Tuesday, June 16, 2009

America: Land of Opportunity

In the past week we've learned several things. We've learned that our illustrious Congress, and of course the President, guessed wrong on the so-called stimulus package. This information comes from the Vice President of the United States on Meet the Press on Sunday, so we really can't question that source. I feel much better knowing that our government is passing laws, that they don't bother to read, based on "guesses".

We've also learned that our soldiers are now required to read terrorists their rights on the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq before taking them into custody. Never mind that they aren't entitled to rights because they aren't citizens of this country and because it's war. They now must be read their rights.

We've also learned that terrorists are now being released and deposited into Bermuda with beachfront living quarters that are exceptional places to live. Oh, and we're paying for it with our tax dollars. We also did this without seeking the approval of the British who happen to be the mother country for Bermuda. Apparently, when Obama said he was going to restore our esteem around the world, he only meant the middle east and to heck with one of our best friends.

We've also recently learned that the intent of this White House is to get an amnesty bill through. The same amnesty bill that the American people got up in arms over a couple of years ago and shut down when Congress was about to pass it.

It's becoming more and more apparent that the best way to take advantage of the opportunities available in the United States is to give up your citizenship, move to Mexico, sneak back in as an illegal alien. You're assured a job. If you happen to be a terrorist, you'll get relocated to a beautiful resort in Bermuda and you won't have to worry about the laws passed in this country because you'll be living in luxury in the sunshine, getting a nice tan and the United States Taxpayer will be paying your expenses.

If you're not thrilled with the Atlantic Ocean, there's always this little island 500 miles from the Phillipines out in the Pacific Ocean, that you could go to, and the taxpayers are giving that island money to cover your expenses. I could say something about socialism and the government taking care of the people, but I'm a but confused because our government seems to be taking care of our enemies.

Why does it appear to me that the fox is guarding the hen house?

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