Monday, October 6, 2014

Democrats Pointing Fingers Themselves

The Democrats are pointing fingers for their losses in this years election before the election even takes place. According to “The Hill”, some are blaming Harry Reid, the Majority Leader.

They are blaming Obama’s low approval rating, low Hispanic turnout, centrist messaging, the media, social media, among others. Not one of them is blaming themselves for their own records, their own policies. Nor are they blaming themselves for legislating and making policies for their own elections and not for what’s good for the people that they represent. They even blame their core voters that don’t bother to vote in mid-term elections.

I think it’s interesting that they single out Hispanic voters. First, it’s the Democrats that scream about profiling, yet when they talk about Hispanic voters aren’t they profiling? Second, are they talking about Hispanic Americans that are here legally or are they talking about illegal aliens voting?

There’s no question any longer about their tactics and policies based on elections and not on the Constitution. For example, the Sunday talk shows were full of what Obama will do about ISIS and what he’s recently done. It seems many of the pundits are saying that the bombings of ISIS are for show and accomplishing little to nothing and they believe that when the election is over, ISIS will not be stopped.

What of the Republicans? I have heard very little message from them. They seem to be just sitting back and trying to take advantage of the peoples disgust of politicians. Had they laid out their ideas, Conservative ideas, I doubt anyone would be saying the Democrats “could” lose control of the Senate. It’s more likely that the pundits would be questioning if the Republicans would be getting double digit gains in the Senate.

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