Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grab Your Parka and Protest Global Warming

"Thank God for Global Warming. We'd never find the march without it"

You just have to love these "global warming" whiners. First, the earth has not had an increase in the temperature since 1997. It's been 11 years since we've had the earth warming, and the way it's going this year, we'll likely not get an increase this year either. In fact, the "experts" are saying that we may be headed into an ice age until 2015. My one problem with this is the weatherman can't get todays weather right, how on earth can they tell us what the weather is going to be like in 6 years?

That, however, doesn't stop the global warming alarmists. Once again, they were to have a global warming march in Washington DC that was ummm snowed out due to the blizzard that hit the northeast yesterday. New York got a foot of snow. Washington DC got 6 inches and even Atlanta had several inches of snow.

This isn't the first time. How many times have we heard of Al Gore planning on a global warming "summit" where they got freezing rain, or an ice storm or a major snow storm? I can remember three times anyway.

I like to be supportive of other people's rights to an opinion, so I'll do my part and actually make a suggestion to these moronic liberals. Look at your calendars. Most all calendars tell you when each season starts. The warm months are late spring, all summer and early fall. You might want to plan these things for July or August. You're almost guaranteed it's going to be hot. But at least it will be warm. However, if you take a deep breath through your nose and your nostrils stick together for a few seconds, you're not going to get the ideal effect for global warming.

It takes a real group of morons to put on a global warming summit or protest when you have to wear ice skates or snow shoes to get around. It sends a much better message when pretty girls are out in their bikini's and still sweating. In addition, from my point of view anyway, it's more fun to watch that summertime protest.

By the way, when I woke up at 6:30 this morning the temperature outside was 2 degrees. Thank God for global warming. Imagine how cold it would have been here this morning without the supposed global warming!

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Grier said...

LOL. That was funny. Add the Democrat's paranoia of global warming to Obama's red-hot advice on stocks today and we can all look forward to burn-out during bail-out.

Brett said...

You know that things are bad when the Dow drops 37 points and we're happy about it.