Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snotty Obama Remains Defiant

Remember when Presidents used to get up to the Podium for the State of the Union and run through the issues using the previous years events and the future plans for that particular topic? You could almost follow as he went from one Cabinet Office to the next. President Obama's speech did not do that. Remember when the Presidents would praise Americans and American ingenuity and American businesses? Obama's speech did not do that.

He spent most of his time trying not to break his arm as he patted himself on the back but even those things that he was patting himself on the back for were false. Just a bit of a rehash here from the last time I wrote on here. I said that Obama would talk about himself. He used the terms "I", 'me", "my" by my count 91 times. Others on news programs last night said he used it 96 times. I also said that he would blame the bad things on former President Bush. To be fair, anyone could have predicted that and everyone did. What surprised me was that it took him only about two minutes to do that and then interspersed it into the rest of his speech several more times.

Obama started off his speech with how he inherited economic problems;bad behavior on Wall St.; partisanship; Banks caused the crisis; how he hated the bank bailout. Not one mention of the housing market or how Fannie and Freddie were responsible for the economic problems of the past year. Instead he chose to blame Wall St. and the banks.

Obama claimed that this was all here before he "walked in the door". He stated that the deficit was already over $1 Trillion. This was blatantly false! When President Bush left office the deficit was at $540 Billion.

From there his topics were the following: 1. Jobs Bill, 2. Financial Reform, 3. Clean Energy, 4. Education, 5. Health Reform, 6. Freeze in spending, 7. Lack of Trust of American People, 8. Earmark Reform, 9. Bipartisanship again 10. Patriotism, 11. Nuclear Weapons Reduction, 12. Haiti, 13. Civil Rights, 14. Immigration, 15. Faith lost in Corporations, media and Government 16. Haiti again 17. Wrap up.

I am not going to review all of those here. I am going to talk about a couple of things though.

1. Spending

2. Health Insurance

3. BiPartisanship

4. National Security.

1. Spending

He proposed a freeze in spending. Not now, but beginning next year. However, he proposed spending more money on a Jobs bill, which is nothing more than a sequel to last years failed stimulus bill. He proposed spending on education in the form of tax credits and then forgiving the debt after ten years and sooner if they go into community service. In all, he wants to freeze spending but spend another $150 billion.

2. Health Care Reform

Obama pretty much repeated what he said last year. If you have a better idea, he'll listen. But last year, the Republicans came out with proposals and were left standing outside of a locked door. Obama and the Democrats would not listen to the Republicans. Instead they claimed that the Republicans would not come in and had no proposals. In fact, the Republicans did put out proposals and did offer to sit with the President and his minions to put forth their proposals. But they weren't allowed in.

I'm really curious about this "better idea" statement of Obama's. Who determines if it's a better idea? Him? We've already seen his ideas and the American people didn't like it. 65% of the people in this country did not like the health care plans passed in the House and the Senate.

But during the speech Obama said that the reason that the American people didn't like the Health Care bill was because the debate went on too long and the people were confused by what was in it. This is arrogance at it's height. The people rejected the bill because they had to pay taxes four years before the bill would even be available to them. They rejected it because they don't want government involved in their choices for health care. They rejected it because they didn't want to be thrown in jail if they didn't get health care. WE rejected it because we don't want to see rationing of health care like happens all around the world where they have government run health care.

3. BiPartisanship

This topic was at the beginning of his speech, and interspersed throughout his speech and he ended with it as well. He said that people didn't trust government. He finally got something right. But Obama even managed to insert some partisanship, and downplay the partisanship and give directions of how bipartisanship should be handled or not be handled.

For example, at one point, when talking about the lack of trust in government, he said that the American people don't trust Corporations, media and Government. He then bashed the corporations for making profits and paying bonuses. He bashed the media for their constant yelling back and forth and inciting people against one side or the other. But when it came to government, he talked about lobbyists and how he had the most transparent White House in history.

I actually burst out laughing when he said that about the transparency. I immediately remembered that Vice President Joe Biden held two meetings on Transparency. One as recently as last week. Both of the meetings were closed to the public! Transparency in this administration is a complete lie. Do we have to be reminded that even C-span was denied access to the Health Care negotiations? You really have to go to great lengths to get C-Span to comment in public. This was even after Obama had promised in previous speeches to put the negotiations on C-Span.

