Sunday, September 13, 2015

Outsider vs. Establishment

For years, the Democrats have been playing on people’s feelings while Republicans were talking about the actual outcomes of different policies that have been put out there and the Republicans were not fighting back against the Democrats rhetoric.

A very good example is government spending. During the 90’s the Democrats talked about how they were lowering spending when in fact, they weren’t cutting spending, they were only cutting the size of the increase in spending. If the government had paid 4% more last year than they did the previous year, and this year they were going only increasing spending by 3%, they would call that a reduction in spending. However, when the Republicans reduced the increase in spending from 4% to 3% the following year, the Democrats would call it a “cut” and then claim that Republicans hated children or the elderly or the homeless or whatever particular area was being cut.

Another example may be about to play out again soon. Recently, there have been videos come out that showed Planned Parenthood is selling body parts from aborted babies, for a profit, which is illegal. With the coming debt ceiling limit being reached, Republicans are saying they will cut funding for Planned Parenthood. President Obama says that if Planned Parenthood’s funds are cut, he’ll veto it. This standoff could lead to another government shutdown.

This is already being portrayed as the Republicans shutting down the government and not Obama. So what’s the message? It’s okay for the Republicans to cave in and fund Planned Parenthood to avoid shutting down the government. If they don’t, the Democrats will portray them as being women haters and not caring about the health of women, regardless of the law. So the Republicans are likely to back down, especially with the likes of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner running the two houses of Congress. They are the establishment. They don’t fight back, they capitulate to protect their image.

In 2013, Senator Ted Cruz was blamed by Democrats and the media for the government shutdown. What’s disturbing is that some in the Republican party also blamed Cruz for the shutdown. But, what were the results? The Republicans had massive gains in the election of 2014. They increased their lead in the House and they took over the majority in the Senate. Yet, the Republicans are still afraid of government shutdown talk and still back away.

The Republicans promised to defund Obamacare and to eliminate Obama’s executive order regarding illegal immigration. But, once elected, they backed down. It seems that the “establishment” Republicans feel that they saved themselves with the promise of defunding, from the shut down of 2013. Their re-election is more important than their words and their promises which is why they were elected and given a large majority in the House and the majority in the Senate.

The founding fathers didn’t want a monarchy. They wanted a citizen government and set it up that way. The people choose their representatives in government. The requirements were that you be natural born, at least had 14 years of residence in the U. S., and be over 35 years of age. Not born of a political family, or have a certain amount of schooling in Political Science, or any other criteria. A citizen government. Having professional politicians is what’s given us corruption, and an $18 Trillion debt that’s still growing .

Enter Donald Trump! Illegal immigration was dying. He revived it in his first speech saying Mexico wasn’t sending their best citizens, they were sending their worst. Murderers, rapists, etc. He also said that some were good, “I assume” but a good portion were not good citizens.

Because of Donald Trump, it was noticed nationwide when Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien who had been deported 5 times and still came back. Because of Donald Trump we now know that 70% of illegal aliens are collecting welfare. They come here and we feed, clothe and house them and they get free health care. Well, free for them. The rest of us pay for them.

Trump has also given political correctness a huge smack down. What else do you call it when people come here illegally, have a baby and then stay because the baby is an American citizen? Anchor baby is the term. It’s not derogatory unless you consider using children to break the law and get away with it, derogatory.

Have you heard of McConnell or Boehner talking about Anchor babies? It’s too touchy for them. They don’t want to touch that. It’s too toxic for them because they may come out on the wrong end and cost them their precious leadership positions.

Donald Trump is an outsider. He’s not part of the establishment. Because he’s not part of the establishment, politicians have attacked. Senator Rand Paul attacked. He’s fallen way back and is not a factor lately. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry attacked and he fell in the polls so far that he’s now decided to drop out of the race. Now Governor Bobby Jindahl of Louisiana is on the attack. He’s already down in the polls and has been since he got in. Apparently, he’s trying to remind people he’s still out there.

Trump has made two mistakes, and yes, I realize it’s not a good idea to say he makes mistakes because everytime he says something that everyone thinks is outrageous, his numbers get better. However, he has made two mistakes. His attack on Megyn Kelly, saying “she’s bleeding out of her eyes and wherever”. He may not have meant anything regarding menstrual cycles, but it came across that way and it was an unwarranted attack on a female. Now in the past few days, it’s come out that he said to Rolling Stone about Carly Fiorna, who would elect that face.

Personal attacks on appearance or bodily functions are cheap shots. He’s not as rich as he claims when he says those things, and I’m not talking about financial wealth.

Dr. Ben Carson is another outsider. Soft spoken, deliberate, almost boring. Except in his words. He’s obviously been very thoughtful in what he believes and how he presents himself. He may be the only one that can get the GOP back into contention with people that are black and guide everyone to see each other as Americans and not as one color or the other who just happen to be Americans. Americans first, race second or ideally no race distinction at all.

Carly Fiorina is another outsider. She is also deliberate, although she speaks faster than Carson. However, that’s not hard to do. Fiorina came out and immediately went after Hillary saying Hillary has lied about Benghazi, lied about E-mail and lied about her server. When she’s asked a question it’s like she has a file cabinet in her head and she pulls out the file on that topic and gives her answer. She has a message, states it and never seems to lose her cool. Even after Trumps attack on her looks, her answer was to say “I am proud of every year and every wrinkle.”

The ones that are most likely not to accept the mainstream media, and the Democrat Party from labeling the Republicans as not caring about the children, women or immigrants are Trump, Carson.

Ideally, we’ll get Trumps enthusiasm, with Fiorina’s sharpness and knowledge  and Carsons demeanor. These three seem to be what the American people prefer.

Over the next year it will be interesting to see if we’re still talking about Outsider vs. Establishment when it comes down to Republican vs. Democrat.

If a prediction is required about the debate this week, the prediction would be that Carson and Fiorina would have the best debate results.

Which is the preference for the nominee of the Republican party? For my own part, I haven’t decided yet. As for my current preference, I’m not going to tell you who “she” is just yet. What’s a little writing without a bit of fun?

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