Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bias, Mutiny and Democrats control Cities

Media Bias

We all know of the media bias that exists. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. They will point out that Hillary goes after Trump for not making his tax returns available but they say nothing of Hillary’s transcripts in her speeches to Goldman Sachs and how she hasn’t made them public. Or when Hillary says that Trump does not have the temperament to be President using examples of how he treats a gold star family, but they don’t point out how the Secret Service agents were ducking into rooms to avoid Hillary if she were to walk down a hall that they happened to be in because of how she threatens and berates them at every opportunity.

In recent days Andrea Mitchell reported falsely that Donald Trump would be the oldest person to take the oath of office if he wins the election. Trump turned 70 in June. Hillary turns 69 in October. Oh what a difference a year makes. Oh, and by the way, Ronald Reagan took the oath of office at the age of 74 in 1985, just two weeks before turning 75.

Remember hurricane Katrina? They showed how President Bush had flown over Louisiana on his way back from his vacation at his home in Texas in 2005 and viewed the area from Air Force One. This week, Louisiana has had massive flooding and Donald Trump went there a couple of days after the flooding. President Obama is on vacation and is playing golf. Hillary Clinton is raising money for her campaign using the flooding but she hasn’t gone to the area.

At the RNC Convention the media talked about how mean and vicious the convention goers were for chanting “Lock her up”. But said nothing when Democrats at their convention said the same thing one night.

Recently, Malia Obama, the Presidents daughter was caught on video smoking pot and just the other day apparently was taken away from a party on Martha’s Vineyard just before police moved in and arrested everyone. The press barely mentioned it. But when former President Bush’s daughters were out drinking it was a major news story for days and they were always under scrutiny by the press long after the incident.

GOP Mutiny

At the beginning of the Primary season, at the first debate, the candidates were asked by Fox’s Bret Baier if there is anyone that would not sign a pledge to support the eventual nominee. The only one to raise his hand was Trump. He came around a few weeks later and said he would support whomever the eventual winner was. So all had pledged to support the nominee.  When Trump won the nomination several didn’t. Christie, Huckabee, Carson, Walker, Perry, all have backed Trump and been out front about it. Graham, Santorum, Firorina, Bush and Cruz have not. Cruz even got booed off stage at the convention for refusing to back Trump.

Now several dozen former Republicans including one former Congressman, Chris Shays from Connecticut, have sent a letter asking the RNC to stop funding Trump and put the money towards Congressional seats, with Shays actually coming out and endorsing Hillary.

Those Republicans is one of the reasons that Trump won the nomination. They are establishment Republicans who go along to get along. This is what the people of this country do not want.

Voting for Hillary is not just a one election event. Electing Hillary will set the Supreme Court on a course to liberal rulings that are not constitutional and will be set for a generation at least. It will cause taxes to increase and continue the 8 year malaise on our economy. It will cause the borders to be open to anyone that wants to come here regardless of our laws, not to mention our safety when terrorists come in through those borders.

Many are talking about voting for the Libertarian ticket of Johnson/Weld. This is a vote for Hillary as well. The next President is going to be either Republican or Democrat. It is not going to be anyone else.

What’s wrong with America’s big cities?

All of the following cities have been run by Democrats for a long time. Listed is the city and the last time a Republican was in charge and his name:

Atlanta- 1877- Nedom Angier
Baltimore-1967- Theodore McKeldin
Chicago- 1931- William Hale Thompson
Cleveland- 1989 – George Voinovich
Detroit-1962- Louis Miriani
Milwaukee-1908- Sherburn M. Becker
Philadelphia-1952-Bernard Samuel

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