Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Tea Party

The Tea Parties are heating up again. Currently, there is a group traveling the country for 20 days and ending up in Washington D.C. on April 15.

The Tea Party started a year ago February during the Stimulus bill debate following a rant on CNBC where it was stated that the people ought to hold a tea party like from the original tea party in Boston leading up to the Revolutionary War.

They then started popping up in various parts of the country over the next week. 200 here, 500 there, then they had 5,000 show up in Florida for a tea party. This set it off and running and on April 15 last year, there were tea parties all over the country with hundreds of thousands attending. Carrying signs.

They continued throughout the summer. In August as lawmakers started having town hall meetings on the health care bill, they found out that there were many angry people out there that didn't like the idea of the government taking over health care. Many of these people were part of the tea party and many that weren't have since joined the tea parties.

They are now involved in this years election. Their goal is to replace those Senators and Representatives that wouldn't pay attention to them. In some cases, some of them are running for office. This leads me to my topic.

The Tea Party as a third party. Just about everyone you hear on the talking head programs at night all say that they are not looking to start a third party. This is a good thing. If they become a third party, they will dilute the Republican party and there were will be more liberals elected. This defeats the purpose of the Tea Party.

The Tea Party seems to represent the Conservative point of view. With the exception of Sarah Palin, they are looking to defeat John McCain in his Senate run against J.D. Hayworth. The idea is to replace a moderate Republican with a Conservative Republican. That is exactly what they should be doing. If they fail, they still have John McCain, who has been acting more like a Conservative since his loss in the Presidential election. But he has years of being a moderate and at one point, was asked by Democrats to switch parties.

I'm looking forward to the Tea Party playing a major role in this years election. I hope and believe that they will be successful in weeding out some of the Republicans that are not conservative and then to be elected against the incumbent liberal Democrat in the fall.

Assuming that the Tea Party is successful, and we do take back the House and the Senate, then what? My hope is that the Tea Party continues. This could be dangerous for Republicans. If they begin to act as Democrats or even as they did when the Republicans had control prior to 2006, this could come back to bite the Republicans. My hope is that the Tea Party continues and holds the Republicans feet to the fire. Should the Republicans get their "power" back and then start ignoring the people, continue to spend money, disregard the Constitution as the Democrats have, then I hope that the Tea Party calls them on the carpet and in the following election causes more Conservatives to run against those that claimed to be Conservative but then moved into the Washington ways. In other words, the people that we get elected had better come through as the people wish or we would work to get them out in the next election.

We don't want politicians that ride a wave, then once they get in, dump the wave and create their own waves. No more of putting a person in a leadership position because it's "his turn".

Term limits shouldn't matter. If a Representative or Senator is not doing his job, the term limits won't need to apply if the Tea Party stays active because the people, the members of the Tea Party, can and should continue their protests to get that politician out. The Tea Party has waken the people up. I hope that they continue and keep the people awake by going after those that don't do what they were elected to do.

There are 219 House Members that voted for taking over the health care. All of them Democrats. That's 219 possible victories for Conservatives to grab ahold of. In the Senate, there are 36 seats up for election. This is a chance to pick up 13 seats in the Senate while maintaining the Republican seats. Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray, Arlen Specter, Kristin Gillibrand, Charles Schumer, the seat formerly held by Obama and another formerly held by Biden. All of these could be taken. The most difficult seems to be Schumer, but if they'll vote out Gillibrand, why not Schumer as well?

Perhaps an unrealistic hope. But each of those Democrats voted to take away our freedom. Each of those Democrats voted to use parliamentary procedures to avoid the will of the people. Each of them has earned a place in the unemployment line.

The Tea Party is doing a remarkable job and hopefully it will translate into a massive overhaul in the November. But then, it would be wonderful if they'd continue even after the Conservatives take back our government and make sure that those newly elected officials follow through on what they were elected to do. Follow the will of the people.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Liberals "Act" Scared: To Avoid Town Halls?

Much is being made about how the Democrats are being targeted for their stance on the Governments takeover of Health Care. Some of these are real, and some are questionable. A brick was thrown through a window of Representative Louise Slaughters office in New York. Another was thrown through a Democrat Representative's office in Arizona. There have been a couple more incidents at Democrat party headquarters local offices in a couple of places.

