Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Consequences of Lies?

The man in the picture above is a Democrat. He died a few weeks ago in October. I would love to tell you the story behind this, and many of you may have already heard it, but I would rather that you heard his story from his wife. It's a little better than six minutes long. Please take the time to watch it before reading on. Following is the url.

If you watched the video, you now know that the man in the picture above is Alvin Wiederspahn. He is a former state legislator in Wyoming. His wife is Cynthia Lummis, a Republican Representative in the House of Representatives. I didn't know of either of them until today. She questioned Jonathan Gruber and Marilyn Tavenner in the committee hearing today. 

Gruber and Tavenner spent most of the time dodging, hemming and hawing to the Republican questions and dealing with softball questions from the Democrats in the committee. Some of the Democrats took their shots at Gruber as well, but were still fairly mild with him. 

The Democrats first commenter was Representative Elijah Cummings (D) Maryland, ranking member of the committee. He did tell Gruber he was disrespectful of the American people but his most pointed comments were how Grubers comments gave the Republicans a gift wrapped up with a bow on it to try to tear apart the Affordable Care Act. 

The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare was supposed to HELP the American people be insured. At least ostensibly. The true reason for Obamacare is control of the American people. Make everyone equal and stick it to the insurance companies and the rich. Not to mention create a legacy for some Democrats (By the way, when the new congress takes over in January, half the Senators that voted for Obamacare will not be Senators any longer).

As we all know Obamacare is not a bi-partisan piece of legislation. It was rammed through and passed the House using the reconciliation process. If they didn't do that, the bill would die when returned to the Senate. Not one Republican voted for it and according to polls 65% of the American people were against the take over of health care by the government. 

To get the bill through and to get the American people behind the bill, a series of lies needed to be told. "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." Lie. "If you like your existing plan, you can keep your existing plan." Lie. 

In recent weeks, we've learned that Gruber was one of the architects of the bill and there are seven videos out there where he talks about fooling the people, the stupidity of the American voter and tax the insurance companies so the American people can feel like they aren't paying when in effect the cost is passed on to the people. Even admitting in some that lies had to be told about whether it was a tax or not. 

He had been to the White House and met with Obama. He'd met with Speaker Pelosi. Health and Human Services Secretary has not admitted meeting him directly, and nothing has turned up yet saying they had met, but both Obama and Pelosi were caught in lies about knowing him. 

These Democrats, and remember, not even one Republican voted for this, felt they had to lie to get this passed. They didn't care about insuring the uninsured. There were supposedly 48 million Americans without health care.  

Remember the problems they had with the websites last year. When all was said and done they were proud that they had 7 million people sign up. What's 41 million Americans without health insurance. We got 7 million. 

Now the lies are coming home to roost. It is possible that in June the Supreme Court will dismantle Obamacare. But what about Congresswoman Lummis' husband? He's already lost his life after the back and forth of whether or not Obamacare covered him. 

Ms. Lummis said she isn't saying that Obamacare was responsible for her husbands death, but is she right? He died of a massive heart attack in his sleep. He'd been having chest pains. But didn't have a test his doctor recommended because he was told he didn't have Obamacare. 

Stress can cause strains on the heart. Could the strain be enough to cause a heart attack? We'll never know in Wiederspahn's case. But his is not the only story to come out with problems of coverage since Obamacare was implemented last year. 

Thankfully, it doesn't appear it reached the panel, also known as the "death panel". If it did, could he have been punished for daring to be a Democrat married to a Republican? 

How many others signed up for Obamacare as Wiederspahn and his wife, a representative in the House did, but don't have the platform to talk about it as Cynthia Lummis does by virtue of her position as a politician? 

When lies have the possibilities of creating problems in others lives, and possibly even ending them, you have to wonder why the government is hiring and paying millions of dollars out to a man that advises others and is advised by politicians to lie. Is their ego to make a name for themselves more important than the lives of those they are supposed to represent? 

If this was the only story that reflects badly on the government running health care, it could be seen as an aberration and given the benefit of the doubt. But just a few months ago, we heard how the Veterans Administration was allowing American Veterans that fought for this country, to die for lack of getting to the doctor to have treatment for ailments that they have due to their service to this nation. 

This President and his minions have lied about the health care plan. They've lied about the immigration executive order, they've lied about Benghazi, about the IRS, about fast and furious. These are just the lies we know about at this point. What will we find out next? 

This reminds me of what former President Ronald Reagan said were the most dangerous words in the English language. "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." 

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