Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduates Come Second at Notre Dame This Year

Just a warning. If you're Catholic, you'll probably be ticked with this piece. I am not Catholic and the only time I even give a thought to Notre Dame University is in September when the University of Michigan plays against Notre Dame.

In less than an hour, President Obama will be addressing the graduating class at Notre Dame. The powers that be at Notre Dame decided to invite Obama to give the commencement address. This despite Obama being pro-abortion and the Catholic Church being Pro-Life. Whether you're in favor of or against abortion, that is not the scope of this. But rather the lack of following through on ones beliefs.

It was wrong for Notre Dame University. The Catholic religion is against abortion. To invite Obama is to divorce themselves from their beliefs for the sake of having the prestige of the President of the United States speaking to their seniors. They are compromising their beliefs for a politician. It's difficult for me to understand compromising beliefs for just about anything. To add insult to injury, they are giving Obama an Honorary Degree.

However, it was also wrong for the President to accept the invitation. If he is not Catholic, which he isn't, and is on the opposite of a very volatile issue, which he is, out of principle, he should not have accepted the invitation.

The invitation, and ultimate accepting of the invitation by the President, has dampered for some what should be a very exciting day for the graduates of Notre Dame. The focus of graduation day should be on the graduates. Not on the issues of the day. Not on Obama.

I'm not sure why these universities have Presidents speak other than for the prestige of having the President. If you go to a University and your major is math, or science or medicine, what does the Presidents attendance serve? Are they suggesting that math, science, or medicine is a political issue? I guess that argument could be made since math could represent taxes, science would be global warming and medicine would represent Nationalized health care. But I don't think that is the intention of the students when they start school.

It seems to me it would be less intrusive if the President of the United States, whomever he or she may be, could send a video with a five minute address to graduates that could be incorporated into the graduation ceremony.

Ironically, two polls recently came out showing that more Americans call themselves pro-life. This hasn't been widely reported in the liberal media, but Gallup was the first poll to come out this week with that information.

Whether you are pro-life/anti abortion or pro-choice/anti life, for this issue to not be considered by Notre Dame University before inviting Obama, is wrong and for Obama, who shows his disgust for Christians, and is on the opposite of the issues from the Catholic religion, was wrong.

I guess we'll soon see if two wrongs make a right.

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