Friday, October 2, 2015

Mr. President: Please Sit and Be Quiet

Today, there was another mass shooting. This time in Oregon at a community college. Very little is publicly known yet. There was a shooter who is now dead, and many dead at the hand of the shooter as well as many wounded. That is just about the extent of our knowledge at this time.

Within four hours of the shooting President Obama held a press conference scolding Congress for not passing a gun “safety” law. I put the “safety” part in quotes because it seems that this is the new name for gun control.

Global warming is now “climate change”. Teachers are now “educators”. Gun control is now “gun safety”.

Mr. President, please sit down and stop talking. Just go sit in the corner for the next 15 months and play tetris on your Obama phone. We’re sick of your incompetence and your games.

You have blamed the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan on President Bush.  You and your minions always go to the line “we never should have been in Iraq to begin with” as though that’s some sort of an answer to the mess you’ve made in the middle east. Let’s try some truth for a change.

When George Bush took over the Presidency in January 2001, it was widely known and reported that the United States Intelligence had been starkly diminished during the eight years of the Clintons. Seven months into Bush’s presidency, this nation was attacked. Nearly 3,000 dead from four planes. Two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and one that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. That one didn’t harm anyone in Washington DC because the American citizens on that plane saved the lives of either Congress or the lives of those at the White House by trying to take the plane back. They weren’t “ordinary” Americans, they were heroes! 

That attack took place on September 11, 2001. 7 months into his presidency, and remember, his presidency started off slow because the election was contested for over 35 days and then delayed a bit by the childishness of the Democrats leaving the White House taking the W’s off of the computer keyboards as they left. But those petty occurances didn’t deter Bush. He began bombing in Afghanistan on October 7. Less than 30 days after the attack! That sir, is Presidential. Acting with decisiveness and not making excuses. Having a clear plan and strategy and not running away and hiding from the problem. 

If you’d like to claim that the entry into Iraq was wrong, have at it. But with the intelligence we had at the time, Bush was right to go to Iraq. Perhaps you don’t remember that a substantial majority (including Senator Hillary Clinton) voted in agreement for that war.

If there was a problem with Iraq when you took over, that’s fine. But blaming it on President Bush is asinine. It’s now been 6+ years and you’re still complaining that we shouldn’t have been there? Had you been presidential, you’d have stopped your whining about how we got there, and blaming President Bush, and if you felt it was wrong, you’d have found a way to solve it and get out of that war without creating all of the problems we have now. Keeping the American spirit and preserving American dignity. 

You drew a red line in Syria, but you didn’t hold to your words. Your Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton brought out some cheesy button and called it a reset button for the Russians to push. Your concern was to get a deal with Iran. You got your deal, but America got screwed with more screwing to come. Just those three things, let’s look at what the results are. The Russians have now moved into Syria ostensibly to fight ISIS, but they are attacking the rebels (that we back) instead. Today, the Iranians moved into Syria for the ground war to clean up any surviving members of the rebels. The rebels are not ISIS. They want Assad out and are trying to do something about it. We want Assad out but all that's provided from this administration is hot air. 

Apparently, the red line you drew was in our friends blood. The reset button Hillary pushed with the Russians set in motion a new day where the Russians no longer care what the U. S. says because the President of the United States hasn’t the wherewithal to follow through on his own words. In other words Mr. President, the world says you’re weak!

Now you want to bring in refugees from Syria. Please tell us how long before we find out how many terrorists snuck in with those refugees.

You have opened the borders and by-passed Congress on the southern border of this country. We now have illegal aliens here that are unsavory at best. Murderers and rapists at worst. How many terrorists have slipped by into this country from the south since you stopped enforcing our laws on entry into this country?

Now you want gun control again because of another shooting on your watch? Well, I refuse to give up my guns. This country is not safe any longer because of your failures as President of this country. How do I defend my family, friends, neighbors and myself when one of the terrorists decides that they want to attack an area that I happen to be in on any particular day? We certainly can’t talk terrorists out of what they want to do. Need proof? Look at Iran. All of your talking got a deal…for the Iranians. Nothing for the United States of America! Even while negotiating, they were saying "death to America". 

It’s time that another approach was taken to these shootings. Perhaps arming  the potential victims instead. When we can shoot back, most of those that want to shoot up a school or movie theater, will think twice before trying. Please don’t suggest that this is ridiculous. I’ll just remind you again that it was American citizens on a hijacked plane that probably saved many Congressman and women from certain death by fighting back and taking the plane.

Taking our guns away will only embolden our enemies. I think you’ve spent nearly 7 years doing that and it’s made us the laughing stock of the world and put American lives in danger at home.

While I’m in a disgusted mood, I’ll add one more thing. You traded five terrorists for one of our soldiers that apparently deserted to join the other side. Yes, I’m talking about Bergdahl. You left four American hostages in Iran and didn’t even try to get them as part of this all important (to you) deal with Iran. Now, there is an outrageous event taking place. Sgt. Charles Martland, a Green Beret is being kicked out of the army for going after an Afghan police commander who had raped a 12 year old boy and beat his mother and did this on an American base. In addition to that, this police commander was trained by the US military and that training paid for by our tax dollars!

I suppose it makes sense that you’d want to disarm Americans and not allow us to protect ourselves from those that would do us harm domestically and abroad. In my opinion, that Green Beret is too good to be commanded by such an incompetent commander in chief.

You did as was predicted and cut and ran from Iraq and about to from Afghanistan. You’ve negotiated with terrorists (Iran) and gotten the deal you wanted despite 70% of the country not liking the deal. You wanted it to be your legacy along with Obama care. Obamacare failed and  your deal with Iran failed to obtain anything for our country.  So I beg you to just go sit in the corner and play whatever games are on your Obama phone. We American citizens will do better for ourselves without your interference.

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