Friday, May 15, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Politics over Security

Speaker of the House has herself in hot water over waterboarding. She's railed against it and claimed that the Bush Administration lied, hid information and mislead for years. Now she's been caught in the middle of a lie.

First, she said that in a briefing in 2002, she was told that Enhanced Interrogation Techiques may be used but haven't yet been used. Then yesterday she said that she was informed in February of 2003 by her own aid who attended another briefing that the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques were used. But she's claiming she didn't lie because she was informed by her aid who attended the briefing, but wasn't briefed herself. However, the CIA and others have said she was briefed that they had been used.

It appears as though Nancy Pelosi is the one that has been telling the lies all of these years and not President Bush, not Vice President Cheney nor others in the Bush administration.

This is just another example of a Democrat playing with the language. Bill Clinton had the country trying to figure out what the definition of "is" is, and now we have Nancy Pelosi in a dispute over the difference between a briefing and being informed. She's also seeming to try to split hairs over whether she found out in September of 2002 or February of 2003.

Regardless of her word games, Senator Kit Bond read the notes from the briefings and found that she was indeed "briefed" in September of 02 and she admits she was "informed" by her aid who attended a "briefing" in her stead in February 03.

Pelosi then tried to pass the blame on to the CIA saying that they withheld information from the Congress and her. This doesn't seem to be very smart. The CIA has already been reeling from threats of charges coming from the Justice Department on the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques from the past, then told that there wouldn't be any charges. Now they are being called Liars from the person that is third in line to the Presidency. I can think of a lot of people Pelosi could choose for enemies, but the CIA wouldn't be one of those wise choices.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich today flat out called her a liar and said that she is unfit to be speaker. Others are pointing out that she's been playing political games with this topic. Even she said that there was nothing she could do until they took control of the Congress and the White House. Representative Jane Harmon sent a letter questioning this information back in 2003, but Nancy Pelosi chose not to have her name affiliated with that letter.

In the meantime, you can bet that those interested in causing harm to America and Americans are soaking this up and plotting how to take advantage of this internal strife brought on by the Speaker of the House.

For my part, I'm not anxious for Pelosi to resign yet. She is self destructive and she will respond again to the CIA's latest comments. I'd like to just leave her alone as she digs her hole deeper and deeper.

It's scary that these Democrats are now in charge of both Houses and the White House, but there is no shortage of comedy from them. The President was going to release photo's of prisoner abuse, but then pulled back finally realizing that it would put soldiers in peril. It's been discovered that when news of abuse comes out, whether true or speculation, attacks from al queda increase. I'll bet that General Petraeus had alot to do with Obama changing his mind on that one.

Pelosi should be worried. Even Robert Gibbs refused to comment on the Pelosi mess at his press briefing today. Or was it a Press Informing?

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