Friday, June 19, 2009

Census: Next Scandal

Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has said that she will not completely fill out the census in 2010. She will give the number of people in her home, but she will not answer the questions that are included with the census.

Her reason for not doing so is due to too much information going into the system, which will be in the hands of ACORN among other Community Organizations.

ACORN is currently under investigation by no less than ten states and have been indicted in two states for their activities. This, while they are set to receive billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

Michele Bachmann has become a target of the Democrat Party for her staunch, unapologetic Conservative views.

My opinion is that the Census is Constitutionally mandated for a count of Americans every ten years and that giving your name and those of others that live in your household is and should be required. However, anything beyond that is government intrusiveness. I don't know if the other questions that are asked are required to be answered or not. But I'm with Mrs. Bachmann on this and don't want to tell the census workers anything other than what's required by the Constitution.

If you'll remember, Senator Judd Gregg was nominated to be Commerce Secretary. When accepted, the Census, which was handled by the Commerce Department, was moved to the White House. This raised many eyebrows and questions such as, was this done because Gregg is a Republican and couldn't be trusted to lead the Census? I think we are now seeing the answer to that and I believe it was wise of Senator Gregg to remove his name from consideration for the Commerce Department.

I certainly don't want to put family members at risk by telling ACORN workers about my life or that of my family.

I applaud Michele Bachmann for her stance. She's a star in the Republican Party and a real asset to Conservatives.

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