Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Democrats Already Lost Massachussets

The Democrats have lost Massachussets even if they end up with the seat. How is this possible? The people of this country are really upset about the spending that this administration with this congress has implemented.

They've spent billions of dollars on a failed stimulus plan. They've spent millions of dollars on the failed "Cash for Clunkers". The House has already passed the Cap and Tax bill which will increase taxes on all Americans for global warming, which has been shown to be a hoax with the E-mails that were exposed a few months ago.

The Democrats and the administration have proven themselve incompetent when it comes to national security. We had one attack less than seven months after President Bush took office and we were not attacked again the rest of his Presidency. Now, in less than one year, we've already had three terrrorist attacks in this country. One in Arkansas, one in Texas and one in Michigan. They have really shown their incompetence with the latest one in Michigan.

Now we have the administration and the Congress (only Democrats, mind you) working on the health care bill. The American people don't want it. The approval rating for the health care bill is at 36% and dropping. Obama said no less than 8 times that this process would be in the public eye on C-Span. It's not happening. Even Brian Lamb got into it. You have to work really hard to get Brian Lamb to take a position.

After Ted Kennedy's death, the state of Massachusetts decided to change the law to keep the seat in the hands of a Democrat. Let me state that again. They changed the current law because they couldn't trust the people to put a Democrat in the seat formerly held by Kennedy.

Now the people of Massachussets are putting the fear of God into the Democrats. For a Republican to get close to election in the Senate is a miracle. Scott Brown, the nominee for the Republicans is now behind by just 2 points to the Democrat, Martha Coakley. There is less than a week before the election. It will be held on Tuesday, January 19.

Even if Brown wins, the Democrats already have a strategy to do their will rather than the will of the people. They plan to not install him into the Senate until after they have their health care bill voted on.

The Democrats have this habit of working in their own best interests rather than working for the people they represent. Their strategy shows it. Their arrogance in this election shows it. The debate showed it. David Gergen asked Scott Brown about being the 41st vote and stopping the health care reform bill. In his question he asked if he would do that sitting in Teddy Kennedy's seat. Brown's answer is one that should have been stated many times in the past. The seat was occupied by Kennedy, but it wasn't Kennedy's seat. It is the people's seat.

For Scott Brown to be as close as he is to winning in Massachussets is nothing short of a miracle. This should be a wake up call for the Democrats. They've dismissed the tea parties and they've ignored the will of the people. They've all but shut off town hall meetings because they were being told that the people were against their massive spending, their increased taxes and their attempts to destroy this country.

I normally don't believe in moral victories, but this is Massachussets. Or Taxachussets as it's better known. The liberal bastion. For a Republican to even be close, let alone this close a week before the election is a moral victory for the Republicans and the country.

Scott Brown raised $1.3 million in 24 hours this week. He has a real shot at winning this seat. The people of Massachussets have Martha Coakley on the run and panicking. Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama are all involved in this race now. When the people of Massachussets are rejecting the Democrats, you would think that the Democrats all around the country would be taking stock of their positions. But they are liberals and can't face the idea that they are wrong and change their tactics and actually start working for what's good for the American people and their wishes.

If Brown wins, we just might see some more Democrats decide to "retire" from their "careers" in the House and Senate. This miracle that we've seen take place is the beginning of a new revolution. It's a repudiation of the liberals in this country.

Brown has shown the Republicans that the Conservative message is the right one and the winning one even if he doesn't win. Just being close is a victory. If Coakley wins, the Democrats may still get their health care bill through (although I still have my doubts about that), but they will lose in huge numbers in November.

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