Thursday, June 11, 2009

David Letterman: Dirty Old Man or Pedophile or both?

I should warn you up front that this could be a very long piece or a very short one. I am incensed at what’s been happening lately especially in two areas. I’m going to take the one that makes me angriest, and let me state right up front, if any of you liberals are reading this and want to talk about other situations, you’re out of luck. There is absolutely no excuse for this from either side, any side or even no side.

David Letterman. He is the final straw in anyone on the left talking about civil discourse. It’s bad enough with Keith Olberman being on display daily with his hatred. He proves that NBC is not a news organization. They are an Obama advertising crew. Add to that Chris Matthews with that tingle running down his leg. Hey Chris. Step into the bathroom, I think you misspelled “tingle”. You might want to grab some tissue and clean that up.

Then there’s Nora O’Donnell, Contessa Brewer, Brian Williams bowing to Obama, who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia. The list goes on. But, what David Letterman did the other night on his program was beyond decency and as far as I’m concerned, pornographic.

I have long been of the belief that politicians, by nature of their positions are open fodder for criticism for their policies, their beliefs and their lack of beliefs. However, there is a difference between criticism and outright abuse. Letterman saying that Governor Sarah Palin had been shopping for makeup to update her “slutty flight attendant” look was just flat out distasteful. If his opinion is that Palin looks slutty, what does he feel about his own wife? After all, Palin was married before she had children. Letterman can’t say the same thing about his wife. Where is the National Organization for Women? Why aren’t they defending Palin? Why aren’t they defending flight attendants?

The comment about Palin, while supposedly a joke, was part of his top ten list. However, another comment was made during his monologue. This was not part of his top ten list. Sarah Palin was visiting New York with her 14 year old daughter, Willow. Did you get that? Willow is 14 years old. Letterman, during his monologue, said that Palin took her daughter to a New York Yankees game and during the 7th inning of the game, Alex Rodriguez knocked up her daughter.

David Letterman is a 62 year old man (I use the term “man”, loosely). With that comment, about a 14 year old girl, suggesting it did happen, even suggesting it could happen, would happen or might happen, puts Letterman into the category of a pedophile to me. That pervert should have been removed from the airwaves immediately. Where are you CBS? Are these the standards that you want for your programming? Apparently, you have dropped your standards even further. Allowing Dan Rather to forge documents and then put them on the air was serious enough, but now you’re keeping a pedophile on the air.

How many times have we heard these moronic liberals say that the Republicans, not just Conservatives, but Republicans, are racists because they disagree with Obama? How many of these jackasses in the Democrat Party called the Tea Party attendees racists? Hate filled? With no proof to back up that even one person attending the Tea Parties was a racist. They talk about the Republican Party being run by balding white men. It is the Democrats that constantly bring up race, gender, age. They are the ones that are racists and have a problem with gender and age. Nobody else. Yet they say nothing about a pedophile having a talk show on television. Imagine if someone with a Conservative Talk Radio program, or someone on Fox said the same thing about one of Obama’s children or called Michelle Obama what Sarah Palin called. They’d be marching in the streets.

David Letterman, it’s time for you to go. CBS should have fired you immediately. Take your opportunity now and retire and join Dan Rather in the CBS archives of fools.

It takes a real coward to use the public airwaves to attack a woman and a fourteen year old child. I don’t like Hillary Clinton, but I have never said anything about her that vile. The attempt at an apology was worthless. Governor Palin responded to Lettermans apology and declined his offer to appear on his program saying she wasn't going to boost his ratings for him. Had I been Todd Palin, Governor Palin’s husband, I’d have declined for her and made my own offer to David Letterman. Come visit Alaska and let’s go for a walk on a glacier and talk about it….bring your own crutches.

There is no excuse out there to justify Letterman’s words. I dare, even one of you liberals to try and put an excuse on here using your real name rather than anonymous or a false name. There is no excuse for treating a woman this way and there is absolutely no justification whatsoever for saying what he said about a fourteen year old. I did hear that he tried to say he wasn’t speaking of Willow, but rather Bristol, the 18 year old daughter. That is supposed to be justification? Absolutely not!!

You’re welcome to comment, but if you’re a liberal, I recommend you don’t. There is no denying that Letterman is a pervert. And yes, I know that I said two areas at the beginning of this. I’m going to save the second one for another time.


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