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Clinton: The Public Trust??

Within a democratic society, or a republic the power is in the hands of the people. That power is LENT to elected officials to handle the affairs of the people through a governmental system. In the United States of America, the founding fathers fought for and rid us of tyranny and a monarchy and put in place a republic. We elect our local leaders to handle the business of our communities. We elect state leaders to handle the the business of our particular state and we elect leaders to handle the affairs of the entire nation as a whole.

While we elect a Senator from our own state to represent our state, they join with other senators from other states to represent the entire country together with each keeping in mind the well being of their own state as well as the nation as a whole.

Don’t misunderstand what’s meant by putting those two paragraphs up there. It is not intended to reinvent the meaning of “public trust” to something that it’s never been before. Sometimes we need to see it in black and white to remind ourselves that it’s easy for leaders to get off track by looking out for themselves rather than those they are elected to look out for.

Harry Reid (D), Senate Minority Leader, was recently asked about his comments during the 2012 election where he said that Candidate Mitt Romney (R) had not paid his taxes for ten years and said he had a confidential source that informed him of this. His answer to the question about that comment was ‘Romney didn’t win did he?” Harry Reid lied in the well of the senate for his own personal reasons and those of his party. He purposely told a lie and did so in the well of the senate to avoid prosecution. That’s not an example of the public trust! That’s an example of corruption.

During the 90’s when Bill Clinton was president, the American people learned of White Water, the Rose Law Firm and shredding and the constant women that Clinton had on the side. There were lies that weren’t even necessary to be told. Clinton claimed to be a Rhodes Scholar but wasn’t. Naturally he lied about the women and was caught in his lies. Travelgate, and all of the people directly or indirectly surrounding Clinton that died usually by suicide or plane crash and even some murders of people where there was a slight connection to Clintons. These things and more were already known to the people of Arkansas.

Now his wife has decided to run for president. She has been one of the most polarizing figures in this country since her husband first decided to run for President. Hillary Clinton ran for the Senate and won following her husband leaving the White House. Since Bill Clinton left office he has set up an entity called the Clinton Foundation. It’s supposedly used for philanthropic purposes. Feeding the hungry, building schools, and so on. Sounds like good work and when they do help those in need, it is a good thing. But do they really do these things? Maybe. But keep this foundation in the back of your mind for a bit.

Hillary ran for President in 2008. It was assumed that she’d win ,but there was a man that was a first term Senator from Illinois and he was black. Now there is a challenge. She lost to Obama. Somehow the Clintons needed the access to the White House. So Bill lobbied hard to get Hillary in as Secretary of State. They were successful. During her four years as Secretary of State she had access to many people around the world as did Bill Clinton.

Earlier this spring, we heard of foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation. But within hours we started hearing about E-mails being used by Hillary on her private mail rather than using the State Department E-mail. With the Clintons, when something comes out, something else comes out that seems less significant to distract from something more significant.

Now this week, we’re hearing about the foreign contributions again, but this time there is more than even that. Hillary, as Secretary of State, was in a country with connections to Moscow, Russia. Bill Clinton is then given $500,000 for speaking in Moscow within a month. Now, it’s coming out that there is a connection from that to a company getting a mine or mines in this country where we get half of our Uranium from. A company called UraniumOne now owns it and is controlled by none other than Russia. Russia gives Iran nuclear materials and we are in negotiations for a nuclear deal with Iran that nearly everyone around the world seems to be against.

Money has flowed into the Clinton Foundation and it looks very much like much, if not all of it, is due to connections that Hillary Clinton made as Secretary of State.

So again, I’m going to pause and take you back in history a bit. Remember I told you that the Clinton Foundation was doing philanthropic work around the world? Back in Arkansas during the 80’s, Bill Clinton was governor. The “Clinton Machine”, that which raises cash for Cinton’s political career through various means, was run from a business called the Arkansas Financial Development Authority (AFDA). It was a philanthropic organization as well. They were to build schools, churches, etc to help those that were in need. Sound familiar? However, there were accusations, rumors, stories about it being a place to launder drug money in Arkansas. Loans were given and never repaid and not expected to be repaid. Rose Law Firm had ties and it was apparently involved in Whitewater, among other things. This was Clinton’s machine. Is Cilnton’s machine now the Clinton Foundation?

But why would they put America at risk by arranging for Russia to own half of our uranium and give it to Iran? When Bill Clinton was younger he participated in and even organized Ant-American rallies. Not Anti-War, but Anti-America! That too sounds familiar to me. Organized rallies and we now have as President a community organizer, and he’s in negotiations with Iran, the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world.

