Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Undocumented vs Illegal

Do you remember Henry Louis Gates Jr.? He was the professor that couldn’t get into a house he was staying in by the front door. He had to enter through the back door. The front door was jammed. Someone saw him trying to force the front door open and called the police and said there may be a burglary taking place. The police showed up and found Professor Gates inside the home. The matter was settled despite Gates being belligerent with the officer. Gates didn’t let up, claiming that this was only happening because he’s black. After repeated warnings that Gates was being disorderly and to calm down, the officer eventually arrested him and charged him with disorderly conduct. The charges were dropped a few days later. Professor Gates spent four hours in custody.

President Obama entered the fray saying that the Cambridge police acted stupidly. Then held the “beer summit”.

Trayvon Martin was walking in a neighborhood his father lived in but that he didn’t live in. He was spotted by a neighborhood watch citizen and it was called in. A neighborhood that had recently had some break ins. The neighborhood watch man was George Zimmerman. Martin saw Zimmerman and as the trial showed, it was Martin that was on top and banging Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk. Zimmerman pulled his gun and shot Martin who died.

President Obama said that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin. The Justice Department investigated, even contributed to the State’s case against Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted. The Justice Dept then resumed their investigation and concluded that they could not prove a racial bias in the incident on the part of Zimmerman.

Michael Brown stole some cigarellos from a convenience store. A short time later, while walking down the middle of the road, a police officer asked him and his friend to get off the street and onto the sidewalk. Brown became belligerent. He then attacked the officer and tried to get his gun. Brown ran away, then turned back to the officer and charged at him. The officer pulled his gun and fired and killed Brown.

President Obama sent three representatives from the White House to Michael Brown’s funeral. The Grand Jury wouldn’t indict the officer. The Justice Dept cleared the officer of any wrong doing. The officer resigned.

Then there’s the case of Freddie Gray. Still pending. He died while in police custody after running from police. This set off a riot in Baltimore, Md. The Mayor said to let the businesses burn and told the police to stand down. The State Attorney, married to a councilman in Baltimore, said she’d get justice for Freddie Gray. Not for the city, or the people. Not blind justice but justice for Freddie Gray, who may be guilty of at least fleeing from police  and has been convicted in the past. The new Attorney General has also had some involvement although we’ll get those details later as the trial develops. Six police officers are charged and will be put on trial. The White House sent three representatives to Gray’s funeral.

Now we have Kathyrn Steinle murdered on a pier in San Francisco. She did not have a shady past. In fact, everywhere she’s been she’s been an inspiration to others. She wasn’t approached by police. She didn’t have a confrontation with anyone and she wasn’t belligerent with anyone. She was walking along the pier with her father. The only words she reportedly said were to her father. When the shot rang out, she dropped and she said “Dad, help me.” He tried desperately to save his daughter’s life. She died soon after at the hospital.

Kate Steinle’s only action was to walk on the pier with her father. An illegal alien, shot her. He has said he didn’t single her out. He just shot and she was the one that died. That illegal alien has been in and out of prison in the United States several times. He has been deported and illegally returned at least five times. He purposely went to San Francisco because it is a Sanctuary city. A place where illegal aliens are protected from deportation and arrest.

President Obama has made no public comments about this murder. He’s made no comments about the Sanctuary City problem. He’s made no comment about illegal aliens. He sent nobody from the White House to Kate Steinle’s funeral. The Justice Dept is not investigating this murder. The only government officials to say anything about this is the City of San Francisco blaming the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the city having to release the murderer they had in custody, and ICE has said that San Francisco never honored ICE’s Detainer where they should have been notified before this murderer was released so they could take him into custody.

It’s reported that we have 11 million illegal aliens in this country (or 30 million if you listen to Geraldo Rivera). Although they call them undocumented immigrants.. The excuse for having them is that “we can’t deport all 11 million.” I’m really tired of hearing what we “can’t” do.

On the other hand, President Obama is taking claim for more deportations than any President in history. However, the numbers are skewed because when they do catch some illegals coming across, the border, they send them back right then and call it a deportation.

Calling them undocumented is a untrue as well. This guy that killed Kate Steinle has more documents than I do. They have documents showing he’s been in prison in this country for 14 years at various times. They have documents showing he’s been deported and that he’s crossed the border illegally again. They’ll call him undocumented but then tell you in the next breath that he has a rap sheet as long as your arm. That would indicate documents!

The Presidential race is now rife with illegal immigration thanks in no small part to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not tactful with his speeches. He’s not a politician. He speaks the truth as he sees it and it seems that nobody can refute his words, they can only complain about how he puts words together.
The others, mainly Jeb Bush preach about a pathway to citizenship. There is a pathway to this country. The paths are clearly marked. We have laws. If you want to come to this country, we welcome you, but we welcome you to come across legally. The path is the border crossings where there are security people to talk with as you come across. If you choose to sneak across, you’re not coming here legally.

Apparently, we’re supposed to feel sorry for those that sneak across the border illegally. It’s okay to break our law about how to get to this country. Well, we’re now seeing the ramifications of our leaders ignoring the laws they are sworn to uphold. Kate Steile was murdered because our border is not protected. It’s so unprotected that this murderer was able to get here at least five times.

Why do we need to pass more laws to secure the borders? We have laws now that they are not enforcing, why would we want to write more laws when they can’t or won’t enforce the current laws?

The current administration is a joke to say the least. They really have no concept of what’s right and wrong. There will be a price to pay. At some point a terrorist is going to cross the border and do something here. Then we MIGHT get some action about keeping illegal aliens out and getting the illegal aliens out that are already here. But not until it’s cost numerous more Americans their lives in a blatant terrorist attack. Maybe we’ll get lucky and nothing will happen before we get a new President and that new President will actually do as he says and really close off the borders. But I suspect that of the 16 Republicans running, none will do anything about border security. If Hillary is elected, she’ll only appoint staff workers to line the border and hand out voter registration cards as each illegal alien crosses the Rio Grand.

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Anonymous said...

The government does not give a darn about white people being killed. Proven time and time again. The people of this country have become so stupid and lazy that they will believe anything the media spoon feeds them. Americans no longer have the ability to think anything through.

Over and over it occurs. Blacks get killed and it's a national issue (it should be when innocents are killed, but who cares about the circumstances). Whites get killed and nobody cares.

I still get ill when I think about the illegals protesting in our country, the president of mexico telling America what to do. I am so disgusted with this nation and it's people.

It has been said that a people get the government they deserve. Look to Washington, then look at the behavior of the American people. Point proven.