Friday, June 15, 2012

Your Vote Means More Than Our Laws

The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is an American legislative proposal first introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2001, by  Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch. It has not passed. It didn’t pass when the Democrats had the House and Senate and it’s been sitting ever since.

President Obama, in an election year, has now decided to implement parts of the Dream Act. It doesn’t matter that the bodies of Government required to pass laws aren’t passing it. King Barry is doing it himself.

Children that are in this country illegally will now be, in effect, given amnesty. Now, these children came here illegally by the actions of their parents. Their parents broke the law by coming here improperly. They brought their children. These children that are now here illegally by no doing of their own, are being allowed to stay.

The Obama administration is not going to enforce the current laws of this land when it comes to these children. I am not saying that these children of illegal immigrants should pay the price for their parents transgressions. However, they should be deported. Sent back to their homeland and if they want to be here, do so in the legal way. By the way, these “children” can be as much as 30 years old. At my age of 55, yes, they are children to me. But they are adults. They just weren’t responsible for the crime they committed by coming to this country illegally.

We have a process in this country. Congress writes the laws, and either passes them or doesn’t. If they pass a law, it then goes to the President for his signature or veto. This gives time for debate in each House of Congress, and allows for the Executive Branch (President) to weigh in on it with either his signature or a veto. But he’s not the final say. The final say belongs to Congress. If the President veto’s a bill, Congress can override the veto. This is another form of check and balance which is supposed to serve the people that have entrusted these elected officials with the power to decide these things for us.

What Obama has done with this action is to remove Congress and the law from this debate. He has chosen which laws to enforce and which ones not to enforce. It doesn’t matter if every single person in this country doesn’t want this. He’s thumbing his nose at every American by saying “you’re wrong, Congress is wrong and my way is the right way, so this law will not be enforced.” Isn’t that aiding and abetting a criminal? Isn’t that a violation of law?

Suppose I decided that my ex-wife should no longer have my children with her. So I keep my children and when the authorities come to arrest me for keeping my children away from her as the law states, I can say that I disagree with the law so they have no right to arrest me and she has no right to complain about me so I don’t let them arrest me.

Obama likes to say that the economy is doing so poorly (right after he says the private sector is doing fine) because the Republicans will not pass the law he wants. There are two sides to this debate. The House has passed 33 laws for a so-called jobs bill that the Senate Democrats have voted against with the blessing of Obama. Shouldn’t we now be claiming that the President and Democrats are the cause of the economies woes because they refuse to pass the House plans? What makes Obama’s ideas the correct ones? He’s already proven he’s failed with the economy following the Stimulus failure and who can forget the “cash for clunkers” debacle?

This is all about the election. Obama is in serious trouble in his re-election bid. So in recent weeks, he’s solidified the gay vote by coming out in favor of gay marriage and now he’s trying to secure the hispanic vote by stopping deportation of illegals.

In the past week, his justice department has been after the State of Florida for purging illegal voters from their rolls. In other words, dropping illegal voters so they can’t vote illegally. Do you liberals understand that? There are thousands in Florida that have no privilege to vote, no right to vote, and Obama’s administration is trying to stop the State of Florida from running a fair and honest election.

He’s got the hispanic vote already, so what has he gained other than to ignore the law of the land? He’s already got the gay vote so what has he gained by “evolving” into saying he believes in gay marriage?

But combining two of these, here’s what he has accomplished. Florida has a large hispanic vote. If he stops deporting (following the law) illegals in Florida, there is a chance that some of those illegals will fall through the cracks and vote for him and not be caught and have their vote thrown out. Those that are caught will claim voter suppression and blame the Republicans.

What everyone (conservatives and liberals) should be seeing is that there is a man that occupies the White House that is willing violate his oath of supporting the Constitution, and “possibly”(?) violate the law for his vote.

There is another possibility. If these "kids" are already working, will the administration then be able to say that the unemployment rate has dropped? 

Obama is not concerned about all Americans, he's concerned only about his re-election and to do that he has to divide the people into groups. Hmm, that almost sounds like a bias or another term for racist. Ok, well not "almost". It is. 

Voting for him is more important than the laws of the land.

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