Sunday, July 19, 2015

Obama Continues to Fail

Please read the quotes from Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“Whether the deal is approved or disapproved, we will never stop supporting our friends in the region and the people of Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon,”  And this, “Even after this deal, our policy toward the arrogant U.S. will not change. We don’t have any negotiations or deal with the U.S. on different issues in the world or the region.”

While he was saying those words, his audience was shouting, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,”

This wasn’t before the negotiations or even before negotiations were set up. This was on Saturday, July 18, 2015. Nearly a week AFTER the President agreed to the deal with Iran!

During his news conference, President Obama scolded CBS correspondent Major Garrett for the way he questioned the President about the Americans being held hostage and then said this, “Now, if the question is why we did not tie the negotiations to their release, think about the logic that that creates. Suddenly, Iran realizes, you know what, maybe we can get additional concessions out of the Americans by holding these individuals. It makes it much more difficult for us to walk away if Iran somehow thinks that a nuclear deal is dependent in some fashion on the nuclear deal. And, by the way, if we had walked away from the nuclear deal, we’d still be pushing them just as hard to get these folks out. That’s why those issues are not connected. But we are working every single day to try to get them out, and won’t stop until they’re out and rejoined with their families.”

First of all, why would we even arrange for any negotiations with Iran? They are the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world! Second, if Iran wanted to negotiate, wouldn’t it make more sense to tell them, “if you ever want to have any sort of relationship with the United States, you will FIRST release the hostages that you have that are Americans! Then MAYBE we'll consider talking. Now that we'll lift sanctions and give Iran over $120 Billion, does that make us financing terrorism? I thought that was illegal. 

Third, if they did release the hostages after our leader said something like that, the first time that an Iranian government official said anything like “great satan” or “death to Israel” or death to America”, why didn’t Secretary of State Kerry say to them, “you’re obviously not serious in wanting to co-exist with the United States nor our friends in Israel, so the talks have now ended.”

In addition, even without the hostages release, Iranians were saying these things. Why weren’t the talks ended immediately? Obama calls it “their spin”. Is he really that stupid??!!???

Following the agreement with Iran and Obama’s press conference, we had four marines an one navy serviceman killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The President didn’t say that we’re going to find out all we can and then make those responsible if more than just the gunman pay for their actions. Instead he said we’d assess the situation and take further precautions. Tonight, in a marine magazine, they are reporting that marines are not to wear their uniforms. We are now putting our military in hiding??

President Obama has stated that Global Warming or Climate change is a national security threat. He has said that government health care saves lives. He has called ISIS a JV team. Now we find out that our military is not allowed to carry weapons!

Well, Mr. President, the so-called experts on global warming that you keep referencing are now saying that sun will go to sleep in a few years possibly putting us into an ice age. Your health care that military personnel have didn’t save the lives of those five brave souls that we lost in Tennessee. If ISIS is the JV team, and they are bringing their attacks onto our soil, does that mean under your administration that we have a little league team?  Could you at least issue sling shots to our military so that they are at least not looking like ducks in a shooting gallery?

The local police are the ones that shot and killed the shooter. That seems a little backwards that the police departments are the ones protecting the military rather than the military protecting the country on our own soil. These men and women fight gallantly abroad, does this president think they can’t do so at home? Yet, he’s cutting 40,000 troops from the budget in the midst of a war.

This President must believe that his way will change the hearts and minds of our enemy so that they won’t attack others. He must want all to gather around and sing kumbaya and all will be well. He hasn’t got a clue that these terrorists want to kill Americans. But the terrorists have a clue. They are recruiting our kids through twitter and facebook. We cannot depend on the government. We need to know what our children are doing. 

He couldn’t get the guns away from the American people so he disarms the military. We’ll need our guns when the terrorists decide that they can now start shooting civilians on our own soil.

So what is President Obama doing? He’s rushing to create a database of all of this nations citizens to see that all cities are equally represented by each race. You can read that story here:

Any city that isn’t aligned with the proper (according to him) amounts of each race will lose federal funding. This is what he worries about when there are terrorists that are trying to kill us?

Since the President of the United States is ordering those that he has access to to hide from would be attackers, then it must be up to the American citizen to hang signs in their windows and on their backs that tells terrorists to make sure their first shot counts because we will shoot back! Unfortunately, the one guy in this nation that should say it, doesn’t have what it takes to stand up for the American people as he was elected to do.

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