Thursday, November 14, 2013

Democrats Running from Democrat Foolishness

There are reports all over about how Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the Affordable Care Act (ACA…or ObamaCare) debacle. They can’t. Another thing they can’t do is talk about bi-partisanship and they should be called out on it each time they try!

They are all now trying to figure out a way to save Obamacare. To find a way to make a failed plan work. Not because they are concerned about people losing their jobs but because they are worried about losing THEIR jobs! They were warned.

During the debate (and I use that term loosely) the arguments against it were that it would cost jobs. Hours would be cut back because employers, businesses, would have to cut costs to pay for it. Since they could only avoid it by cutting workers hours down to 29 hours per week, that’s what would happen. And it’s happening.

The Democrats were also warned that costs for the government insurance would be more expensive. And it’s happening.

All of these things and more were stated before the plan was even voted on. Remember Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of House, giving the answer to some of these? “We have to pass the plan to see what’s in it.”

There is another consequence of this plan. To qualify for subsidies in helping people pay for the government insurance their income must not exceed a certain amount. Those that are earning more but want the subsidy rather than pay the full freight will just lower their income by not working as much or cutting back on their production in their business. When did this country ever stand for doing less than your best? That’s what government health care is doing.

President Obama has been caught lying about this plan. If you want to keep your plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor you can keep him. Now we know that’s not true.

I write these things as a way for me to vent and if someone wants to comment, I like it and maybe someone will even be enlightened by something I write or maybe I’ll be enlightened by someone’s comments. But what I do for a living is that I’m an insurance agent. Yep. Health care, among other things. I have to pay a fee to the government to be licensed to do health care and life insurance and others. I’m bound by ethics and must not make false and misleading statements. Is President Obama licensed? He’s obviously not bound by ethics and he’s not held to account for making false and misleading statements.

Remember how this law came about. The Democrat controlled House passed the law. It went to the Democrat controlled Senate. They would have made changes to it, which would then require 60 votes to pass it and then it would go to conference. Senator Arlen Specter changed parties giving the Democrats the 60 votes they needed. However Senator Ted Kennedy died and Scott Brown ran as the 41st vote to defeat Obamacare and he won his election.

The only way that they could pass it then would be to pass the House bill as written. No changes to it whatsoever. That’s exactly what they did! This law was completely done by Democrats. Not one Republican voted for it. What I haven’t mentioned yet, is that 68% of the people at the time did not want this plan.

For those of you in Michigan, we have an election coming up next year for Governor. As it stands now, it will be Governor Snyder against Mark Schauer. Mark Schauer I’m very familiar with. My representative where I live was Tim Wahlberg in 2008. But in that election, the Democrats took control of Congress and Tim Wahlberg was defeated by Mark Schauer. Mark Schauer voted for Obamacare and in the next election in 2010, Tim Wahlberg won  back the seat he’d lost to Mark Schauer.

I can also tell you that Mark Schauer is not a truthful person. He was caught blatantly lying several times. I heard some of them on a radio program I listen to and I attended two of his Town Hall meetings back when they held town hall meetings in person before they figured out that people actually had the nerve to tell them face to face that they haven’t got a clue what we really expect.

I would also remind everyone about Representative Joe Wilson. During an address to Congress by President Obama, Wilson is the Representative that shouted out “You lie”. Now it’s known that Wilson was speaking the truth, even if it was in an inappropriate setting.

Obama just held a press conference. His answer for the problem of policies being cancelled is another big government heavy boot. They are now forcing insurance companies to not cancel those insurance plans. Government orders are being fixed with more Government orders. I’m finding it hard to see where there is anymore freedom.

Obama has been called the Messiah in some corners. Let me ask you this. Did Jesus ever lie to you?

Below, I have listed all in the House that voted for and against Obamacare. Some will surprise you. What shouldn’t surprise you is that not one Repubican voted for Obamacare. This is not bi-partisan. This is an entire Democrat fiasco. Those Democrats now are running away from it because they are up for re-election. The Democrats took over the Government and orchestrated the takeover of the American health care system. It was the best in the world even with it’s flaws. Now it’s made this country look like a joke.

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At the Supreme Court of the United States

Chief Justice John Roberts voted FOR
Sonia Sotomayor voted FOR
Stephen Breyer voted FOR
Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted FOR
Elena Kagan voted FOR

Anthony Kennedy voted AGAINST
Samuel Alito voted AGAINST
Antonin Scalia voted AGAINST
Clarence Thomas voted AGAINST

Who voted for the bill in congress:

Democrats: Bright voted NO Davis voted NO
Republicans: Aderholt voted NO Bachus voted NO Bonner voted NO Griffith voted NO Rogers voted NO

Republicans: Young voted NO

Democrats: Giffords voted YES Grijalva voted YES Kirkpatrick voted YES Mitchell voted YES Pastor voted NO
Republicans: Flake voted NO Franks voted NO Shadegg voted NO

