Saturday, October 4, 2014

The USA is in Disarray

How can one man, one party be so wrong, so often, and so quickly after commenting?

The Economy and bi-partisanship

Obama is inaugurated in late January 2009. He tells Congress to get him a stimulus bill and he’ll sign it on Presidents Day. Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House. They pass a $780 billion bill and call it bi-partisan. Zero Republicans in the House vote for it and only three in the Senate vote for it. One of those three is Senator Arlen Specter who a short time later changed parties. Obama signed the bill two days after President’s Day so he could have that photo op in Denver. His photo op was more important than his word.

Obama and the Democrats say unemployment will not exceed 8%. It jumps to 10.2%. Unemployment begins running out so those that drop off are not counted as unemployed any longer and Obama and the Democrats tout the bill as reducing unemployment. Cash for Clunkers is a massive failure. The stimulus package didn’t stimulate. This has been the slowest recovery in history.

Immigration reform and bi-partisanship

Candidates always make promises and then don’t deliver. Obama promised immigration reform in his first year. He promised Gitmo to be closed within the first year. Obama had a strong advantage to his agenda. He had a Democrat House. Republicans could stop nothing. He had a Democrat Senate, just shy of having a filibuster proof Senate. Yet, immigration reform was not touched. Gitmo is still open today. Now Obama promises he will do some immigration reform himself by executive order, but not until after the election so that he can hopefully save a couple of Democrat Senators their seats and not lose as many seats nationwide as it appears he will.

At the moment, there is bi-partisanship on immigration reform. Most Republicans don’t want what’s being proposed and most Democrats do. Obama blames Republicans for immigration reform not happening, which is bi-partisan, so he’s going to remove the bi-partisan from it and issue executive orders. If this “MUST” be done why didn’t he do it when he had full control of both Houses of Congress? And remember, for a brief time, after Arlen Specter changed parties, he had a filibuster proof Senate and control of the House. If this “MUST” be done, why are Democrats in danger of losing the election causing him to delay what “MUST” be done until after the election?

Scandals, Transparency and bi-partisanship

Fast and Furious, NSA, IRS, Benghazi, solyndra, voter discrimination/intimidation by the New Black Panthers, The VA scandal, and more. There is no transparency. Documents are requested and not forthcoming. Computer are mysteriously crashing at the IRS. Border agents and American Citizens are killed at the border by cartels using guns provided by the US Government under Fast and Furious. Benghazi was a terrorist attack, but the administration claimed it was due to a video (which nobody had seen).

There is only one place in the Obama administration where transparency has been frequent and obvious. After being promised that the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) new screening process and X-Ray machines would be immediately destroyed upon a person being cleared to get on the plane, it only took a few days for it to come out that those X-rays showing body parts were being saved and admired by TSA agents and in one case a TSA agent was teased about his lack of girth after passed through the machine and that created a physical altercation.

Grandmothers were hand patted and groped. Children were groped. Men and women’s private areas were molested. Disabled people were embarrassed to have their disabilities and prosthetics and other extremely private remedies, such as colostomy bags exposed for all to see, but those that truly looked the part of a possible terrorist suspect were not given a first look, let alone a second.  

Health Care and bi-partisanship

In March of 2009, despite polls showing 67%-75% of the American people against the government take over of the health care system, both Houses of Congress took up what is now known as Obamacare.

The Democrats could not get it through the Senate because they didn’t have a filibuster-proof Senate. Then two events happened. Senator Arlen Specter changed parties giving the Democrats the needed 60 votes so that Republicans couldn’t stop anything.

The House didn’t matter because a simple majority as all that was needed and the Democrats had control. They didn’t need any Republicans to pass anything. Any Republicans voting with them would only lead to claims of bi-partisanship.

However, Senator Ted Kennedy died of his brain cancer taking away that needed 60th vote. Being from Massachusetts, the special election would likely put another Democrat in the seat Kennedy held, so it would just be delayed. A special election was held and people from around the country helped the Republican, Scott Brown win the election. He ran as the 41st vote against Obamacare which in effect would kill the bill. It is clear now that Browns election was to prevent Obamacare from being passed, because he lost the seat in the next election when Obamacare was no longer on the table.

There was now only one way to pass the Obamacare bill. The Democrat House wrote the bill and passed the bill without one Republican voting for it. The only way for the Senate to pass Obamacare was to vote straight up or down on the House bill. No changes. That way, they too only needed a simple majority, and that’s exactly what they did. There is nothing bi-partisan about it. Not one Republican in either House voted for the bill. That is not bi-partisan.

 Current Events

We’ve had illegal aliens coming across the border and this administration has been sending them out to every state in the country. 35 year old adults claiming they are childen and this administration believes them and puts them in schools. Criminals coming across the border and committing murder here of American Citizens. First it was lice and scabbies but they said it would be contained and not be a problem. Now we have Ebola that they said wouldn’t be a problem, yet in todays news, there are many cases that are suspected of Ebola around the country.

Obama claimed ISIS was Junior Varsity. They marched from Syria into Iraq in a quick and orderly fashion killing anyone that didn’t join up with them, then after Obama called them JV, they take the heads off of a couple of Americans.

Each time Obama downplays an event in the news, it’s a matter of days or even hours it becomes a major catastrophe. But then, it’s no wonder he doesn’t know anything since he rarely attends intelligent briefings.

It’s easy to understand why the USA is in disarray.

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