Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walker Didn't Survive, He WON!

The Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker (R), just won his second election in 18 months for the same job. He didn't survive the recall vote, as the news media is reporting. He beat his opponent by 7 points! That's not hanging on, or surviving. That's winning!

Walker first won election to the office in the 2010 election. He immediately set out to fix Wisconsin's deficit and other fiscal problems. In the process of doing this he made the unions mad by eliminating collective bargaining. So the unions set out to start a recall of the election of 2010.

The unions pumped in a ton of money from out of state as well as in state. One of the things that was eliminated was the unions ability to take the dues automatically from their membership. Now, the union members had a choice of whether or not to pay their union dues on their own. Tens of thousands did not pay their dues.

The media however, only talked about the millions pumped into Wisconsin by Republicans for Walker. They did not talk about the money from unions and Democrats.

There was another piece of news that came out yesterday. Michigan spent years at the bottom of the list in economic news. From 2002 until 2011, Michigan ran the highest unemployment rate, the slowest growth in the economy under Governor Jennifer Granholm (D). But in 2010 Rick Snyder (R) was elected governor of Michigan.

After spending 9 years falling to the bottom and reaching the bottom and staying at the bottom, it's taken less than two years and Michigan is now in sixth place in economic growth in the country!

You can draw your own conclusions about these two stories.

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