In the midst of his discussion about about Deficit of Trust from Americans regarding government, he slid off to talk about the recent Supreme Court decision on campaign finance reform. He actually trashed the Supreme Court during a State of the Union speech! I cannot remember a President ever doing that in my lifetime. I have not been able to find a state of the union speech where any President ever said anything about the Supreme Court in a negative fashion. In addition, he didn't tell the truth while bashing the Supreme Court. Obama said that foreign interests would now have access to our elections with their funding. This is not true of the Supreme Court decision.

This is the second time he's been caught in a lie and that a controversy has come from it. Last year, he said that there were no "death panels" or government in health care decisions. Representative Joe Wilson blurted out loudly "You lie!" This time, when talking about the Supreme Court a camera caught Justice Samuel Alito shaking his head and mouthing what looked like "That's not true".

Yes, Presidents have disagreed with other Supreme Court decisions, but they've never called that Supreme Court out in the middle of a State of the Union speech.

Obama talked about how both sides of the aisle need to work through their disagreements on various topics and not get on news programs and try to embarass the other side for their positions. Then he looked at the Republicans and said that saying "no" to everything is not bipartisan. Apparently, the definition of bipartisanship to this president is agree with me or you're partisan.

He also seemed to blame the Senate rule of 60 votes to get cloture is the Republicans doing. He said that if Republicans insist on 60 votes to get a bill passed, that the Republicans would now have to engage in the legislating.

Obama did nothing in the speech to lead on bipartisanship. He antagonized. That's it.

4. National Security

In my last post, I said that I'd be surprised if Obama talked about National Security first. But what I didn't expect was that National Security wouldn't even be mentioned other than in passing.

President Bush, in at least one of his speeches, didn't mention National Security until the end. I was surpised he didn't lead off with that because that is the most important job of the President of the United States. However, in that speech, Bush saved National Security for last and he was very straight forward about National Security as he saw it. He was solemn, direct and had a laid out plan that he put out for the American people and plain spoken. He was also humble and serious.

We did not get that from Obama. Even the liberal commentators after the speech said they were surprised at how little was said about National Security. He briefly said something about it when he was talking about bipartisanship when he said to stop saying "you're more patriotic than I".

When he actually spoke about National Security, he blew his own horn saying he had prevented attacks. But then he dropped back into the bash Bush mode yet again when he said that he had killed or captured more terrorists during 2009 than had been captured or killed during 2008.

I will give Obama credit here. I don't know if it's true, but it appears that he has been very aggressive in killing terrorists and the leadership of Al Queda. He's using drones and killing terrorists, especially the leadership. We're constantly hearing how one leader or another is being killed. Did the press just not report it in the past? I don't think so. I believe that Obama has actually led and stepped up the attacks on the terrorist leadership.

Obama did not mention the trials planned for New York soon. He did not mention that the underwear bomber in Detroit was read the Miranda rights after only 50 minutes of questioning which led to the bomber lawyering up and then shutting up.

He also claimed that the War in Iraq is ending. He didn't claim victory. He only said the war was ending and all troops would be home by August. Rather than claiming victory, he then admonished the American people to welcome the troops home. Show the proper respect as they come home. As if to say 'we don't want people spitting on the troops as they did following Vietnam'. This was a very condescending comment to the American people.

He made no comment about the terrorists being tried in Federal courts. He made no mention of the three terrorist attacks in this country since he took over. He made no mention of Fort Hood or Arkansas and only said that they have revamped their procedure since the Christmas attack by the underwear bomber.

President Obama was very condescending to the American people. He was downright snotty to the Supreme Court and anyone that disagreed with him. Has he really misread the results of the elections of the past few months? Or is he trying to change what those results mean?

If one of my children had spoken to me in the manner that Obama spoke to the American people in that State of the Union address, they'd have been grounded for not showing the proper respect.

I'm perfectly happy with Obama being snotty and defiant because it means that come next November, he'll be pretty much impotent when it comes to harming the United States of America with his silly ideas and destructive policies. He didn't like that the Senate rejected the commission he wanted to start so he said he'll do it anyway by Executive order. In other words, if Congress won't give me what I want, I'll take it anyway. Just like a snotty little kid. Or a bully. You choose.

This was 70 minutes long, but it seemed to last much longer. I'm not sure which was more aggravating. Listening to him drone on spending money while talking about freezing spending or talking about bipartisanship while being partisan or watching Joe Biden's head bob up and down all night.

This speech wasn't just embarassing, it was a train wreck.

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