. Ask the questions and challenge them when they lie. Yes, they do lie. Not just a little white lie, but bald faced lies. An example. After days of the AARP saying they have not backed any particular plan after Obama said they did, Schauer continued the lie by saying again that AARP does back the health care reform plans.

The way to make these politicians listen is to make yourself and your position known loud and clear. If they are going to stand there and lie to us, it is out duty to shout out that they are lying. If they say something that is completely silly we should be laughing at them. If we sit back, say nothing and wait for the next election, the news won't report that people are against it. But by making a stand and making it loudly, the media is reporting on these things every night. That makes the uninformed aware and has added to the crowds with people that are not usually active.

Imagine if the people of Germany could make signs prior to World War II protesting what was happening by putting a swastika on a placard and crossing it out. The only problem is that they didn't know what the Nazi's were going to do. In addition, the people were told that if they knew anyone that was against the Nazi's positions they were obligated to turn in those people. Husbands turning in wives, wives turning in husbands. Parents turning in children and neighbor against neighbor. Have we had anything like that? Oh yeah, we did. The White House wanted us to forward E-mails to them that were against health care. Is that a fair comparison to the Nazi's? Sure seems so to me.

In a previous writing, I showed the similarities between the Nazi logo and Obama's health care logo. Is that also unfair?

I applaud Mr. Duckham for his stance. I have to wonder why the Democrats and Mark Brewer are not against naziism. I have to wonder why the Jewish League is not standing proud that Americans are against naziism.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Protest Loudly!

The picture that is at the top of this does not represent the majority of those protesting the Health Care proposal. It has not been proven that it was done by one side or the other of the debate, but regardless, this type of vandalism does not represent the majority of the protestors.

There are some that are fringe or extreme. But they appear on both sides. The liberals are upset that people are showing up and asking questions about this health care plan and that they are stating unequivocably that they are against it. They expect everyone to just roll over because Obama won the election.

The protestors at the early town hall meetings were loud. They asked their questions and got double talk or outright lies in return from their elected officials. When they received their answer, and they knew it was an outright lie, they let the representatives know, almost in unison, that they considered the representative a liar.

These representatives then are taken aback. They are shocked that their constituents would challenge their veracity and speak so freely to them. The response from our government is not that they are concerned that they may be out of the loop when it comes to their constituents needs, or desires. Instead their response is to either accuse their constituents of organizing behind their backs, or to call them racists, or to call them unamerican or to say their constituents aren't sophisticated enough to understand.

After the initial shock of the protests, the President then came out and said to fight back. Hit them twice as hard. This brought out violence. A man with cancer being pinned to a wall by a union thug. People being escorted out of the meetings for daring to ask questions loudly. A man against the health care proposal being beaten up. Another man who is against the health care proposal being grabbed and held by another man in favor of the health care proposal.

A congressman's likeness has been hung in effigy. Nobody knows who did it, but it's one side that's blamed for it. They may be right, but it's not been proven yet.

I understand people being loud and voicing their disappointment when an elected official spouts the party line rather than telling the truth. I even agree that people should be heard and if the only way is to be loud, so be it.

But, hanging people in effigy, or painting a swastika, if it's done by those against health care reform, is not the way to win the battle. If these Congresspeople are going to claim they are receiving threats, I don't want to hear them talk about it. I want to see the proof. If they are receiving threats, produce the threats.

The violence started when the liberals started stacking the town hall meetings to avoid hearing negative comments. It's been proven that Obama's town hall yesterday was stacked in his favor. Just a few token Republicans. Are the liberals that desperate to pass a health care plan regardless of whether it's good or bad? If that's the case, they don't need to hold town hall meetings. They have the numbers. They can pass health care reform of any sort without any Republicans. It will be their plan alone.

I can't even call this a Democrat plan because there are many Democrat constituents that are against this plan. They've read the bill and they don't like it. This is a liberal's plan. The extreme fringe of the left wing that is forcing this health care plan through. The price for this health care, if it's passed, will be the elections in 2010. That campaign season is starting up soon and they will be ousted in droves.

Painting swastika's and hanging congress members in effigy is not going to further the debate. It's only going to cause more angst and someone is going to get seriously hurt.