With all of these similarities and coincidences, why isn’t the mainstream press even reporting much on it? Why does the press spend very little time even mentioning that Hillary uses E-mail, or has received money at the foundation from countries that are guilty of human rights abuses and of suppression of women? The press also has a responsibility to the “public trust”. 
Part of it is believed to be because when the Clintons get favors from people, they reward them with jobs. Jobs in government as he did with some of his girlfriends to have them keep their mouth shut, or jobs with friends, which includes the press. A couple of his girlfriends received jobs in the media. This apparently keeps the press quiet because they’d have to acknowledge that they are hiring people as a favor to Clinton who they are supposed to have an arms length relationship with so they can do their jobs and report the news regardless of the news being good or bad.

When these accusations come out, whether it’s Bill’s girlfriends where Betsy Wright used to run interference with her Bimbo eruption crew, or Whitewater, or shredding documents at a law firm, or any of the myriad of other scandals during the Clinton presidency, they attack the messenger. They call them the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Or the messenger a Republican operative. They try to destroy the accusers credibility even going so far as trumping up charges against the whistleblower to distract and the whistleblower is exonerated weeks later but the damage has been done and the whole thing is now old news. If someone else brings up something new on old  topics, the Clinton’s claim it’s old news.

My favorite is when they say there isn’t a shred of evidence. Of course there’s not a shred of evidence! They shredded the documents or gave the hand picked E-mails over to the State Department from her private server then said the private server has been wiped.

At one point, Hillary said about the E-mails that she turned over the 30,000 E-mails or so that she had that were to and from the State Department. Then later she said there should be no problem because the State Department captures all of the E-mails that come and go anyway. So my question is, if the State Department captures them all anyway, why did she make a big production of having turned over her E-mails to the State Department? If they had them already, why did she find it necessary to do that?

Now that the information is coming out about donor money to the foundation and where it went, they’ve gone on the attack against the accusers and tried to hide it that way. But, yesterday, several donations from foreign countries were found to have come through Canada and were not listed on their forms. Within hours, they said there was an “oversight” and they are now filing amended tax returns for the past five years! Five years! That’s the time that Hillary was the Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton is running for President. She’s claiming to want to be the Champion of the middle class. The amazing thing is that people actually believe that line! A woman who in the past six months has said that they were broke when they left the White House, and who has raised billions of dollars and gets $250,000 for a speaking fee, and made $99,000 on $1,000 investment wants to be a Champion for the middle class? What about the lower class? What about the upper class? Isn’t the President supposed to represent ALL Americans?

Will she spread her wealth to others that don’t make as much as she does as part of her income equality initiative?

This woman is a two faced liar and while she may not be as good at it as her husband, the scary part is that she may be better at it then he is.

This country, my country, OUR country does not need another eight years of scandals, sexual escapades, corruption, and lies. To vote for her because she’s a woman would be foolish to the extreme. She’s not looking out for the public trust and the public should not trust her.

If we do vote for her, what we can expect is more parodies like this:

And don’t think for a minute that while she’s testifying with her “I don’t recall”, that her husband isn’t out doing what he’s always done creating other parodies like this:

One more thing. Remember Benghazi? Remember the election of 2008? Hillary asked the question: Who do you want answering the phone at 3:00 in the morning. The people chose Barack Obama for some reason. But on September 11, 2012, that call came in at 3:00 in the morning. Unfortunately, both Obama and Hillary were there to answer the phone. And four men died! What did Hillary have to say about that? “What does it matter now?”  What did they both say about it at the time? It was caused by a video mocking the Muslim prophet.

The Clintons had the AFDA as their machine in the 80's and 90's. It was in Arkansas and continued through his presidency. Now for Hillary's presidential run they have apparently  taken that small AFDA operation idea and created one that operates on a Worldwide scale and called it the Clinton Foundation. 

Tonight at 10:00 on the Fox News Channel, Bret Baier is doing a special report on the Clintons and the foreign money. I urge you to watch it. It will likely be replayed over the weekend. Watch it. Maybe watch it a couple of times to let it all sink in.

Hillary Clinton is not the one to elect to be President of the United States. She can't be trusted to walk a dog, she should never be in a position of the public trust. She can't be trusted!

I apologize for the length of this and I apologize for not including all that I could have, should have and wanted to include.

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Anonymous said...

If you still believe that elections are free and open (non-paper voting cannot be traced, nor can the code be examined), then the people elect exactly what they deserve. The real question is whether Americans can or want to be a self-determining democracy. My opinion, the majority of Americans don't care about anything but their I-phones and government hand outs. Americans do not deserve any better and do not deserve self-determination.