Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help You

Have we learned nothing from history? Seven years ago, Hurricane Katrina embarrassed the President of the United States, George Bush.  It embarrassed Governor Blanco of Louisiana. It embarrassed Mayor Nagin of New Orleans. How long did it take FEMA to get water to the Superdome? 5 days?

Now we get Hurricane Sandy hitting the northeast. New Jersey, New York and Connecticut are hit the worst. Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania were also hit, although not as hard. Here in Michigan, we had some power outages, but by the time Sandy got here it was just a big wind with a little rain.

They are still pulling bodies out of houses. The power is trickling on. People are shooting at each other. Gas lines are hours long.

President Obama showed up after the Hurricane was over and landed and flew in a helicopter over New Jersey. That sounds familiar. Bush showed up with a flyover a day after. However a few days later, he was on the ground in the Southeast, which was not only Louisiana, but Alabama and Mississippi as well.

New York had an answer to the hurricane. Mayor Bloomberg decided that the people needed to “feel” better, so he decided the New York Marathon would go on as planned. People that were stranded from leaving by the Hurricane, were forced out of those hotel rooms to make room for the runners of the Marathon. People who’s homes were destroyed and were lucky enough to get a hotel room, were told to leave to make room for the runners.

The people of New York were angry and criticizing the Mayor. People around the country were angry about the Marathon going on in the midst of the devastation with so many people that were left without food and shelter.

Mayor Bloomberg then decided to cancel the Marathon. This reminded me of the Democrats Convention two months ago when they left out God and the capitol of Israel out of their platform, then changed their mind when the criticism began. Apparently, the people of New York didn’t “feel” better after all.

Obama was asked about the people’s anger about their treatment and like Benghazi, he ignores the questions and gives no answer. It really makes me wonder how the Democrats can count on New Yorkers going to the Democrats in the coming election.

Volunteers came from Alabama came to help the people of New Jersey and New York. They were turned away by Union members because the Alabamans weren’t Union workers. I don’t remember Alabaman’s refusing New York’s help when they needed it following Katrina because the helpers were Union workers. The red cross is passing out cookies and hot chocolate to some, but what’s needed are coats and blankets.

Michelle Obama has pushed for more healthy menus at the schools across the country. Kids are wasting that food. They don’t like it, don’t want it and don’t get enough to eat now. But they can’t food to the northeast?

Yet, the Democrats are claiming that the Republicans are politicizing the hurricane.

If things don’t improve drastically really soon, the problems are going to get worse in the Northeast because the weather people are predicting a nor’easter this next week.

If people can’t get coats and blankets, let alone shelter, what happens if they get freezing rain and snow this week while out in the elements?

Here’s a little bit of irony for you. The Roe v Wade decision was in 1973. Since then we’ve had five Republican Presidents and three Democrat Presidents. In each election the Republicans are called out on whether they will overturn Roe v. Wade. It’s never happened in 23 years of Republican Presidents since then, and certainly not in the 16 years of Democrat Presidents. Yet, gun control, while not as prevalent any longer has been an important issue in the past and is still mentioned, although not much, in each election.  

The people of the Northeast, a Democrat stronghold, are now arming themselves, with guns if they have them, some with bows and arrows, and others with baseball bats to protect themselves. I wonder if they are now more worried about gun control or abortion.

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