Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hypocrites Abound!!

The hypocrites have shown their faces yet again in Washington DC. From Obama, to the Republicans to the Democrats. As the picture shows they all can make the Mt. Rushmore faces turn in shame.

The President:

Obama announced today his new and improved health care proposal. During his speech, he said that it was time for Congress to give this an up or down vote. He's ignoring the American people. In a CNN poll 25% say yes to health care reform. 73% say the bill should be dropped completely or started from scratch. Obama is also ignoring his own words. During the campaign, he said numerous times, specifically regarding health care reform, that we cannot pass a bill with just 51 votes. If we did that, we would be unable to govern. However, today he called for an up or down vote. Code words for "Reconciliation" or 51 votes. This qualifies Obama as a hypocrite.

The Republicans:

Senator Jim Bunning, a Republican from Kentucky, held up an extension to unemployment benefits by objecting when it came up in the Senate. His reason was that the country could not afford to spend $10 billion without making cuts elsewhere. This is in line with the Democrats bill passed on February 12 of this year called "paygo". This means pay as you go. If more spending is proposed it must be paid for by cuts elsewhere. The Democrats proposed waiving this for the extension in unemployment benefits to which Bunning objected.

If Congress is going to pass a law that says you must pay for spending by making cuts elsewhere they should be, by law, forced to honor that that law that they passed. By turning this into a political game, they show themselves to be hypocrites yet again. However, the Republicans didn't back Bunning either. The Republicans want to get elected this fall and take over the majority in both the House and the Senate by holding the Democrats and the White House's feet to the fire with their excessive spending. But they didn't back Bunning. Oh, a couple of them did. John Kyl and Jim DeMint spoke up for Bunning, but the Republicans as a party couldn't make the hard choice and do what was right by coming up with cuts elsewhere and then backing Bunning. They did the same as the Democrats. For that, the Republicans have earned the title of Hypocrite!

The Democrats:

As mentioned above on the paygo legislation, but there is more. Charlie Rangel is being investigated by the ethics committee for not paying taxes on some property. However, one investigation that is completed and announced was that Rangel was guilty of having corporate money pay for two of his trips to the Carribean.

It wasn't that long ago that Tom DeLay was accused of wrongdoing. He stepped down from his leadership position in the House because the Republicans had passed a rule that said if you were under investigation you lose your leadership positions until the investigations are completed and you're exonnerated. DeLay was subsequently indicted in Texas, but he's not been convicted.

In addition, Representative Eric Maas has decided that he's not going to run for re-election after just one term. He claims it's because of his health. He had non hodgkins lymphoma a few years ago but was told he was cured. Now he's claiming he had another cancer scare three months ago. However, it's being reported now and backed up by other Representatives, including Steny Hoyer, that Maas was sexually harassing a male aide.

It wasn't that long ago that that a Congressman from Florida, Jim Foley, was accused of inappropriate E-mails with male pages in the House. He immediately resigned his seat in the House. He was never found guilty of anything, but the suspicion was enough and he was gone.

When the Democrats took control of the House new Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that they would have the cleanest House in history. Yet, she continued to back Charlie Rangel throughout his investigations and even for a day after the ethics committee found Rangel guilty. Rangel took a "leave of absence" from his chairmanship of the House Ways and Means committee today.

For this, Speaker Pelosi, Charlie Rangel and Eric Maas have earned their title of Hypocrite!

One other note. It's come out the past couple of days about a new group that's supposed to be the answer to the Tea Party. It's called the Coffee Party. My question is, if the Tea Party is about the American people wanting to stop the spending and the intrusion into our lives by government does this mean that the Coffee Party is for more government intrusion and more spending?

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