Thursday, December 11, 2014

Anti- Government Democrats?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Democrats attack the Police, and even the judicial system, and now our intelligence agencies and Military. With Democrats undermining government agencies, one can only wonder how long before they become the new anti government group. If Janet Napolitano was still the secretary of Homeland Security, would she open investigations into Democrats as domestic terrorists?

This started with the Michael Brown death when he was shot and killed by a police officer. The prosecutor sent the investigation to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury found no reason to indict the officer. Without rehashing the entire episode again, what it boils down to is that Democrats from President Obama, to Eric Holder the Attorney General, along with Obama’s latest advisor, Al Sharpton chose to side with Michael Brown despite not having seen all of the evidence.

Grand Juries don’t operate under the same rules as a court room. First, the accused is not permitted to have an attorney in the grand jury room with him. Second, there is no legal wrangling about technicalities as there is in a civil or district court. Grand Juries look at evidence presented and decide if there is a probable cause a crime was committed. It’s easier to get an indictment than it is to get guilty conviction in a trial court. So there must have been very strong evidence in the officers favor for them to not indict.

Yesterday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) California and Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, released their CIA report on torture. The investigation was 500 pages and cost nearly $50 million dollars and they didn’t interview one person from the CIA.

The activities that the investigation was looking into was waterboarding and other techniques to get prisoners to talk. By all accounts, except for the report, information was gathered and did save lives and prevent attacks.

The program was stopped nearly ten years ago, although President Obama claims it was discontinued when he became President. But then he takes credit for anything that happens that’s good until it turns bad, then claims he knew nothing about it.

So this report served no purpose save one. It puts our CIA operatives as well as our military at risk. Days before the report was released, our embassies and marines were put on high alert for possible attacks due to this report coming out. The President, the Congress and even Senator Dianne Feinstein knew that this biased partisan report was going to put our men and women serving in the field to protect Americans at home as well as abroad and released it anyway.

The reason for Senator Feinsteins vigor in getting this report out appears to be because the CIA was caught spying on her office a few years ago. To punish them for their activity, she is putting our heroes lives at risk. If she’s going to play a tit for tat game, my question is how many of her staff members or anyone else that entered her offices at the time of the alleged spying on her offices, died? The answer is NONE. So her little vengeance game will be won by her at the expense of a marine, or a CIA operative. A marine who may have killed or captured the next terrorist to fly a plane into a building here. A CIA operative who may discover that the terrorists have a biological weapon that will now not be prevented because that operative died in the name of the Feinsteins revenge.

This begs the question. Just what did Senator Feinstein have going on in her office that would justify the killing of a marine or a CIA agent spying for the United States of America?

Thankfully, we have the finest marines in the world and the best spies in the world. They at least have a chance because they are the best. Unfortunately, their margin of error just shrunk because a United States Senator got a hornet up her skirt and is bent on revenge against her own country.

We can only hope that she never gets the chance to be faced by the parent or the spouse of a dead US Soldier because of her actions. Maybe the cost of losing an election this badly is that the Democrats are turning anti-government. More likely they'll become more pro socialist. 

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