Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who's In Charge?

Who is in charge in Ferguson, Missouri? It doesn't appear to be any good citizens of the small town. It doesn't appear to be the administration of the town. Nor the police. 

Following the shooting of Michael Brown, the police would not release the officers name, fearing for his and his family's safety.  During the day they had and have peaceable protests, but at night it's a different matter. It's not about Michael Brown at night. It's more about stealing by looting the stores. Throwing things at the police, such as molotav cocktails. 

Isn't the motto of the police to "serve and protect"? Ok, so they want to protect the officer and his family. But then they changed their position. They released the officers name. CNN broadcast his address and even filmed in front of his house. The police also released a video of Michael Brown stealing some cigarellos and pushing the store clerk or owner into a rack as the owner tried to stop him. 

Following the release of the video, the attorney for the Ferguson Market and Liquor store where Brown stole the cigarellos held a press conference, according to KDSK news. The press conference was not to verify or deny the events on the video, although it did verify it with what they said. The reason for the press conference was because of fear. 

The attorney told the press that the owners wanted to make it clear that they did not report the incident to the police and that they did not offer the video to the police. They did not "snitch". The police asked for it and they had to hand it over. Basically, they were saying 'please don't hurt us, we tried to keep it quiet.' 

According to the Washington Post, the owner said, ““It’s very dangerous,” he said. “They kill us if they think we are responsible. People don’t understand that.””

The owner pleaded with them not to use his name in their reporting. 

This reminds me of the movie "Escape from New York". The criminals run the town. Everyone else serves them. 

The police, and the governor seem to be backing down and giving in to these looters. Although, on Monday, there were 57 arrests and only four of them were from Ferguson. That wasn't the case before this incident, but it's added to it. Nobody in authority has taken charge. 

So it appears that the answer to Who's in Charge, is the looters, while the business owners and law abiding citizens (if there are any in Ferguson) cower in the corners thankful to only get robbed and not being killed by the thieves. 

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