This seems to have started last week when Nancy Pelosi paraded through the crowd on the way to the Capitol with other Democrat members of Congress. Representative Cleaver claimed to have been spat on. Another claimed that he was called the "N" word, and a few other incidents. They claimed that this happened as they passed through the Tea Party protestors. There's just one problem with this. Not one of those incidents is documented on tape or any other recording device.

Now think about that. When you leave your house to do your errands, you're taped driving down the road at various points. You're taped at the ATM machine. You're taped walking into a bank and other places of business. But these events supposedly happened amidst a crowd of thousands. Many of those thousands had cell phones with camera's, video capability and other recording devices, yet not one snapshot, let alone video recording has surfaced of these supposed incidents.

I was about to write about this earlier today (Wednesday), when I heard on CNN that they had a tape of a woman calling Representative Bart Stupak's office in Michigan, and the claim that it contained a threat. Finally! A recording of someone threatening a Representative. Maybe these politicians aren't lying after all!

Bart Stupak was interviewed last week prior to accepting the payoff for his vote and he claimed that he was getting these calls both at his office and at home. He said his wife finally had to unplug the phones at home and he was cutting off his voicemail system. But wait. Last week people thought he was going to be a no vote because he said he was going to be a no vote unless the abortion provision was put into the bill. So wouldn't that have been Democrats calling and threatening his wife?

Since then, he's accepted more than $726,000 for some airports in his district that have even less usage than the airports in Congressman Jack Murtha's district where he took millions of dollars prior to his death.

The recording that was released from Stupak was of a woman. She described him as a piece of excrement (I cleaned that up). She also said that millions of people across the country wish him "Ill" and then (here comes the claimed threat) that he will pay for this vote. I can over parse that statement by saying either he won't pay because Congress is exempt from the law passed on the rest of us, or by saying that he will pay at the polls in November, or that he'll pay both at the polls and then be subject to the taxes because he'll no longer be a member of Congress and have to pay the same as the rest of us.

So was the threat against his health or well being? Not necessarily. It wasn't that explicit. It could be taken as a threat that he's going to lose big time in the election.

A blogger put the address of a Congressman on his blog telling people that they should let him know face to face how they feel. The problem is that the blogger put the address of the Congressman's brother by mistake. This story grew when the Congressmans brother claimed he smelled gas in his house and it was discovered that someone cut his gas line. This was Congressman Pierello (sp) in Virginia. But then the Congressman was interviewed this morning (Thursday) and said that the gas line that was cut was the propane line to his brothers grill.

Again, I must refer to my own experiences. I no longer use a propane grill. But even when I did, I never used it IN my house. I quit using propane grills because I have children. One spring, after a particularly harsh winter, I had a leak in my propane gas line. The cold winter and warm spring caused the line to wear and leak. Again though, it wasn't in my house. It was in my yard. I couldn't chance lighting it up when my kids were around and having an explosion. Do people really keep their propane grills in their homes?

These stories stretch credibility beyond the limit. Now, I understand that someone faxed Stupak a picture of a hangman's noose. Where is this faxed picture? Why hasn't it been published? Faxes are supposed to have the senders phone number on them. Phone numbers are easy to track even if they aren't listed on the fax. So why haven't they reported that they arrested the person that sent the fax?

In another overblown incident. a group showed up for a demonstration with a coffin. The coffin represented the people that would be harmed by the health care takeover by the government. They them moved the coffin to the house of Representative Russ Carnahan and continued their demonstration. This is apparently being interpreted as a threat to the Congressman as though the coffin represents his future resting place. Yet, the coffin represents the people that will be harmed by the health care takeover by government.

Throwing bricks through windows of local party headquarters is wrong. But even those incidents were apparently done when nobody was there. Nobody was in danger. That's destruction of property and is illegal and should not happen. Those that do this should be prosecuted for their vandalism. But nobody has been in danger from those incidents.

Without concrete proof of these other incidents, I'm one that just doesn't believe that they are happening. The pundits commenting on this say they trust that they are true because they don't think a Congressman would lie about such a thing. How did these elected officials get that trust? They lied throughout this health care takeover debate. Why are they afforded the credibility now?

