Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tyranny Beat Freedom...Today

I tend to shy away from those that think only doom and gloom when it comes to the future of this country. This country was started because of tyranny from a foreign leader. In the days since, we’ve had great times, great people and great events that led this country to greater heights. It all started with the Revolution. Declaring independence from a country an ocean away, which in those days was much more than a six hour plane ride.

The crown passed tax after tax. The most well known was the tea tax. Not only did the king tax the tea, but he also banned any other tea than what was shipped by England. When the colonists in Boston dressed as Indians and dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor and refused to drink the Kings tea, the king then bottled up the city and cut it off from the rest of the colonies. This was the coercive or intolerable acts passed following the tea party in Boston. The year of the tea party was 1773.

It is now 2012. 239 years later, another leader is telling us that we must buy health insurance or pay a penalty. They claimed it wasn’t a tax when talking to the American people, but when talking to the Supreme Court, they claimed it was a tax. In other words, the reason for the health care plan is based on a lie. You decide who was lied to. You, or the Supreme Court. The truth has been sacrificed for a leaders personal agenda.

For 239 years we have celebrated sacrifice in this country. From a man sacrificing a meal that his wife and children might eat. A woman standing between her family and a wild animal. Soldiers sacrificing their lives for the freedoms of this country and his fellow countrymen.

How many times have we heard of a soldier that has rushed into a hail of gunfire to rescue another soldier that was trapped or even injured? How many times have we heard of police or firemen rushing into danger to remove citizens from that danger? Sometimes sacrificing their lives that a loved one might live or even that a stranger might live.

Remember the Alamo. Over 180 men held off 3,000 soldiers of Santa Anna’s for 13 days buying Sam Houston the time needed to train and prepare his men for the bigger battle to defeat Santa Anna.  Those men gave their lives for what they believed in. By contrast, todays leaders are cowards and liars. 

Obama claimed this wasn't a tax, but then said it was. He said you could keep your insurance, but failed to mention that companies will cut their expenses by dropping the coverage and paying the fines each year. And on and on. 

Now we have a government that is looking to control the people of this country. The immigration question was decided on Monday and immediately, Obama directed his departments not to enforce the laws. Just ignore it. They won’t go after illegal aliens and if Arizona officials find them and report in to the Federal Government, they will not get satisfaction.

Health care has been upheld. Not the mandate based on the Commerce Clause but rather because the government has the power to tax and this health care plan is a monstrous tax increase.

The Boston Tea Party led to the American Revolution to eject tyranny from our shores. Here we are 239 years later and we’re faced with tyranny again. There are at this time two ways to fight this tyranny. Another revolution or at the ballot box. But ejecting Obama from office in the election will not be enough. If Democrats are left with 41 or more seats in the Senate, repealing Obamacare will be nearly impossible.

There are 23 seats currently held by Democrats in the Senate that are up for election. Connecticut, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin all have Democrats retiring or not running for re-election.

California, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia are all held by Democrats that are running for re-election.

Remember how Obamacare passed. Not one Republican voted for it. It was all Democrats. But Senator Ted Kennedy died and in the election for the replacement for that seat, Scott Brown said he’d be the 41st vote against it. So instead of bringing the reconciliation worked out between the House and Senate to the floor, the Democrats knew they’d lose and instead decided to vote on the House plan without any changes. This simple little process, which is not the way the Congress is run, allowed the Senate to choose the House plan meaning a simple majority rather than the normal 60 votes needed under normal circumstances.

Rather than working with the Republicans and coming up with a compromise, as they claim they always want to do, they bypassed the Republicans and voted for Obamacare.

Should the Republicans take the House and the Senate (with the supermajority) and the White House, there are disadvantages. The Republicans can then do as they wish despite the wishes of the people. The last time this happened, the Republicans abused it and spent more and more money, proving that they were no more responsible than Democrats. It will be important for the people to hold their elected officials feet to the fire should the Republicans take both houses and the White House.

It is past time for the people of this country to start making sure that their elected officials do as they say and not get away with lying to the American people. If we can’t have that sort of revolution, we are in danger of the other kind of revolution as the years go by.

The American government fails at every business it attempts to operate. There is no reason to believe that they can manage health care any better than they handled the steel industry during the first world war.

If we don’t stop this at the ballot box, we will all be the subjects of the government rather than the government being servants to the people.

Today, tyranny has won the battle over freedom. We cannot afford to wait for 5 or 10 years for people to figure out that this is an impossible plan. We need to bring back freedom in this election, with a loud and sure voice.

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Anonymous said...

This country is long past freedom and into tyranny. Our votes mean nothing,we are taxed to death, and so many worthless so called 'people' are happy stealing from the workers and living better. We have energy but the government wont let us use it (preferring to transfer wealth to the camel jockys who have never never done anything worthwile. We have a growing class of lazy boneheads who the government panders to. Our elected officials commit treason on a regular basis. Tyranny beats - bullsh*t! This country is finished as a free country (rated #10 in freedom) and all those who fought and died for this country (and I hold them in the highest esteem for what they believed they were doing)simply wasted their lives. But the blood of the people is what government feeds on.

Anonymous said...

I'm not thrilled with the direction the country is headed. We're losing more and more of our freedoms as time goes on. But to say it's finished? No. I completely disagree. If everything in this country depended on the selfish, conniving, dependent politicians, then I'd have to agree. But it doesn't. At some point, the PEOPLE will have had enough and will step up and tell each of these politicians that their days of freeloading off of the taxpayers back is over and it's time for them to graze out in the pasture. That time has got to be coming soon and may very well have reached that point with this issue.

But give up on the American people? Not me. No way.