Saturday, October 12, 2013

Republicans Wimp Out to Obama

If what’s being reported in Breitbart this morning is true, it’s proof positive that the only thing the Republicans have in mind is their own re-election and they are no better than President Obama and the liberal Democrats. In fact, I’d call them wimps at best.

The Republicans sent over four bills just prior to the government shutdown. The Democrats in the Senate rejected them. Each of them. There were no negotiations. There were no talks at all. The government shut down. The Democrats from President Obama to Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi started their childish name-calling campaign.

The Republicans were called extortionists among other things. The Republicans only wanted to defund Obamacare. Why not? A strong majority of the American people don’t want it. Defunding it is a good position to take. Then they wanted to delay the rollout by a year.

Here we are two weeks later. The government is shutdown. Finally Obama agrees to “negotiate”. Negotiate. That seems to mean you give a little and the other guy gives a little. When has Obama ever negotiated in good faith? NEVER!

So what do the Republicans do? They apparently intend to agree to fund Obamacare. They have given up the fight to delay it for even a year. In addition, the Republicans apparently are agreeing to lift the debt ceiling (which was not even a part of the shutdown), fund Obamacare, and in addition to all of that they are willing to reverse cuts from the sequester from a year ago…or was it two years ago!

Apparently, the Republicans just wanted an audience with his majesty the President. They got it, so now they are giving him everything he wants and more.

I am beginning to think that the smartest people in this country were the Republicans that stayed home during the last election costing Mitt Romney the election. I am now prepared to do nearly the same thing.

While I haven’t completely thought this through, at this moment, I’m pretty much certain that in the primaries next year I will vote for any challenger to the Republican incumbent. If the incumbent wins, then in the general election I will go vote but will not vote for the incumbent. My Representative is Tim Wahlberg. I will vote for the challenger in the Primary, provided he’s a Conservative. If Wahlberg wins, when I go vote the following November, I will not vote for Wahlberg. I also won’t vote for the Democrat. In other words, I will not vote for either for Representative.

In Michigan we will be voting on Governor next year. I will vote for the governor and not for his Democrat opponent. But I will leave the office of Representative for the US House blank. This is exactly what the Republicans in the House of Representatives is now doing to us, so I think they should get what they give.

The current crop of Republicans in the House and Senate in DC are wimps. If Breitbarts reporting is true, they don’t deserve to be in Washington DC. Let them come out and suffer with the rest of us.

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