Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two F Bombs Dropped Today

Today, two "F" bombs were dropped. The first, and most important is Freedom. You are now ordered to buy health insurance. If you don't, the IRS, armed with 17,000 more agents, will come after you. They will come to you and say "Pay for the insurance, pay the fine or go to jail. Oh, and by the way, as long as we're here, let's take a look at your taxes.

You no longer have the FREEDOM to pay your own health care expenses. If you're used to paying cash for your doctors visits, you no longer have that FREEDOM. You are now required to buy the health insurance that you didn't want and preferred to pay out of your pocket.

Your money that you pay in taxes is now going to increase because your neighbor who doesn't feel like working now needs health care so you must pay for him as well. It's not just socialism now. We've moved to fascism. Oh, hey how about that. Another "F" word.

The other "F" bomb was from the Vice President of the United States. In front of an open mike, Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States turned to President Barack Obama and said "This is a big "F******" day."

That "F" does not stand for Friday. Today is Tuesday.

One more little side note. There was not even one Republican in the room as the signing ceremony took place. This bill, this law, is a Democrat law. They completely own it. Not one Republican voted for it. Not one Republican was involved in putting it together. Not one Republican can be blamed for the debacle to come. Step one of the government takeover of our lives and removal of our freedoms is complete. Care to bet on what step two will be? Can you say Immigration Reform?

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Anonymous said...

What I enjoy is that Demon-crates crafted this law so that it's negative effects will not be felt much before the next elections (if we have them). I'm willing to bet that we will not see another free and honest election in this country. I believe it is time for freedom loving people to leave this once great country.

Brett said...

Leave the country? What does that solve? You're going to leave one country that is going towards fascism to another that is already fascist or socialist? I choose to stay and fight the corruption in our government right now.

I believe you're right. They could suspend elections. They're already trashing the constitution, so why not suspend the elections. But, that would only tick off the left and the right. So we're already ticked off. Imagine if liberals can't vote. They want to be able to re-elect their criminals so they won't be happy about losing their voting ability.

Stay and fight. Problems don't get corrected by leaving.