Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Opportunities Missed; Tyranny On Its Way

In November I wrote what I thought the Republicans ought to do to get back to where they should. It is now six months later and still there is nobody emerging with any message. Not just a coherent message, but any message.

Obama has quadrupled the deficit. Republicans do mention this occasionally. Obama has doubled the debt. Republicans do mention this occasionally. That’s it. Nothing else from them.

Why haven’t they noticed that each time Obama offers an idea he always says that it will affect 95% of the people? 95% is his favorite line. He is NEVER challenged on that. Remember the campaign? “McCain voted with President Bush 95% of the time.” “My plan will give 95% of the people a tax cut.”

The Republicans are on a listening tour, but when it’s reported on, I see the Republicans talking. Not the people, and what is with Jeb Bush saying we need to get away from talking about Ronald Reagan? He’s only the most successful President we’ve had and stuck to his Conservative ideals and created the longest period of growth in the economy. Why would any Republican suggest moving away from success?

These Republicans need to stop letting the liberals and the liberal media define what they are, what they’re doing, what they’re not doing and what they should do. The way to make the liberals scared is to do the opposite of what the liberals suggest. Do these Republicans really think that the liberals have the Republicans best interests at heart when they tell Republicans how they should go about getting back on the road to success?

With every proposal that comes out from the White House, or the Congress, the Republicans ought to be out there stating why it’s against the American way of life, the American values, the American success story of the past 233 years.

They fought the so-called stimulus package, but they haven’t followed up on it. They haven’t pointed out that the economy seems to be slowly recovering despite only 6% of the stimulus having gone out. They should be out there trumpeting that the economy is recovering without the so-called stimulus. They should be sounding the horn loud and clear that the free market system is working and the recovery is coming as we knew it would, without the stimulus.

They should also be out there warning that if the government continues to print money the more they print the higher and harder inflation is going to hit us in the next couple of years.

Right now, the Republicans remind me a lot of a trip that my kids and I made up north. We saw dead fish laying in the water. Those are the Republicans right now. If they don’t get their act together, it’s only going to be worse in 2010. They should be taking advantage of the Tea Parties that were put together by the people. These commentators on television are telling us what the American people want. But what they are missing is that the American people are saying loud and clear what they want and what they don’t want. They don’t want higher taxes. They don’t want government intervention in Wall St., the banks, the car companies. They don’t want government health care.

What the people want is someone with ideas on how Americans can make their lives better and freer so that they can go out and earn a living and improve on that living they’re earning. They want the American Dream. Not the American nightmare of government tyranny.

The Republicans are missing opportunities that are like gold mines. They are claiming to be listening, but they aren’t turning their hearing aids on.

The Democrats look at bad things happening and take the opportunity to impose government control, as Rahm Emanuel has said. The Republicans have opportunities to give their solutions to the problems, and even more importantly to show how the recovery without the stimulus is happening and to build their opportunities around the free market bringing back the economy.

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