Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Are we Really that Stupid?

Ten days ago it was reported that a police officer had shot and killed an unarmed 18 year old black kid. His parents appeared on camera and said they were taking him to sign up for college classes on Monday but now they can’t. Not only was the “child” unarmed but he raised his arms as though to surrender. This bit of information set off day time protests and nighttime rioting.

We have a justice system in this country. It’s not perfect, but it is the best. Even corrupt officials haven’t taken away from it being the best system. However, it does take time to  see if there is a case and then to put it together. Witnesses must be interviewed, credibility checked, and evidence gathered. But the people of the area can’t wait. They act on what they originally heard without regard to the actual events.

We now know this 18 year old unarmed “child” was six feet four inches tall and weighed just under 300 pounds. We also know that ten minutes before he was shot he took some cigarellos from a convenience store and when the store owner tried to stop him, this kid pushed him into a rack. What is striking is that the store owner looked like the kid and the kid looked like a bully on the video.

The kid, Michael Brown, left the store and was walking in the street with his friend who also had been in the store. A police officer drove up and told the two of them to get off the street and on to the sidewalk. The kid, Michael Brown, then went to the police car, reached in and punched the officer breaking his eye socket. They apparently fought for the officers gun and it fired while in the car.

Brown ran off and the officer followed in pursuit. Brown stopped, turned and put his hands up. Then apparently started running right at the officer. The officer had drawn his weapon when Brown started to run and yelled out “freeze”. When Brown then turned with his hands up and started running towards the officer, the officer fired six shots into Brown. Brown fell dead three feet in front of the officer.

The protestors and rioters either don’t believe the story or choose to believe what they originally heard or they are opportunists and took advantage of the easy pickings of the stores by looting them.

Originally, when the rioting started, the police and the governor wouldn’t release the officers name. They feared for his safety. Then they acquiesced and made his name public. Does that mean the officer and his family is now safe?

Brown was not unarmed. He was armed with nearly 300 lbs and a 6’4 inch body. He was strong and he was dangerous. The reason we know he is dangerous is because the officer was punched by this “kid” and has a broken eyesocket.

In Michigan, one of the University of Michigan football players was walking on July 18 at or near a bar. He was bumped by someone passing by. He says he was taunted, but the video shows he was bumped and turned and sucker punched the guy. The man he punched had his jaw broken in three places. That football player was just kicked off the team.

Across the country, we hear of people passing people, strangers on the street, and just all of sudden sucker punching them. Young people and the elderly. They seem willing to punch anyone just for the fun of it.

Monday night, the Washington Redskins played a football game and the players ran out on the field with their arms raised, ala Michael Brown. This was their way of protesting what happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

These professional football players are college educated. You would think they would have a basic understanding of how the law works in this country. You’d think they’d know the entire story isn’t out there yet.

On February 25 this year, I wrote about the NFL threatening to pull the Super Bowl out of Arizona next year if the governor signed a law that had been passed. I decided then that if the NFL can dictate laws by withholding their product, then that product is something I wouldn’t participate in, even if it means just not watching their games on television.

Football season is here and I haven’t watched the exhibition games. Soon they’ll be playing on Sunday afternoons and I won’t be watching. I won’t even have it on the TV as I do things around the house. I will watch college football if I want to watch football this year.

How can so many college educated people in a huge sport such as football be so stupid? How can so many people, including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson be so stupid to immediately go and lead protests when the facts aren’t out? Jackson was even trying to raise money during his speeches and it’s been reported that Sharpton wanted to be paid by the family of Michael Brown to come to Missouri.

We have had Americans killed at the southern border of this country. So what is Obama doing? He’s plotting how to do an executive order to allow more of this. Obama pulled us out of Iraq despite being warned that Iraq would fall apart. Today, a video was sent showing that ISIS has beheaded an American in response to the air strikes Obama ordered when he took back a bridge.

How can this President be that stupid? How many Americans must die at the hands of our enemies before he grows a pair and defends Americans and American interests?

Finally, we elected this guy not just once, but twice. Are we really that stupid?

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