Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We are five years into the Obama Presidency. So how have things improved?

In 2008 our economy nearly crashed just a month and a half before the election which pretty much ensured Obama’s victory in the election.

Obama promised that if the congress would pass his stimulus package, he’d sign it on Presidents Day in 2009, less than one month following his inauguration. The House, the Senate and the White House were all controlled by Democrats. One day after President’s Day, Obama flew out to Colorado and signed the stimulus bill.

As predicted unemployment soared to 10.2%. As predicted the stimulus failed. The stimulus money went to Democrat favored groups, such as the unions. Remember the cash for clunkers? It cost the country $24,000 per clunker. Another failure. Even now, nearly five years later, we are still languishing in the slowest recovery in history. Unemployment has now dropped to 7.2% largely because those on unemployment have run out of benefits, which takes them out of the numbers.

Next we had the health care fight. It passed the Democrat controlled House but when it got to the Senate it was about to die. Senator Ted Kennedy had died and was being replaced by Scott Brown a Republican who ran as the 41st vote against health care which would stop it. But the Democrat controlled Senate had a plan. They could pass the House health care plan if they made no changes to it. That’s exactly what they did. National Health Care was now forced on the people despite 65% of the American people being against it.

This was another failure. First, it’s not bi-partisan which used to be so important to Democrats. Second, changes have been made by the President during the past three years. Illegal changes. In addition, waivers were granted to select Democrat groups. Now that it’s time to implement it, the websites don’t even work. Another failure. Obamacare was supposed to lower premiums. Failure. They said that under Obamacare you could keep your insurance if you wanted. What they didn’t tell you (although it was predicted by Republicans) was that employers would lower hours for employees so that they didn’t have to provide health care. So much for keeping your insurance if you want it. Another failure.

Congress is exempt from the health care law, in fact, they are being subsidized by the American people’s tax money for their heath care if they go to Obamacare. Another failure.

Remember the transparent government promised by Obama? Last year we find out that the IRS is targeting Tea Party Groups, and Republicans. Another illegal activity taking place under Obama’s nose. Failure.

The NSA is spying on Americans and now even foreign governments are complaining because they are finding out that the NSA was spying on them. I expect spying on foreign governments, but we don’t expect to get caught on such a large scale. Another failure. What does the government say? They want a whistleblower arrested because it’s “his fault”. Not the governments fault for hiring him. Not the governments fault for spying on their own citizens. It’s Snowden’s fault. Another failure.

Then there is Benghazi. Our governments failure to protect and to even go so far as to cover up information about the attack. Susan Rice went on television and blamed it on a video that nobody had seen. The maker of the video was jailed. Susan Rice is promoted. Another failure.

There is a case to be made for impeachment of President Obama.  Do we really want Joe Biden as our president though?

Obama has not yet completed his first year of his second term and the failures are mounting up. What do we hear about who’s running for President next time? Hillary Clinton. Clinton was involved in Benghazi, not to mention Hillarycare in the 90’s which failed. Not to mention the 900 FBI files in in the 90’s. Not to mention enabling her husband, then the president, who was diddling with an intern as well as others. Do we really want another failure in four years when it’s time to make a change?

There is only one way to describe this presidency. FAILURE.

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