The facts are on the side of those against this health care reform proposal. Be loud, carry your signs, and make it known how much you're against it, but stay away from the swastika's and the violent expressions. When they do happen, and they will, it's best to have the culprits, the racists, the intolerant to be discovered being part of the liberal playbook.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama Causes Civil Unrest in America

President Obama has gone on the attack and unleashed the dogs on America. First, he created an E-mail for people to send websites and E-mails that are not in favor of his Health Care Reform plans. This is extremely similar to Nazi Germany. People were turning in their friends that were against the Nazi's or said anything negative about the Nazi's. Neighbor turned in neighbor. Friend turned in friend. Spouse turned in spouse and brother turned in brother.

Second, he told his fellow Democrats to "hit back twice as hard". This is particularly interesting because it was followed nearly immediately. In St. Louis yesterday a town hall meeting was held. Several people were arrested. From all accounts that I've been able to find, they were all Democrats with one possible exception. A cameraman from the local newspaper was arrested.

Watching a video, I could hear nothing that the speaker was saying. The chanting began for Obama and nothing could be heard but that chanting. What I find interesting about it is that while Democrats have been complaining that the Republicans at these meetings were drowning out the speakers and not allowing them to speak, each and every video showed the speakers, then showed the questioners, then showed the speakers answering and the people disagreeing with that answer. In these videos from yesterday where Democrats attended the speakers could not be heard.

For those of you that voted for change, it's apparent that we have gotten change. America has been changed and is being changed into a Nazi Germany remake. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said that there were swastika's at these meetings. Nobody has shown any documentation of this. I thought she was looking like a fool. However, I've changed my opinion. Her words were actually a warning. This administration is now acting like the Nazi's of old. Now that the Democrats have come out to fight back, they are literally fighting back....and getting arrested for their thuggery.

Arrests are now being made since the Democrats decided to "fight" back. Scuffles are breaking out in Florida, St. Louis, and Houston. In Dearborn, Michigan a man who's son was in a wheelchair was escorted out of the meeting by police. His problem? He was questioning Dingell why his son wouldn't be covered under the new Obama Health Care Reform bill. The report didn't indicate if he was escorted out with his son, or if his son was left in the room alone at the mercy of the Democrat thugs without his father.

Back to the E-mails being sent to I've finally found a useful purpose for all of my spam mail. I'll be fowarding it all to the E-mail address. The jokes that I receive, whether political or not, will be forwarded to the The really great thing about E-mail addresses is that if it's receiving mail, it doesn't differentiate between complaints, jokes, spam. I will not send porn though. I really don't want another Bill Clinton situation at the White House.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pelosi Claims Nazi Swatikas at Town Hall Meetings

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said that people attending Town Hall Meetings where people are questioning their legislators about the Socialized Health Care bills, have swastika's. You can find this on

It's interesting though that the logo for President Obama and the logo for Obama's health care plan are very similar to the nazi logo. I have posted the three logo's above.

While there is no evidence of the events taking place at town hall meetings being organized by anyone, there is plenty of evidence that the Democrats and Obama are applying the nazi system to America. These logo's should be a strong indication of the direction the liberals want to take this country.

The nazi's used gas to eliminate the Jewish people. Are the Democrats going to suggest the same thing for the elderly through their health reform?

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Liberals Can Dish It Out, But They Can't Take It.

For the past eight years, the liberals were angry. They felt cheated during the 2000 election. They didn't accept the laws of Florida. They didn't accept the recounts and re-recounts in just three counties in Florida and they didn't accept the decision of the Supreme Court. With the exception of the first few days after the attacks on September 11, 2001, they called President Bush everything but President. It didn't stop there. A movie was created advocating the assassination of President Bush. Vile names were attached to the President. Even his daughters were followed around and berated for their actions, whether justified or not.

In 2004, President Bush was re-elected and for the first time in 16 years an election was won where the President received more than 50% of the vote. Protestors were popping up everywhere. Protesting the war, protesting tax cuts, protesting the Patriot Act and protesting President Bush.

Cindy Sheehan and about 25 others sat along the road in Crawford, Texas protesting. This was just down the road from President Bush's home. Bush was recently asked about the protests and Cindy Sheehan in particular. His response was that protesting is a right in this country and Sheehans protest was understandable because she'd lost a child in the Iraq war. He was very gracious towards people that disagreed with him.