House Democrat leader Steny Hoyer said that for the Republican leader to not condemn these acts is the same as condoning them. One problem with that. Boehner, the Republican House Leader did get out there and condemn any illegal activities. The Democrats are now blaming the Republicans for these incidents because Boehner hadn't gone out again and condemned them.

The media is blowing these incidents up when there isn't any proof of them taking place. I watched about ten minutes of Rick's list on CNN yesterday. I now understand why CNN has only 12 viewers. Rick Sanchez is a waste of television time. His comments were as though all of this was absolutely true because the accusation was made.

Where was the news coverage when the movie was put out a few years ago about President Bush being assassinated? Where was the absolute trust of a political leader when they were saying "Bush lied, soldiers died."? Even the pundits have said that. Roland Martin, Gloria Borger, Campbell Brown, George Stephanopolous. All of them have said that in the past along with others. Add in Chris Matthews who had the tingle running up his leg and Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. All of them. Remember when liberal talk show host Randi Rhodes said that Bush should be shot?

The least trustworthy group of people in this country is no longer used car salesmen. It's politicians and lawyers. There is a reason that Nancy Pelosi has an approval rating of 11% and Harry Reid's is 8% and Congress' approval rating is barely breaking the 20% range. People don't trust politicians and with good reason.

The Tea Party protestors went to t0wn hall meetings last year and raised their voices. They were angry and they let it be known. But they did so on the issues. No threats. No vandalism. They did what all Americans should do. They held their elected officials feet to the fire for their actions which were against the will of the people. The problems didn't start until the Democrats brought in SEIU union members in to fend off and shout down those that had legitimate concerns about the direction this country has been headed.

Until there is indisputable proof of these incidents I just don't believe that they are true. So yes, I'm calling Representative Cleaver and Representative Stupak and Representative Clymer and Representative Stupak and Representative Pierello, all liars. Not disengenous, not mistaken. Just liars.

Send letters when you disagree with your Representatives and with your Senators and any other elected officials. Send them E-mails, and faxes and when possible, get in their face and tell them that they are going against the will of the people, but leave out the threats and intimidation and don't destroy property. We're right to gather and protest. We're right to disagree with the people that we put in office to represent us when they don't.

Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if this was all a ruse on the Democrats part to say that they aren't holding town hall meetings this spring because they fear for their safety. We already know they didn't want to face us prior to the vote because we'd give them an earful and make it harder for them to vote. Now they're likely to say that they aren't meeting with their constituents because they are afraid of them.

Apparently, Representative Dingell is failing at controlling the people if so many are against them.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 23 in History

I got really curious about the historic events of March 23 after the signing of the Health Care takeover by the government. So I looked back in history.

On March 23, 1775 Patrick Henry shouted those famous words, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death".

In 1919, Benito Mussolini founded his own party in Italy.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proposed the Star Wars Initiative which led to the downfall of the Soviet Union six years later.

In 1998, the movie Titanic, the ship that sank after hitting an iceberg, won 11 oscars.

In 2001, the Russian space station Mir, fell back to earth landing in the South Pacific.

Now, in 2010, 235 years after Henry's "give me liberty or give me death" the Democrats are saying "ok, death it is."

Maybe it's time for a new revolution. A loud, boisterous, revolution. Not fought with guns and knives, but with votes and logic and the CONSTITUTION. It's time for the Conservatives to fight back and keep fighting back until we've rid this country of the corrupt liberals that are currently taking control of a free America and turning it into a run of the mill country.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two F Bombs Dropped Today

Today, two "F" bombs were dropped. The first, and most important is Freedom. You are now ordered to buy health insurance. If you don't, the IRS, armed with 17,000 more agents, will come after you. They will come to you and say "Pay for the insurance, pay the fine or go to jail. Oh, and by the way, as long as we're here, let's take a look at your taxes.

You no longer have the FREEDOM to pay your own health care expenses. If you're used to paying cash for your doctors visits, you no longer have that FREEDOM. You are now required to buy the health insurance that you didn't want and preferred to pay out of your pocket.

Your money that you pay in taxes is now going to increase because your neighbor who doesn't feel like working now needs health care so you must pay for him as well. It's not just socialism now. We've moved to fascism. Oh, hey how about that. Another "F" word.

