Friday, August 29, 2014

Wishy Washy President Obama = Dead Americans.

The Obama Administration is wishy washy at best. Think that’s too harsh? Ask me what I really think about these people.

It’s just been discovered by Judicial Watch that the federal government has put a warning out of an imminent terrorist attack on the southern border (link below). This threat is from Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).

In addition, the drug cartels have taken over regions and even the U.S. Border patrol has ordered their officers to avoid the most crime infested areas because it’s too dangerous and patrolling them could cause an international incident.

In the Daily Beast (link below), there has been a debate going on between Obama and his national security bureaucracy about how, where and whether to strike ISIS. In light of this debate Obama came out and said “we don’t have a strategy yet”.

First of all, perhaps he ought to talk to the military. I’ll bet they have a strategy. They plan for all sorts of contingencies and even if they didn’t, they are the experts. They would have a strategy within a few short hours and probably less and ready to implement it.

The debate seems to be going on between politicians. Obama’s department heads. Leaving it to this bunch, they will not get it done. They seem to be afraid of protecting this country. Some are upset that we can’t find allies to help us in the middle east. Does this really surprise them? Why would any country offer help to a President that is afraid to defend his own country?

This should not be a surprise to anyone. Obama always puts out mixed messages. He tells the world that he sent in special forces to rescue hostages only to find that they had been moved. Why would he advise our enemy that we’d tried something and failed? Keep your mouth shut and try again.

Now he tells them we don’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS and the very next day we’re put on alert for an impending attack on our southern border by ISIS.

We are the United States of America. We have the strongest, brightest and best military in the world. Americans don’t hide behind trepidation. We stand up. When one of ours is killed, we go and kill more of them. But not under this President.

Under this President, an American is beheaded and he talks big, then says we don’t have a strategy and no friends in the region to help us so James Foley murder goes unanswered.

We liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein and instead of finishing the job, Obama brings the troops home despite being warned that if we don’t finish, Iraq will be a mess. Welcome to the mess created by Obama.

James Foley was beheaded and Obama was mocked and made fun of by ISIS and he does nothing but sit in a room debating and unable to decide despite reasons given from both those that want justice and those that don’t want to fight. All he has to do is make a decision and turn the military loose. But he claims they have no strategy.

Second, since when do we back away because an international incident may occur if our border patrol does its job?  We armed the cartels under fast and furious. You want to avoid an international incident? Arm our border patrol better than you armed the cartels. If there is an international incident, it will be caused by the Mexican drug cartels not by our Border Patrol. There would be no one left over there to complain about an international incident. We don’t back down when Americans are killed….until now, under President Barack Hussein Obama.

With all of these illegal aliens coming across the border it’s been warned by many that terrorists would be coming across with them. Again, this is Obama’s doing. His administration has gone so far as to advise some of these illegal aliens to claim that they were abused by their spouses so that they can stay here. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. It’s just an excuse for them to use so the authorities won’t send them back. But they really aren’t sending many back anyway. How many times have we heard that dangerous criminals from these other countries are being turned loose in our country?

Mr. President. If you want to eliminate ISIS for what they are doing to tens of thousands of refugees in Iraq and for the beheading of an American, there is a simple solution. You send the might of the American military over there. Give them orders to shoot ISIS soldiers and to keep shooting them until they run out of ISIS members.That's how and where. "Whether" was answered when they took off James Foley's head. 

Mr. President, if you want to eliminate the border threat, enforce the laws on the books regarding our borders and actually send those that come here illegally and ship them back. If the cartel crosses the river into Texas, shoot them. If they sneak over and kill Americans and run back home, send the soldiers in and tell them to keep shooting until they run out of Cartel members. If President Nieto of Mexico has a problem with that, tell him to police his own country and eliminate the problem or we will.

Mr. President, if you can’t lead, call a former President for advice and follow it. 

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