Wednesday, June 8, 2016

GOP Should Get Behind the Nominee

The GOP leadership is out of touch with American people. There were 17 candidates for President last August. Four of them were considered anti-establishment. Donald Trump a businessman. Ben Carson, a doctor. Carly Fiorina, a businesswoman and Senator Ted Cruz, a politician that constantly bucked the system in his few years in the Senate.

Fiorina did very well in the debates, but you didn’t see much else of her outside of the debates. She was the first of the four to leave. Ben Carson, a soft spoken doctor, did well and wouldn’t knuckle under to the press, was the second to leave when he began dropping in the polls. Ted Cruz, the rookie Senator from Texas did well by avoiding arguments with Trump, and is very good at explaining the Constitution, dropped out after Indiana when the results didn’t match his statements of how well he was doing.

That left Trump the businessman that led in the polls from the day he entered the race a year ago. He said the things that Americans are concerned about. Illegal Immigration and building the wall. Political Correctness. The trade deficit. The Iranian deal. People not working.

Trump is a businessman and not a politician. He talks about how the politicians say one thing but once in office, they do another. He’s not speaking like a politician and that’s what people are apparently longing for.

When he talked about the Mexicans sending their rapists and murderers, he was talking about the trains loaded with people on top of the trains coming here. The people walking from Central America across deserts and how the drug cartels were taking advantage of the mass influx of illegal immigrants coming to the United States, and being put into the slave trade, and killing and raping people as they came here. These were all reported in 2014.

Trump is involved in a lawsuit over his University. The judge in the case is of Mexican descent. He has been a member of LaRaza, supposedly a group that advocates for Latino’s to come across the border illegally and get a pathway to citizenship. It’s true the judge was born in Indiana and is an American citizen and it’s apparently true that he was a huge force in the fight against the drug cartels. But one good deed doesn’t give you a pass on bad deeds. Having said that, it does not mean that the judge has committed a bad deed. In fact, there is some evidence that he’s helped Trump by delaying the trial until after the election to try to prevent bias.

However, is Trump wrong to be concerned that this judge may have a grudge against Trump because of Trumps position on illegal aliens? If Trump thinks there have been some bad decisions from this judge recently, then it’s reasonable to have concerns that the judge may be biased. It doesn’t mean he is, but there is a reason for concern.

Since Trump brought up that the judge is of Mexican descent, the politically correct politicians who are only worried about their own re-elections decided to play the racism card.
Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee. These so-called skilled politicians could find a way to answer for Trump. If it turns out that Trump is a racist, it will come out and he’ll be toast in this election. But it’s the responsibility of the GOP to give their nominee the benefit of the doubt. After all, Trump is so popular because of the failures of the leadership in the GOP over the past 6 years.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, has walked away from taking on Obama and his failed policies. He doesn’t stand up to Obama. Speaker Paul Ryan took over the speakership of the House and instead of putting out a budget that reflects the will of the people, he pushed through Obama’s budget including funding health care.

The GOP leaders and members are what created Donald Trump  Presidential Candidate. Trump is not the most articulate person politically so the GOP needs to help and not hurt. Or do they really want Hillary and Bill Clinton back in the White House?

Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Mark Kirk, Senator Ted Cruz, former Governor Jeb Bush, and others should sit down and shut up. You can help, or follow but if you’re not going to help defeat Hillary Clinton, then get out of the way or you’ll be run over by the Trump candidacy or eaten up by the Clinton machine.

I for one, do not want the children of this country to get another sex education from Bill or Hillary Clinton.

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