Wednesday, March 4, 2009

White House Practicing Hate

The Barack Obama White House has an enemies list. It's been reported in Politico that there is an enemies list within the Obama Administration. Tops on the list is Rush Limbaugh. In 2007 Senator Reid sent a letter to Clear Channel Chairman Mark Mays complaining about Limbaugh. When Limbaugh received the letter, he auctioned it off on E-bay. It sold for $2,100,100. The money was then donated to the children of soldiers and police who had lost their parent in the line of duty. In addition, Limbaugh matched that high bid and contributed the same amount from his own money bringing the total to $4,200,200 to benefit those children.

Now, with a new President, the White House has created an enemies list with Limbaugh at the top. The conspirators to this are James Carville, Paul Begala, George Stephanopolous and Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel is a top advisor to Obama. Carville and Begala work for CNN and George Stephanopolous works for ABC. The three stooges of the press are all former Clinton employees. Emanuel also worked for Bill Clinton but may be even better known for shipping a dead chicken to a politcal enemy.

Rush Limbaugh is still a private citizen. This is clearly the government targeting a citizen of this country for having differing views of the present government. Is that how a free society is supposed to run?

Limbaugh, on his program today, challenged the President to a debate. He offered Obama three hours on his program for a debate between the two of them. He challenged Obama and only Obama. Limbaugh said he wouldn't accept debating one of Obama's lackey's. That he won't hide behind others as Obama is doing by having his staff in the White House and Obama's staff in the press coming in Obama's stead.

Don't get your hopes up. Obama won't accept this challenge. It's a no win for him. First, he's no match for Limbaugh. Obama doesn't speak well unless he has teleprompters. Off the cuff, he's filled with "uhhhs" and "umms". Limbaugh is very good at speaking on the fly.

Second, he doesn't want a feud with Limbaugh because the only thing he could expect from such a debate is that he'd be accused of lying about his statements of "change the tone in DC". After having five of his appointees caught not paying their taxes, and three of those didn't get the job they were vying for.

These liberals are creating all kinds of problems with the economy that was already in bad shape, and their answer is to go after Rush Limbaugh? He's not elected to anything. He is the choice of 20 million Americans who listen to him, but he's not elected to anything. So what is the sense in creating an enemies list with Rush Limbaugh as the head of that list?

If they will go after one private citizen, what is to stop them from coming after anyone else that dares to disagree with them?

This is a sure loser for Obama, but then, he's probably getting used to failure in his White House. Obama is proving himself to be the leader of hate in this country.

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