Democrats: Berry voted NO Ross voted NO Snyder voted NO
Republicans: Boozman voted NO

Democrats: Baca voted YES Becerra voted YES Berman voted YES Capps voted YES Cardoza voted YES Chu voted YES Costa voted YES Davis voted YES Eshoo voted YES Farr voted YES Filner voted YES Garamendi voted YES Harman voted YES Honda voted YES Lee voted YES Lofgren, Zoe voted YES Matsui voted YES McNerney voted YES Miller, George voted YES Napolitano voted YES Pelosi voted YES Richardson voted YES Roybal-Allard voted YES Sanchez, Linda T. voted YES Sanchez, Loretta voted YES Schiff voted YES Sherman voted YES Speier voted YES Stark voted YES Thompson voted YES Waters voted YES Watson voted YES Waxman voted YES Woolsey voted NO
Republicans: Bilbray voted NO Bono Mack voted NO Calvert voted NO Campbell voted NO Dreier voted NO Gallegly voted NO Herger voted NO Hunter voted NO Issa voted NO Lewis voted NO Lungren, Daniel E. voted NO McCarthy voted NO McClintock voted NO McKeon voted NO Miller, Gary voted NO Nunes voted NO Radanovich voted NO Rohrabacher voted NO Royce voted NO

Democrats: DeGette voted YES Markey voted YES Perlmutter voted YES Polis voted YES Salazar voted NO
Republicans: Coffman voted NO Lamborn voted NO

Democrats: Courtney voted YES DeLauro voted YES Himes voted YES Larson voted YES Murphy voted NO

Republicans: Castle voted NO

Democrats: Boyd voted YES Brown, Corrine voted YES Castor voted YES Grayson voted YES Hastings voted YES Klein voted YES Kosmas voted YES Meek voted YES Wasserman Schultz voted NO
Republicans: Bilirakis voted NO Brown-Waite, Ginny voted NO Buchanan voted NO Crenshaw voted NO Diaz-Balart, L. voted NO Diaz-Balart, M. voted NO Mack voted NO Mica voted NO Miller voted NO Posey voted NO Putnam voted NO Rooney voted NO Ros-Lehtinen voted NO Stearns voted NO Young voted NO

Democrats: Barrow voted NO Bishop voted YES Johnson voted YES Lewis voted YES Marshall voted NO Scott voted NO
Republicans: Broun voted NO Deal voted NO Gingrey voted NO Kingston voted NO Linder voted NO Price voted NO Westmoreland voted NO

Democrats: Hirono voted NO

Democrats: Minnick voted NO
Republicans: Simpson voted NO

Democrats: Bean voted YES Costello voted YES Davis voted YES Foster voted YES Gutierrez voted YES Halvorson voted YES Hare voted YES Jackson voted YES Lipinski voted NO Quigley voted YES Rush voted YES Schakowsky voted NO
Republicans: Biggert voted NO Johnson voted NO Kirk voted NO Manzullo voted NO Roskam voted NO Schock voted NO Shimkus voted NO

Democrats: Carson voted YES Donnelly voted YES Ellsworth voted YES Hill voted YES Visclosky voted NO
Republicans: Burton voted NO Buyer voted NO Pence voted NO Souder voted NO

Democrats: Boswell voted YES Braley voted YES Loebsack voted NO
Republicans: King voted NO Latham voted NO

Democrats: Moore voted NO
Republicans: Jenkins voted NO Moran voted NO Tiahrt voted NO

Democrats: Chandler voted NO Yarmuth voted NO
Republicans: Davis voted NO Guthrie voted NO Rogers voted NO Whitfield voted NO

Democrats: Melancon voted NO
Republicans: Alexander voted NO Boustany voted NO Cao voted NO Cassidy voted NO Fleming voted NO Scalise voted NO

Democrats: Michaud voted YES Pingree voted NO

Democrats: Cummings voted YES Edwards voted YES Hoyer voted YES Kratovil voted NO Ruppersberger voted YES Sarbanes voted YES Van Hollen voted NO
Republicans: Bartlett voted NO

Democrats: Capuano voted YES Delahunt voted YES Frank voted YES Lynch voted NO Markey voted YES McGovern voted YES Neal voted YES Olver voted YES Tierney voted YES Tsongas voted NO

Democrats: Conyers voted YES Dingell voted YES Kildee voted YES Kilpatrick voted YES Levin voted YES Peters voted YES Schauer voted YES Stupak voted NO
Republicans: Camp voted NO Ehlers voted NO Hoekstra voted NO McCotter voted NO Miller voted NO Rogers voted NO Upton voted NO

Democrats: Ellison voted YES McCollum voted YES Oberstar voted YES Peterson voted NO Walz voted NO
Republicans: Bachmann voted NO Kline voted NO Paulsen voted NO

Democrats: Childers voted NO Taylor voted NO Thompson voted NO
Republicans: Harper voted NO

