Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Irony at it's Best

236 years, one month and three days ago, the people of Boston dressed as Indians and tossed tea into the Boston Harbor. This was one of many protests staged by the citizens of that time in our history protesting against oppressive taxes. For the past fifty years, Massachussets has been a liberal bastion. Even to the point of it being called "Taxachussets."

In the past year, protests have sprung up around the country. They started last February to protest the bailouts, the excessive spending bill called the stimulus and the move towards socialism in less than a month by the new president. They call their protests "Tea Parties". These caught on and on April 15, tea parties were held all over the country. The Democrats held the House, the Senate and the White House and were passing spending bills that were not paid for.

In August, people showed up in droves at Town Hall meetings around the country put on by their Senators and Representatives. Night after night we heard on the news how people who had never been involved in politics before were questioning and calling out there representatives and senators on the proposed health care.

Health care passed the House without one Republican vote. Health care passed the Senate in the dark of night on Christmas eve without one Republican vote. If you believe the polls, more than 60% of the people of this country are against the health care reform bill.

Now the irony. Massachussets, which has its' own government health care plan that is costing a fortune, is holding a special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy. The Republican was behind by over 30 points a month ago. Today, the day of the election, polls are showing that he's up by anywhere from five to ten points. The home of the original Tea Party in 1773, the state that has come to be known as Taxachussets, is now where the bill may finally die.

Not one Democrat, nor the two Independents have backed down despite the will of the people. The White House has not backed down. News reports are all about how they get the health care bill passed if Scott Brown, the Republican, wins today.

There has not been one mention on any news program that this bill may have taken too much and that they should go back and review it and make it more of something that the American people want. In other words, the Republican bill that's been proposed.

Another irony. This is the 365th day of Barack Hussein Obama's presidency. In one year, he has quadrupled the deficit. He has doubled the national debt. We now owe more money than we've ever owed before. We now spend more than we've ever spent before and more than we have.

Republicans have been shut out of the process. The closed door meetings have only included Democrats. They are forcing their will on the American people that do not want their will shoved down their throats.

This election may not solve the problem of the socialist takeover of the health care system. The Democrats are trying to figure out how to pass it even if they don't have the sixty votes needed to pass it. They are going so far as to have the House (which had a much more liberal plan) vote to accept the Senate version just to get the bill passed so that it doesn't have to be voted on in the Senate and thus eliminating the will of the people by electing the 41st Republican which can stop this bill.

The Democrats are perfectly willing to scrap the best health care system in the world in order to take on the flawed systems of Europe and Canada.

In 1773 the Boston Tea Party showed the will of the people, but it was still another two years before the Shot heard round the world in Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. It was another year before the Declaration of Independence was created making this a new nation.

This election may not solve the problem of eliminating the health care bill that will take away freedom for Americans. However, it should be the catalyst to create a new revolution that will likely start in November with the ousting of Democrats around the country.

The Democrats have shown their hand. They don't want what this country has been about for 234 years. They want to create a new America that is more like Europe. The founding fathers aren't their hero's. They don't look to George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin. Instead they look to Saul Alinsky. They aren't there to represent the people of this country, they are there to make a name for themselves and to take over every aspect of every citizens lives.

I said before that this election has already been lost by the Democrats even if Martha Coakley wins the special election in Massachussets. Whatever the result of todays election, this should be just a precursor of what's to come in the second revolution in this country. Whatever happens, November will be a very interesting election and it all came to fruition in the most unlikely of places. Massachussets, the home of the original Tea Party.

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