Friday, April 9, 2010

Death Threat from the Left or a Joke?

The Record of Bergen County obtained a memo put out by the Teachers Union in Bergen County, New Jersey (a regional office of the National Education Association) which seems to threaten Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

The memo includes a closing prayer. The prayer says, " Dear Lord, this year you have taken my favorite Actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcet, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite Governor."

I will be very surprised if this shows up in the main stream media...or lame stream media..... today. But there are a few questions that this brings out.

First, does this constitute a death threat? After all, the media, when playing the tape of the woman that called Bart Stupak following his health care vote said that millions of people were wishing him ill health. This teachers union is not just wishing for Governor Christie's ill health, but actually wishing for his death. Doesn't that fall on a par with a death threat?

Secondly, it's prayer in a memo from the Teachers Union. Should the teachers union be invoking God and prayer in their writings?

Third, this governor has only been on the job for just under four months. How is it that they turn their ire towards him when he's trying to clean up the mess of the previous governor? Now, I realize that the liberals blame Bush for anything and everything that has gone wrong since the Revolutionary war, but with just four months on the job, I would think that if the liberals were intellectually honest, they'd have to blame former Governor Corzine for the problems in New Jersey.

The association president, Joe Coppola said, "the prayer was meant as a joke and was never meant to be made public." Does that make a death wish of another okay? That would be the same as a bank robber saying 'I didn't mean to get caught.'

When the tape was first made public following Bart Stupak's vote on health care, I said that what the woman said wasn't a threat, but it was pretty crass for someone to wish another ill will. This falls in the same category as far as I'm concerned. Asking God to strike down a governor is just as stupid as what the womans said that called Stupak's office.

On the other hand, there may be hope yet. At least the unions are acknowledging that there is a God. I wouldn't have believed that before today.

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