The other "F" bomb was from the Vice President of the United States. In front of an open mike, Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States turned to President Barack Obama and said "This is a big "F******" day."

That "F" does not stand for Friday. Today is Tuesday.

One more little side note. There was not even one Republican in the room as the signing ceremony took place. This bill, this law, is a Democrat law. They completely own it. Not one Republican voted for it. Not one Republican was involved in putting it together. Not one Republican can be blamed for the debacle to come. Step one of the government takeover of our lives and removal of our freedoms is complete. Care to bet on what step two will be? Can you say Immigration Reform?

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Unleashed Socialist Amerika (USA)

Sunday night, the socialists in this country had a major victory. But was it really a victory or the beginning of the war? In a vote of 219 to 212 the socialists won their version of health care reform.

There are 178 Republicans in the House of Representatives. Every single one of the Republicans voted no. They were joined by 34 Democrats in their no vote. In the Senate, on Christmas eve the Senate was divided between 58 Democrats, 40 Republicans, one Independent and one socialist. The independent and the socialist joined the Democrats and reached the magical 60 to pass the bill and send it on to the House.

Not one Republican voted for this bill along with 34 Democrats. The bipartisanship was on the No side while the partisanship was on the Socialists side.

So how can we get this stopped? The answer is, we can't. The only thing we can do is repeal it. To repeal it, Congress will have to pass legislation repealing the bill. Naturally, Obama would veto it. To override that veto, a 2/3 majority is needed in both houses. That means that the Senate needs 67 votes and the House needs 288 votes.

This means that the people must boot out 100 of the 219 votes and maintain the current Representatives or replace them with other Republicans. All House seats are up for election this fall. This will not be easy. It's unlikely for that large of a changeover, but not impossible.

The Senate is a different matter. The Republicans would need 26 more Republicans. Since there are only 20 Democrat seats up for re-election this year, plus three more that are special to fill departed members. Those are New York to fill the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton when she was named Secretary of State, Delaware for the seat vacated by Joe Biden when he left to become Vice President and Illinois vacated by Barack Obama who is now President. That's 23 which is four short of the 27 needed.

The only hope in the Senate is to get all 23 seats to be filled by Republicans (unlikely) and then have four Democrats change over and vote to override the veto (again, not likely).

The best hope seems to be the legal challenge. Unfortunately, it will likely take a couple of years to reach the Supreme Court. Since the health care doesn't take effect for four years, this is likely the best option. But if any of the Conservatives on the Supreme Court retire or die, you can bet that Obama will fill that position with a liberal which will tip the court in favor of the liberals.

Two years, however, puts us at the next election where another 33 seats in the Senate will be up for re-election. So even if the Supreme Court, regardless of the makeup, keeps the law, 2012 is the next best chance to repeal the bill.

In effect, we're stuck with this new socialist health care bill for at least the next two years. President Obama flipped off the people of this country. This bill is completely owned by the Democrats. They get the credit if by some miracle it turns out to be good. They get the blame when the law likely makes things worse.

Make no mistake. Not one person will have their life saved because of the socialized health care. Health insurance doesn't save lives. It only pays the bills of the person with the poor health. Nobody dies due to lack of health insurance. They die due to poor health. The only thing that this bill has done is take bankruptcies off the individual and put the bankruptcy on the country.

I have a list of the money that Obama has spent in his year and two months, on the side of this website. I haven't kept it up. But you can add another $2.3 Trillion to that expense that he's passed on to us, our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren.

He's more than quadrupled the deficit. He's increased the debt by now $4 Trillion!

One more item here. It was reported in the New England Journal last week that 46% of doctors would stop practicing medicine if this health care bill passes. Imagine if the insurance companies decided that they would go out of business effective this year. What is their incentive to stay in business? They will now start losing money. Nobody stays in business to lose money. Even the great Obama says that it will take four years to set up the exchanges and get this bill up and running. If the lack of health insurance kills people, how many would die if nobody has insurance for the next four years if the health insurance companies closed their doors this year?

Obama has flipped off the United States of America and the Democrats (now socialist party) have turned this country into a socialist nation. Instead of the greatest country in the world, we're about to become just another country that looks like all of the rest.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Health Care a Right?

