Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Elections are Corrupt!

Pennyslvania law states “Pennsylvania election law states "no person within a polling place may electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body, or candidate, nor may any unauthorized written or printed materials be posted within the polling place."

Yet the above picture shows a mural of Obama on a wall in a school where people are expected to go vote.

In addition, 70 Republican election officials were denied access to polling places in Philadelphia where elections take place.

Remember the black panthers standing outside of polling places in Philadelphia in 2008, intimidating those that showed up to vote? Well, that too is happening again.

These are all violations of election laws in this country.

The election laws in this country have been ignored and expanded on to accommodate those that can’t take the responsibility of exercising their privilege to vote and violating the privileges of those voters that do vote legally and responsibly.

In fifteen wards in Philadelphia court appointed Republican election officials have been removed from polling places that they were required to show up for. One of those, a woman was physically pushed out.

Apparently, the Democrats in Philadelphia have no confidence in Obama getting re-elected so they aren’t going to allow voters that look like they are going to vote for Romney to vote.

In several areas, people have used the electronic voting machines and when they voted for Romney, the machine automatically changed it to Obama. In one case it went the other way and an Obama vote was changed to Romney.

My solution. Eliminate electronic voting. Eliminate punch cards (no more chads). Print up ballots and put empty boxes next to each person and each item to be voted on. Purge the rolls of all voters and have everyone that wants to, get a voter registration card. If they don’t do it 30 days before the election, they are not eligible to vote in that election. When they show up to vote, they must prove who they are. Picture ID with a copy of a phone bill or utility bill that was sent to you in the past thirty days. Hand them their ballot and an ink pen. Have them go to a table and put an X in the box next to the person and the item they want to choose.

When they are done, they put their ballot into a box, return the pen and leave. At the end of the day when the polls close, the election workers then start counting the ballots by hand to figure out who won the election in their precinct.

Is this a sexy way to vote and count the votes? No. Is this technologically advanced? No. Is it accurate? Yes. The only way that it can screw up is if the person counting the ballots can’t count by ones. The only other thing that can be wrong is that the person doing the counting lies about their own count.

No advertising outside within 100 yards of the polling station. No advertising within the polling station. All references to any candidate or issue is to be removed or completely covered up and hidden from view. No campaign workers or advocates for any  candidate or issue position to be allowed within 100 yards of the polling station.

This may not  be an ideal way for people, but the current way is failing miserably. If it’s not broke, it doesn’t need to be fixed. This system is broke and needs to be fixed and the most accurate way is for people to actually have to count each ballot.

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Anonymous said...

Arizona still uses paper ballots that must be marked! No electronics for a RED state!

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