Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Answer is: Obama is THAT bad!

The first Presidential Debate took place last Wednesday. Leading up the debate the question most often asked in the media was ‘does Romney need to have a knockout punch to have a chance to compete with Obama for this years election?’

The pundits got so bad that they started comparing previous campaigns and that only three challengers had ever won the first debate and then gone on to win the election. But everything was on Romney to do excellent, but even if he did, Obama probably wouldn’t be beaten.

It’s now five days later. Romney didn’t just beat Obama, he annihilated him in the debate. But the Obama group has made excuses. First, they didn’t say that Romney had won. Then as it became apparent that the rest of the nation (with the possible exception of Geraldo Rivera who was surprised that everyone said it was one-sided for Romney where he thought Romney barely beat Obama) knew that Obama looked incompetent during the debate, they started blaming people. First, Romney lied on everything he said; then they tried to float the idea that he’d cheated by bringing illegal notes to the debate; then Obama hasn’t debated in four years; then, in Al Gores case, it was the altitude in Denver; and today they are blaming Senator John Kerry who was the Romney stand in for Obama’s debate practices, saying that he wasn’t as aggressive as Romney turned out to be.

Not one politician. Not one pundit. Not one commentator, has said that the reason might possibly be that this country is in trouble and that Obama’s policies the past four years have failed.

Here’s a quick review:

1.     Obama and the Democrats along with just three Republicans (one of which was Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania who subsequently changed to the Democrat Party) passed the stimulus package one month after Obama took office.
A.    The stimulus sent money to Obama donors like Solyndra (bankruptcy).
B.    It also sent money oversees (how does that stimulate our economy).
C.    They said unemployment wouldn’t reach 8%. It hit 10.2% before starting to drop and it stayed above 8% for over 43 months.
D.    The deficit has surpassed $1 Trillion per year.
E.    The debt has gone to $16 Trillion in the past three years from the $7 Trillion when he took office.
2.     Cash for Clunkers: This cost the American Taxpayer $24,000 per car.
3.     Takeover of the Health Care Sytem, which was the best in the world. 70% of the people in this country still don’t want that plan. Not one Republican voted for it and due to Scott Brown’s election to the Senate, the Democrats had to pass it under special rules and games or it would have failed.
4.     Terrorist attack in Arkansas. One serviceman dead, another wounded.
5.     Terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. Now being called work place violence rather than a terrorist attack.
6.     Border patrol agent shot and killed by guns supplied to drug cartels by the US government under a program called Fast and Furious.
7.     A terrorist attack in Libya blamed on a video that nobody had seen and now known that it wasn’t just an uprising but it was a planned attack that the administration knew of before it happened and refused to give protection. The Ambassador was killed. An Act of War.

We’ll probably never hear from the press that the reason that Obama lost the debate was because there is no way to defend his incompetence of the past three plus years, but it sure seems to me that that’s the reason for the one sidedness of the debate.

Romney was not my first pick to be the Republican nominee. In fact, he wasn’t even my fifth pick. I don’t like him. But it could have been anyone up  there against Obama and they’d have won because Obama’s record is one of incompetence. Just about every decision he’s made has been wrong. Now they are wrong in blaming everyone but where the true blame lies with Obama’s loss in the debate. Obama lost it because he’s been wrong about nearly everything he’s done and said for the past four years. How do you defend that record in a debate? Romney didn’t have to be good. Obama is that bad.

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