Now it's 2009. We have a new President. He's been going at breakneck speed to try to fix problems in this country. His work ethic is commendable. He's trying to make changes as he promised during the campaign. You have to give him credit for that.

However, things are not going as he said. The stimulus was supposed to put people back to work with shovel ready jobs. Unemployment continues to rise.

He's spent money that we don't have. The deficit has been quadrupled. The debt will be doubled. It was just announced that the debt has reached $11.66 trillion. He's added over $1 trillion in debt in just six months. It took President Bush 2 1/2 years to add $1 Trillion to the debt.

The stimulus didn't put the money into the economy. It is going to areas that don't need it and ignoring those that do need it. $12,000 per family is being spent in a county in Nebraska where the unemployment rate is 4%, but $33.00 is being spent in an Indiana county where the unemployment rate is 15%. In addition, only 10% of the stimulus money has gone into the economy regardless of the areas. The bulk of it is designed to enter the economy just before the next election.

The "Cash for Clunkers" plan is poorly done. It ran out of money within two weeks and they are now having to throw more money at it.

Cash for Clunkers will help those with Clunkers, but what about everyone else? Bush tax cuts were across the board. Not just for the rich and not for the poor, but for everyone. Cash for Clunkers is only for those with cars that don't get 18 mpg.

Now he's pushing health care reform. But the American people are rejecting it. The more information that trickles out about the plans proposed, the more the American people are rejecting the new ObamaCare.

The American people are showing up at town hall meetings and questioning their lawmakers about the plan, and what they've heard. When the elected officials give their answers, the people are rejecting the answers and know that they are being lied to.

An example. At Senator Spectors town hall last week, a member of the audience asked a question. Spector said that we needed to get this done fast. The people erupted. If health care is going to be done, it needs to be done correctly not in haste. The Senate was supposed to be a more deliberative body in government, but they are pushing this through fast rather than correctly.

This is happening all over the nation. Tea Parties protesting the massive spending, now town hall meetings where Americans have a chance to tell their legislators what they want and they are rejecting the governments plan.

How is this being handled? Barbara Boxer says that the protestors are well dressed, just like in Florida and complains that we're trying to hurt our President. Did Boxer just call liberals bums that dress like slobs?

In addition, President Obama is calling on liberals to attend these meetings and shout the protestors down. This is a bit confusing. First, he's supposed to represent the people of this country. Not just blacks. Not just liberals. Not just socialists, but every citizen in this country. So why is he advocating that one group attack another?

Liberals are claiming that this isn't grass roots, but rather astroturf protestors. Meaning that it's organized by right wing groups. Wasn't Obama a community organizer? Didn't he praise the efforts of community organizers during the campaign? What's changed? Could it just be that he's only in favor of liberal community organizers and not others?

The odd thing is that during the tea parties, politicians were involved in some of them, but in many of them people didn't want to hear from the politicians. The politicians put us into this recession with their poor policies and worse votes. Not just Democrat politicians but Republican politicians as well.

Now the administration is advocating that liberals, when they see E-mails or websites that go against what the administration proposes, that they forward them to their E-mail at I think we should bottle up that E-mail and send in our own E-mails to that address about liberal websites that agree with the President and his faulty plan. We should forward E-mails that are sent to us, on to the President. After all, isn't there an old line about inundating and letting God sort them out? If Obama really believes he's a higher power, he can sort them out.

Finally, recently someone plastered posters all over Los Angeles and in Georgia. The poster is of Obama as the Joker. Liberals are all up in arms about this. It's disrespectful to our President. But they didn't seem to have that problem when the same type of poster was done in Vanity Fair last year portraying President Bush as the Joker.

If my representative had the guts to put on a town hall meeting, I'd be one of those well dressed radicals questioning him about this and if he lied to me, I'd not hesitate to tell him that he's not telling the truth. Or maybe I could come in disguise look liberal by wearing ripped up blue jeans, a tee shirt that has a peace sign in the middle of the chest. He could then feel comfortable in calling on me to ask a question.
This administration and the Democrat Congress is a joke. Someone should turn the group picture of the Democrats into caricatures of the Joker.

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