Democrats: Carnahan voted YES Clay voted YES Cleaver voted YES Skelton voted NO
Republicans: Akin voted NO Blunt voted NO Emerson voted NO Graves voted NO Luetkemeyer voted NO

Republicans: Rehberg voted NO

Republicans: Fortenberry voted NO Smith voted NO Terry voted NO

Democrats: Berkley voted YES Titus voted NO
Republicans: Heller voted NO

Democrats: Hodes voted YES Shea-Porter voted NO

Democrats: Adler voted NO Andrews voted YES Holt voted YES Pallone voted YES Pascrell voted YES Payne voted YES Rothman voted YES Sires voted NO
Republicans: Frelinghuysen voted NO Garrett voted NO Lance voted NO LoBiondo voted NO Smith voted NO

Democrats: Heinrich voted YES Lujan voted YES Teague voted NO

Democrats: Ackerman voted YES Arcuri voted NO Bishop voted YES Clarke voted YES Crowley voted YES Engel voted YES Hall voted YES Higgins voted YES Hinchey voted YES Israel voted YES Lowey voted YES Maffei voted YES Maloney voted YES McCarthy voted YES McMahon voted NO Meeks voted YES Murphy voted YES Nadler voted YES Owens voted YES Rangel voted YES Serrano voted YES Slaughter voted YES Tonko voted YES Towns voted YES Velazquez voted YES Weiner voted NO
Republicans: King voted NO Lee voted NO

Democrats: Butterfield voted YES Etheridge voted YES Kissell voted NO McIntyre voted NO Miller voted YES Price voted YES Shuler voted NO Watt voted NO
Republicans: Coble voted NO Foxx voted NO Jones voted NO McHenry voted NO Myrick voted NO

Democrats: Pomeroy voted NO

Democrats: Boccieri voted YES Driehaus voted YES Fudge voted YES Kaptur voted YES Kilroy voted YES Kucinich voted YES Ryan voted YES Space voted NO Sutton voted YES Wilson voted NO
Republicans: Austria voted NO Boehner voted NO Jordan voted NO LaTourette voted NO Latta voted NO Schmidt voted NO Tiberi voted NO Turner voted NO

Democrats: Boren voted NO
Republicans: Cole voted NO Fallin voted NO Lucas voted NO Sullivan voted NO

Democrats: Blumenauer voted YES DeFazio voted YES Schrader voted YES Wu voted NO
Republicans: Walden voted NO

Democrats: Altmire voted NO Brady voted YES Carney voted YES Dahlkemper voted YES Doyle voted YES Fattah voted YES Holden voted NO Kanjorski voted YES Murphy, Patrick voted YES Schwartz voted YES Sestak voted NO
Republicans: Dent voted NO Gerlach voted NO Murphy, Tim voted NO Pitts voted NO Platts voted NO Shuster voted NO Thompson voted NO

Democrats: Kennedy voted YES Langevin voted NO

Democrats: Clyburn voted YES Spratt voted NO
Republicans: Barrett voted NO Brown voted NO Inglis voted NO Wilson voted NO

Democrats: Herseth Sandlin voted NO

Democrats: Cohen voted YES Cooper voted YES Davis voted NO Gordon voted YES Tanner voted NO
Republicans: Blackburn voted NO Duncan voted NO Roe voted NO Wamp voted NO

Democrats: Cuellar voted YES Doggett voted YES Edwards voted NO Gonzalez voted YES Green, Al voted YES Green, Gene voted YES Hinojosa voted YES Jackson Lee voted YES Johnson, E. B. voted YES Ortiz voted YES Reyes voted YES Rodriguez voted NO
Republicans: Barton voted NO Brady voted NO Burgess voted NO Carter voted NO Conaway voted NO Culberson voted NO Gohmert voted NO Granger voted NO Hall voted NO Hensarling voted NO Johnson, Sam voted NO Marchant voted NO McCaul voted NO Neugebauer voted NO Olson voted NO Paul voted NO Poe voted NO Sessions voted NO Smith voted NO Thornberry voted NO

Democrats: Matheson voted NO
Republicans: Bishop voted NO Chaffetz voted NO

Democrats: Welch voted NO

Democrats: Boucher voted NO Connolly voted YES Moran voted YES Nye voted NO Perriello voted YES Scott voted NO
Republicans: Cantor voted NO Forbes voted NO Goodlatte voted NO Wittman voted NO Wolf voted NO

Democrats: Baird voted YES Dicks voted YES Inslee voted YES Larsen voted YES McDermott voted YES Smith voted NO
Republicans: Hastings voted NO McMorris Rodgers voted NO Reichert voted NO

Democrats: Mollohan voted YES Rahall voted NO
Republicans: Capito voted NO

Democrats: Baldwin voted YES Kagen voted YES Kind voted YES Moore voted YES Obey voted NO
Republicans: Petri voted NO Ryan voted NO Sensenbrenner voted NO

Republicans: Lummis voted NO

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