Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona Fights ILLEGAL Invasion

On Friday, the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, signed into law a bill that is designed to put an end to the illegal invasion that has been going on in this country.

Many press accounts call it an Anti-Immigration law. Others are saying that it's discriminatory and will lead to racial profiling. It is not Anti-Immigration. It's anti invasion. The law does not state that if you're not an American you're not welcome. It says that if you're in Arizona illegally, you're breaking the law. There is a similar federal law. The difference between the two is that the Federal Government has done nothing to enforce the law.

In 2006, President George Bush with his new best friend Senator John McCain wanted a new immigration bill that included amnesty for those currently here illegally. They didn't call it amnesty, but it amounted to amnesty in that those here could work towards citizenship and remain.

The public outcry put a quick stop to this. They didn't want a reward given for committing a crime. Illegal aliens cost us big dollars. We educate their children, we pay for their health care, they collect our social security dollars, they get refunds on their tax returns despite not having paid any taxes during the year.

McCain even stood in front of a group of people offered them money for working in the fields claiming that Americans wouldn't do that job. He backed off in a hurry when a group of people stepped up and asked where to sign up.

The new Arizona law does not just go after illegal immigrants, who are in fact, invaders of this country, but it also includes punishment for employers that hire illegal invaders.

In 2006, the Democrats didn't want the new law to go after the illegal invaders but rather go after the employers that hire them. As if it was the employers sole responsibility for illegals being here. Now they are claiming that the Arizona law is akin to Nazi Germany where everyone had to carry papers on their person. It is already law that any foriegn visitors to this country carry their visas with them at all times.

This new law goes after the illegal invader. It goes after the employers that hire the illegal invaders. It also specifically prohibits racial profiling, which is something that I disagree with. It's highly unlikely that blonde haired blue eyed women are illegals from south of the border. It's also unlikely that they will have bright red hair and freckles.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Democrats reasons for allowing the illegal invaders to stay in this country is so that they can recruit new voters. The Democrats need the poor to vote because those that are satisfied with living off of government benefits have their best friends in the Democrat Party. It is really the Democrats only chance to come close to victory in coming elections.

The Democrats have one problem. The American people. In Arizona 70% of the people were in favor of this new law. Governor Brewer has been running at 46% in polls for her re-election. Since signing the law last week, she has jumped 16 points!

Boycotts are now being called for of Arizona. San Francisco has already stopped all travel of city employees to Arizona. Another California legislator wants Governor Schwarzenneger to stop all business transactions with Arizona. People are even calling for a boycott of Arizona Tea. Arizona Tea is a New York company! I'm more inclined to stage my own boycott of anyone that wants to boycott Arizona even though boycotts don't really work.

Arizona is not the first to enact a law like this. Utah already has one in place and now Texas is wanting the same type of law.

If California wants to complain and refuse to do business with Arizona due the law, the illegal invaders can just move a few miles to the west and cross in California. Then California can either welcome them with open arms or have the Arizona problems. How many citizens of California will have to die, or be kidnapped before they start looking at the same type of law as Arizona?

Remember Robert Krentz was murdered by an illegal invader who then fled back to Mexico. His dog was also killed. Why aren't the Democrats and PETA complaining about the death of the dog by the illegal invader?

I've long thought that retirement for me may be in Arizona. This law only makes the state of Arizona more enticing to me for my retirement years.

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Anonymous said...

I give Arizona a big thumbs up!! However, your statement about damnocratic voters is correct. I have said, since the passage of the socialized medicine law that congress had something up their sleeves - something that would ensure they remain in power to finish off the U.S.A. That something is cramming through a bill allowing criminals to stay in this country. SECESSION ANYONE??

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on secession. Obama and the rest of the liberals, which are now basically just socialists should secede. They've abandoned this country's principles, why not complete it by leaving the country? I hear Venezuela has a leader they are happy with, perhaps Chavez would welcome them with open arms....or at least arms.