Friday, March 20, 2009

WalMart Stimulus Package

For the first time in 20 years, Walmart has announced it's bonuses to the Walmart associates. Walmart is paying out $500 billion to 80 million employees. It will be an average of $651 per associate.

Naturally, full time associates will get larger amounts than part time associates. It's divided up based on their status.

While the government gives bailouts to big companies that are failing, Walmart is paying their associates for their success. They have been doing this since 1986 but haven't announced the numbers each year. It's always just been given each year without fanfare. This year, they announced the amounts that are being paid.

According to associates last year, they were paid $500-$1,000 as a reward for their success, also known as their bonus for a job well done. Stores have sales charts in their break rooms to show how they are doing from month to month. By giving out this information, associates know from month to month if they are on track for bonuses and if they need to work to improve their demeanor with the customers and their placement of products on the shelves making them easy to find for the customers.

After all of the complaints that liberals like to throw out about Walmart, it's good to see them announcing the bonuses for their associates. I should probably clear something up before the liberals start their complaining. A Walmart employee is an associate. The person at the door that says hello, the stockboys, the cashiers, they are all associates. These bonuses, show they too take part in the profits of Walmart, and they aren't held back from working to improve their product, their stores, nor their associates by a union. If they were, the bonuses wouldn't be there.

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Anonymous said...

for the first time in 20 years walmart may have announced how much they are paying out but they have not paid out. associates have not received this supposed bonus and managers at the stores know nothing about it

Brett said...

Actually, Walmart did pay out. Some stores got more than others, but that was because their stores produced more than the others.

Performance bonuses are based on the production of the store. Not on the production of a company as a whole. If the store was in the black, the employees or associates got a percentage of that. Some stores did better than others and ended up with higher bonuses.