Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Washington's Kremlin Boobs

National Debt: March 18, 2009

Obama Received AIG Dollars

Barack Obama received over $101,000 from A. I. G. Financial Services in 2008. Now that he's complaining about the bonuses that are contractual obligations of AIG, I wonder if he'll pay back money to the taxpayers.

AIG Bonus Money was known a year before payout

The bonus money being paid out from AIG was known about a year ago. The Obama Administration says they didn't know about this until the past month. However, when the bailout was discussed, the bonuses that are required under contracts was discussed by those in attendance at the meeting. The ones in the meeting where this was discussed were Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson (then Treasury Secretary), and Timothy Geithner (the tax cheat that is now the Treasury Secretary). So to say that the administration didn't know until this past month is an out and out lie.

Military May Have to use their Private Health Care for their Injuries

Obama has said that he's considering making military personnel wounded in our wars use their own private health insurance to pay for their war injuries. He complains on one hand how the health care costs are skyrocketing but then wants to put our wounded heroes into the private health system. This will drive costs up even higher. I believe that's the goal. Break the health care system and force Socialized Medicine on everyone.

The New Kremlin in Washington Using Taxes to Penalize Americans

Senator Chuck Schumer said today that if those that are receiving the bonuses don't "voluntarily" return the bonus, he and his colleagues will tax them for it and take it back. The heavy hand of this government will create an excise tax to penalize American Citizens, but only a select few, with a tax that will force them to pay back the bonuses that they are contractually entitled to receive. Is this what government is there for? It was Christopher Dodd, Senator from Connecticut that wrote in the provision that the bonuses will still be permitted. Now another Senator wants to penalize American citizens with taxes. We shouldn't be surprised. Taxes are penalties on the American citizen.

$11 Trillion Debt

The National Debt reached $11 Trillion today. Less than two months into the Obama administration the debt has grown by a tenth.

The Tax Man Cometh

Here they come. Beginning April first (April Fools Day) a cigarette tax increase of 62 cents a pack will begin. That will be followed by an increase in your gas and electric bills because of the carbon tax. Capital gains tax increase from 15% to 20% to follow that, then comes an increase in the income tax, dividend tax and another increase in capital gains. Whatever happened to Obama's line "if you make less than $250,000 per year you will not see your taxes increase by one dime."

He can implement an energy tax on utility companies, but they don't pay it. They write the checks, but make no mistake. It comes out of your gas and electric bills each month. He can increase taxes on large corporations but they don't pay it. They collect it in the form of higher prices and then write the checks from the money YOU pay for those higher priced items.

Usually, Boobs are a Wonderful Thing

I am more and more convinced that there are nothing but boobs in Washington DC. Obama can't seem to get his nominees confirmed and the ones he does are tax cheats (Geithner) or have dubious histories (Holder and Clinton). Obama and his administration are nothing short of incompetent and the American people are figuring that out. Obama's poll numbers are dropping and his negatives are increasing.

Someone Please Tell Bill Clinton to SHUT UP

Throughout history, there was an unwritten rule that a former President doesn't comment on the new administration for a year following his exit from office. This rule was followed throughout history with few exceptions. Jimmy Carter ended this in the 80's with his comments during the first year of the Reagan Administration. Reagan was silent during George H.W. Bush's administration. George Bush even commented that he would not speak about the Clinton administration for a year, and then didn't make any comments at all until the 7th year. Bill Clinton was constantly talking after George W. Bush was elected. He was silent for about a month, until the theft and vandalism that the Clinton Administration perpetrate died down. Following that first month, Clinton was on the air almost as much as President Bush.

President Bush (43) today said that Obama deserves his silence. He's honoring that unwritten rule. However, Bill Clinton is still showing up on the air telling what Obama is doing right and wrong. Someone needs to tell that guy to just go away. He's been out of office for over 8 years. He really needs to find himself another girlfriend.

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