Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Buck Stops........Where?

Do you remember April 19, 1993? That was the day that the federal government served the warrant on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas and ended up killing over 100 men, women and children citizens of the United States.

In the following days, Janet Reno took responsibility for ordering the raid which ended up with an out of control fire and many deaths. President Clinton originally said he knew of attack plans, but didn’t plan them, then “supported” Reno’s decision, and finally took responsibility for making the decision.

Now we have Benghazi and the attack on the consulate resulting in the death of our Ambassador, two seals and a security agent. President Obama and the White House spent the past couple of weeks blaming a video, then spent a couple of days with the White House saying it was terrorism, and Obama still blaming the video, and at the debate of Vice Presidential candidates Biden said that he and Obama didn’t know that more security had been requested.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State stood up and said that the buck stops with her. That it was her department that was responsible for the lack of increased security.

Will the White House let Hillary Clinton take the responsibility or will they be looked at as allowing a woman to take the blame for him, which might put him in a bad light, then turn around and say it was his responsibility? It will be interesting to see. If he does take responsibility (after all, isn’t anything that happens in his administration ultimately his responsibility) which would in effect undermine both his Vice President and his Secretary of State, won’t it make him look even weaker and out of control?

We may find out at the debate tonight.

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