Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GOP in Circular Firing Squad

The GOP has lost sight of their opponent. Or perhaps they never had a vision of their opponent. From the moment that Donald Trump entered the race, the other candidates have spent more time dealing with Trump than they have with the good of the country.

When Trump entered the race, he started off by talking about how illegal aliens were coming here and the worst were being sent by Mexico. Did we all forget the trains from the summer of 2014 when people were riding atop the trains from South America, through Mexico into the United States? Women and children were being raped and murdered on their way to our country. Drug cartels were smuggling people across the border for their own purposes. President Obama was encouraging people to come here and not enforcing our border laws.

What did Trump say? He said that murderers and rapists were coming here and some were good people, he assumed. From that moment on the Democrats and media have said that Trump was bashing immigrants. They didn’t say he was bashing illegal immigrants. They said he was bashing all immigrants.

Did the other GOP candidates stand up for what Trump said? No. They all paid it lip service until he came on the scene with his comments, but once he said it, the other candidates sounded like Democrats complaining about the way Trump said something.

Dr. Ben Carson has been moving up in the polls and in one he is actually ahead of Trump. At first, Carson was a great surgeon. Now that he’s moving up, they are finding some disgruntled patients from his past. Six of them out of thousands he’s treated. Now they are talking about his book tour and whether he’s violating campaign finance law.

Carly Fiorina has been in two debates. The first, she was at the so-called kiddie table. That was the early debate for the lowest polling candidates. By all accounts, she not only won that debate, but she was more talked about than the evening debate with the top ten in the polls.

In the second debate, it was widely considered that she was the winner of that debate where she was in the top ten or at the so-called adult table. She shot up in the polls to number two and then three. The top three candidates were all outsiders and between the three of them they had over 50% of the votes in the polls.

Rand Paul went after Trump and he fell to the bottom of the heap. Rick Perry went after Trump and dropped out of the race. Scott Walker, who many considered the top of the list, fell after going after Trump and he’s now out of the race. Bobby Jindahl went after Trump and while he’s still in the race, he has no numbers. Jeb Bush, who was the front runner until Trump got in has lately been goaded into defending his brother, President Bush, which is something he wanted to stay away from.

Many of these candidates have said that Trump doesn’t qualify to be President. Yet, Trump, Carson and Fiorina all have led the race. The candidates are spending their time and money fighting Trump and they keep falling. Maybe they should start looking at something that is becoming almost a theme. They are all professional politicians. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Lindsay Graham, all Senators, all down in the polls. Two of them in their first term. Bush, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, George Pataki, Jim Gilmore, all former or sitting governors, all down in the polls. The leaders are the non politicians. It’s very clear that the people have had it with politicians are looking at our government as being a citizen government. The supposed “experts” are not trusted. Eric Cantor was one of the first signs of this when he was defeated last year in the primary in Virginia. He’s now out and his Primary opponent is the new sitting Representative.

The opponent is Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. They ought to be focusing on her and the Democrats. She has scandals running throughout her history and even currently with the Benghazi and E-mail problem. If they were all hammering at her, the mainstream press would not be able to ignore them. As it is, CNN, the liberal bastion for the media, puts on a debate and tries to instigate arguments between the Republican candidates rather than dealing with real issues. While the CNN debate for Democrats was a love fest between them and the them was Hillary Clinton and the self described socialist, Bernie Sanders. The other three were virtually ignored during that debate.

People will vote for something. They will vote for a candidate. They don’t vote against things. The constant chasing every nuance of Trump has the GOP shooting at themselves while Hillary and possibly Biden are playing nice with each other making the press report how much in disarray the Republicans are. This is a serious mistake on the part of the GOP. When the Democrats best hope is Hillary, who is possibly looking at being indicted, and they are hoping that Joe Biden jumps in the race to give them someone, it’s the Democrats that are in disarray. Doesn’t anyone remember Biden’s previous runs for President? He’s a walking disaster.

Now we’ve got the House Republicans jumping in criticizing the Benghazi committee and the games being played for the speakership of the House.

The GOP had better get away from the circular firing squad and start remembering Reagans eleventh commandment (Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.), or the only ones left standing are the two worst possibilities for President. Hillary and/or Biden. Oh, and it might be a good idea for these GOP candidates to put their egos on hold and try to understand that the people that vote are tired of professional politicians. Either find a way to do as the people want, or get out of the race.

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