One of the ways that Democrats justify passing sociaized health care is calling it a Right.But even they say that it "should" be a Right.They don't admit that it's not a right. Yes, there are a few, such as Dennis Kucinich (who just flipped his no vote to a yes vote on Obamacare).

We have a Bill of Rights in this country. Just as a reminder, here they are:

1. Freedom of Religion and Press

2. Right to bear Arms.

3. Soldiers not to be quartered in private homes without permission of the owner.

4. Search and Seizure protections for citizens.

5. Due Process of Law

6. Right to face your accusers and speedy trial.

7. Trial by Jury

8. Protection from cruel and unusual punishment, excessive bail.

9. Other rights not to be infringed on.

10. Powers not delegated are reserved for the States.

Granted, the way I've listed them is very brief. But take a look at the expense of each one of those rights. There is no financial payment required to maintain each of these rights. There has already been a price paid for these rights. The payment was in blood, lives and riches of our ancestors.

These rights come from God. They were incorporated into our Constitution. Nowhere, in those rights does it talk about forcing Americans to buy anything. In the Declaration of Independence it states, "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these Righs, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Power from the Consent of the Governed..."

The people, the American citizens, are marching in droves against this health care bill. Yes, the Democrats were elected and likely, rightly so. That does not give the Democrats carte blanche to enact anything they choose. They must still answer to the people. The American citizen. There is an additional portion to the Declaration of Independence that continues on from where I left off in quoting it above. That is, "...that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. "

They saw that a government may become more and more controlling and taking away or infringing on the Rights of its' citizens. When that happens, it's the Right and even responsibility of the Governed to rise up. We saw the years leading up to 2006. The Republicans passed spending bills and the President signed off on them. All one party. They gave no reason for the citizens to vote for them. That led to the Democrats taking over the House and Senate.

In 2008, the people chose Barack Obama as President. Yes, he talked about health care. No, he didn't say during the campaign that he wanted to socialize medicine. Now that he's trying to do exactly that, the people are speaking out and letting the Congress and the President know that they do not want this health care plan.

Yes, the people are for some changes. They want more accessibility to health care. They don't want to be restricted, they want the ability to choose how to get their health care. Obamacare has no choices to it. He says you can keep your health care if you want it, but he tells everyone that insurance companies are evil for daring to make a profit (their profit margin is 2.2%). So he's in effect saying 'you can choose to get your health care from any of these terrible companies that you choose'. He says that you can keep your doctor if you like him. But the New England Journal just published their report saying that if this plan goes through 46.3% of doctors will stop practicing medicine.

Obama trots out people with bad experiences. If there were really that many people getting shafted by the insurance companies, could he really name all of those people? He's cherry picking people that have had a bad experience.

He claims that there is no alternative presented. Yet at the so-called "health care summit" he repeated often that the Republicans have some good ideas and they are incorporated in his plan and has since added a few.

His answer is always government. Think for a moment. When you're offered a raise at work, do you decline it? No. Of course not. If you're not happy with the amount of money you're making you look for ways to make extra money.

So what is an alternative that fits the Rights we are guaranteed by our Constitution. Let's just use one that would go a long way to solving some of the problems. How about allowing insurance companies to sell their products across state lines. If you like your insurance, you can keep it. If you don't like it, there are 1300 companies to choose from. I know you've heard this before, but here's one more thing that hasn't been mentioned much.

If you have the Right to go to any company anywhere in the country to get your health care, your current company is going to want to keep you. Competition. They will do what they can to keep you. They might just lower their profits abit to keep you as their insured client. Or maybe they'll negotiate harder to get prices lower on the things that they cover so they can reduce the costs. Isn't this what unions do? Don't they negotiate for their group to get them the best wages and benefits? Why wouldn't insurance companies do the same if they want to stay in business?

This will also create new jobs. How? Because as health care becomes lower priced due to the competition and trying to retain their customers, others will enter the market. We'll see some newer health insurance companies get into the business of providing assistance with the financial aspects of health insurance. This means more jobs.

Obamacare will force insurance companies out of business. This means a loss of jobs. This means less people insured that will have to turn to the government to get their care. Do you really need proof of this? How about Obama's own example in Ohio two days ago. The woman that had health care, but had to drop it because she couldn't afford it. She didn't show up for Obama's speech because she had to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with Leukemia. If she doesn't have insurance, how can she see a doctor and have those expensive tests to find the leukemia?

