Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama is Moonlighting

I have come to the realization that President Obama is not just the President of the United States. He's moonlighting by having a second job. Let's look at what's going on.

He's bringing terrorists, such as Kalid Sheik Muhammad, to New York to be tried in American Courts at the federal level after proclaiming that justice will be served and he'll be punished. Yet, we have three Navy Seals that recently captured a high value Al Queda target who are being charged with giving this terrorist a fat lip. Their trial will be held in the military. They are being court martialed for giving a well known terrorist a fat lip.

Or maybe we could look at Global Warming. This has been debunked with the recent revelations from a hacked E-mail account that netted thousands of E-mails showing that the scientists were playing fast and loose with the truth. Yet, Obama's EPA decided yesterday to announce that CO2 is harmful and now will be regulated by the EPA. Isn't CO2 what we breathe? Anyway, in addition to the EPA coming out with their decision just days after we find that global warming is a hoax, Obama will be going to Copenhagen for the global warming summit, where they have over 1200 limousines in use and over 140 private planes were used to arrive there.

The final clue (and it may not be final, but it's the last one that I'm putting on here) was a meeting held a couple of days ago. The administration held a meeting on Transparency in Government. Just one problem with that. They held the meeting on open government (transparency) behind CLOSED DOORS! In other words, not open to the public.

So it's plain as the nose on your face that Obama's second job is as a comedy writer for all of the comedians out there. The writers on the Tonight Show, Letterman, and Leno couldn't make this stuff up. Why pay writers when they can just listen to Obama speak and get their material from the asinine things he comes up with?

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