Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Clerk Stands up for a Principle

A line in the sand has been drawn in Moorhead Kentucky. The recent Supreme Court ruling regarding same sex marriage has not only touched American business, but has now touched American Government!

Kim Davis is the clerk in Moorhead Kentucky. Her mother was the clerk before her for 42 years and Mrs. Davis was elected last November to replace her retiring mother. Among the duties of the clerk is to issue marriage licenses.

Davis is now refusing to issue any marriage licenses. She’s not issuing them to gays and she’s not issuing them to straight people wanting to get married. Her reasoning is based on her religious faith. She sees it as a choice between the Supreme Court of the United States and God. In her case, God wins!

Davis was ordered by a federal court to issue the licenses. She still refused. The Supreme Court refused to hear her appeal, so the last order was to stand, which meant that she was to issue marriage licenses. She continues to refuse. Finally!! Someone in this country that stands up for a principle and for God!

She faces up to a year in prison for refusing to follow a court order. The only way she can lose her job is to be impeached by the State Legislature. Are the courts really going to send an American citizen to jail for following her religious beliefs? Possibly. Will the legislature really impeach her?

Imagine if she’s sent to prison. She will be sent there in violation of her religious freedom. She could also remain clerk while in prison. She could order her employees to continue to refuse to issue marriage licenses. What happens then? Do they start imprisoning all of the employees or just add on to Davis’ sentence?

Or another scenario. If she’s sent to prison, will the legislature then impeach her and remove her from office? If so, will the people of Moorhead stand up and re-elect her to the clerk’s position despite her being in prison?

The Supreme Court has created a very serious problem for themselves as well as the American people. At some point this topic could go back before the Supreme Court. Our Constitution says that Congress shall make no law respecting religion. But it doesn’t say anything about the Supreme Court making a law regarding religion which is what they have in effect done.

Kim Davis could actually be the catalyst to get this topic before the Supreme Court again and hopefully overturn themselves.

Kim Davis ought to be applauded for standing up for her principle and standing up for God! The amazing thing is that Kim Davis is a Democrat! Maybe there is still hope for this Country!

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