Saturday, September 27, 2014

They're heeeere!

A little blonde girl standing in front of a television set showing static (we used to call it snow) says, “They’re heeeere.” I believe it is from the movie “Poltergeist” in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

Unfortunately, that line now fits in today’s current climate. This week a 54 year old woman was killed by a man that was fired. She was beheaded. This was not in the desert of the middle east. This was in Moore, Oklahoma! Apparently, by a man that converted to Islam while in prison.

In another story, two men in Texas were tortured and one died by a drug cartel at the border.

In yet another story there have been over 100 people with terrorist ties caught crossing the southern border illegally into the United States.

You have a bees nest hanging from a tree near where your family has their picnic table in the backyard and close to the swing set your children use every day. You grab a rake or a shovel and knock the bees nest down and tell your family, “stay away for a couple of hours until the bees go away.”

Where do the bees go? They go off nearby and start building a new nest. Maybe they go to your neighbors yard or maybe just a different tree in your own yard. Had you placed a large bucket of water on the ground for the bees to fall into, you’d have killed many of them. Or sprayed the ground then sprayed them with bee killer when they fell, you’d have killed them. No fear of them coming back.

Obama has decided to attack ISIS in the Middle East. He’s bombing them but refuses to put boots on the ground. Not only that but he announced what he was going to do before he did it. At least when you knock the bees nest down you didn’t send them a certified letter telling them to duck. Obama is hitting ISIS with a rake.

Terrorists are pouring across our border. Obama is going to announce unilateral amnesty after the election. Apparently, he thinks you and I are too stupid to realize he’s going to hang a big welcome sign across the southern border and still vote for those that agree with him. He’s not even hitting border security with a rake, but rather is raking the grounds so the illegal aliens won’t stub their toes as they cross the borders.

Three Americans have been beheaded in the past month. Two of them by ISIS in the Middle East and one American woman in Oklahoma. Terrorists have been caught at our border, but have all of them? The Obama administration has done nothing but lob some bombs with advanced notice to ISIS and nothing to protect our borders.

Since when did attacks on Americans here and abroad, become such a tough decision on how to handle it?

By contrast, here’s another way it was handled in the past. September 11, 2001 four planes were crashed. Two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon and one in a field in Pennsylvania due to heroes on board the plane. Nearly 3,000 people dead in less than an hour on our shores. On October 7, 2001 President Bush began bombing and sending troops to Afghanistan. It took him less than a month to decide and set in motion going after the terrorists that attacked us.

He didn’t worry about how it would play out in the polls. He didn’t wring his hands or sit in the corner sucking his thumb worrying about what to do next. He didn’t worry about whether or not his fellow Republicans would get re-elected. He moved the most massive military in the world to the other end of the world and started enacting the plan his military advisors had drawn up and he did it in less than a month!

What is so hard about making a decision when you’re being hit? It’s simple really. Either you sit back and wait for more or you fight back. If someone doesn’t like you, you get away from them. These terrorists don’t like us. So we should get away from them. But we’re opening our doors and saying “Come on in, make yourself at home.” They are killing our people, but we’re not making them pay for their actions any longer.

I know longer think we need an adult in the White House. I’m now convinced we need a man with a set of values, set of principles, and even some common sense in the White House. Obama clearly is not that man, and Joe Biden is not the man and even Hillary Clinton is not that man.

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Anonymous said...

America as we learned is dead. Dead. Greed and 'Progressives' killed her while good folks who cling to the old values sat and watched.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't agree that America is dead. But if we manage to get a Conservative for a President along with Conservative leadership in both the House and Senate, they will have a tremendous job of cleaning up and eliminating the past 8 years of Obama.