Ignoring the people does not make good governance. His election and the Democrats election is still, even after elected, subject to the desire of the governed. That is our Right. It's not paid for with cash, fees, taxes but by the blood, lives and limbs of our ancestors and continues to this day with the sacrifices made in the fight against terrorism.

There are ways to solve the health care problem in this country. Ignoring the will of the Governed is not the way to solve the problem. It's only going to create more.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hypocrites Abound!!

The hypocrites have shown their faces yet again in Washington DC. From Obama, to the Republicans to the Democrats. As the picture shows they all can make the Mt. Rushmore faces turn in shame.

The President:

Obama announced today his new and improved health care proposal. During his speech, he said that it was time for Congress to give this an up or down vote. He's ignoring the American people. In a CNN poll 25% say yes to health care reform. 73% say the bill should be dropped completely or started from scratch. Obama is also ignoring his own words. During the campaign, he said numerous times, specifically regarding health care reform, that we cannot pass a bill with just 51 votes. If we did that, we would be unable to govern. However, today he called for an up or down vote. Code words for "Reconciliation" or 51 votes. This qualifies Obama as a hypocrite.

The Republicans:

Senator Jim Bunning, a Republican from Kentucky, held up an extension to unemployment benefits by objecting when it came up in the Senate. His reason was that the country could not afford to spend $10 billion without making cuts elsewhere. This is in line with the Democrats bill passed on February 12 of this year called "paygo". This means pay as you go. If more spending is proposed it must be paid for by cuts elsewhere. The Democrats proposed waiving this for the extension in unemployment benefits to which Bunning objected.

If Congress is going to pass a law that says you must pay for spending by making cuts elsewhere they should be, by law, forced to honor that that law that they passed. By turning this into a political game, they show themselves to be hypocrites yet again. However, the Republicans didn't back Bunning either. The Republicans want to get elected this fall and take over the majority in both the House and the Senate by holding the Democrats and the White House's feet to the fire with their excessive spending. But they didn't back Bunning. Oh, a couple of them did. John Kyl and Jim DeMint spoke up for Bunning, but the Republicans as a party couldn't make the hard choice and do what was right by coming up with cuts elsewhere and then backing Bunning. They did the same as the Democrats. For that, the Republicans have earned the title of Hypocrite!

The Democrats:

As mentioned above on the paygo legislation, but there is more. Charlie Rangel is being investigated by the ethics committee for not paying taxes on some property. However, one investigation that is completed and announced was that Rangel was guilty of having corporate money pay for two of his trips to the Carribean.

It wasn't that long ago that Tom DeLay was accused of wrongdoing. He stepped down from his leadership position in the House because the Republicans had passed a rule that said if you were under investigation you lose your leadership positions until the investigations are completed and you're exonnerated. DeLay was subsequently indicted in Texas, but he's not been convicted.

In addition, Representative Eric Maas has decided that he's not going to run for re-election after just one term. He claims it's because of his health. He had non hodgkins lymphoma a few years ago but was told he was cured. Now he's claiming he had another cancer scare three months ago. However, it's being reported now and backed up by other Representatives, including Steny Hoyer, that Maas was sexually harassing a male aide.

It wasn't that long ago that that a Congressman from Florida, Jim Foley, was accused of inappropriate E-mails with male pages in the House. He immediately resigned his seat in the House. He was never found guilty of anything, but the suspicion was enough and he was gone.

When the Democrats took control of the House new Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that they would have the cleanest House in history. Yet, she continued to back Charlie Rangel throughout his investigations and even for a day after the ethics committee found Rangel guilty. Rangel took a "leave of absence" from his chairmanship of the House Ways and Means committee today.

For this, Speaker Pelosi, Charlie Rangel and Eric Maas have earned their title of Hypocrite!

One other note. It's come out the past couple of days about a new group that's supposed to be the answer to the Tea Party. It's called the Coffee Party. My question is, if the Tea Party is about the American people wanting to stop the spending and the intrusion into our lives by government does this mean that the Coffee Party is for more government intrusion and more spending?

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