Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Barry Has a Date

There is some talk about the about of money being spent on the Obama's trip to New York for date night. I have no problem with Barry taking Michelle out on a date. I think date night is a good thing even for President's. It's much better, after all, than date night being an intern bringing a pizza and a cigar as President Clinton used to do.

The problem lies with who's paying for that date. The American people. At his news briefing, press secretary when asked said that Obama would have taken a commercial flight, but the Secret Service wouldn't allow it. This is reasonable, but doesn't Obama think that maybe he ought to reimburse the American people for his date?

I know a terrific lady that lives some distance from me that I'd love to take out on a date or two or ten. I wonder if I could have the American people pay for my travel time. I promise that I won't spend as much as the Obama's. Even half as much as what Obama spent though could fund someones retirement for a couple of years.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Obama should pay the American people for his 'date'. Of course, he could have chosen a less expensive, closer place to do it. But I guess if you are bankrupting a country, a few thousand here and there don't really matter - if you are in the elite